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There are "right" and "wrong" ways to bake bread,
all merely opinions.
Evil is simply an act done to someone without their consent.
Good is an act done satisfying agreed consent.
Hi memo.cash and Twitter @memobch
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Government is trying to ban encryption now.
The march to a dystopian future is inevitable as long as our government continues to create endless amounts of laws.
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Animal Crossing - Go K.K. Rider ! Orchestral Cover (OCDC)
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Corona Virus seems to be very infectious. Try to work on your immune system, don't touch people and clean everything. It wouldn't hurt to wear gloves and some kind of sun glasses or something.
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Just try to pay it forward, help others out that need help. Teach them how to fish, don't just give out fish.
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Together - A Zelda Animation
Wow 😯
Hey everybody if you bought PANDA from Rhett Creighton his 800 CryptoClub please contact me with PROOF.
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Merry Christmas everyone, I love all of you!!
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Found this cool stained glass pixelated image of Saint Patrick earlier, the detail is amazing.
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I don't use deodorant in my arm pits, haven't done that in years, maybe even a decade.
RAD Times
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I was just thinking..telling people that the government is spying on them via cell phone, may not help the growth of bitcoin cash
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I am short about 80 million sats, I have 5-6 pizza requests left.
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I am closing the pizza window, no more requests please. I can't afford anymore.
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Okay who wants the Pizza money exactly again? You don't have to buy pizza if you don't want, but I guess people want to see a picture if you do wish too share.
Richard knife
To my fav 6 members here I bless you, and wish you guys a tremendous new year