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I'm interacting. should definitely be added as embeddable here.
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I thought about on-chain LN (similar) transaction should be possible on BCH a few days ago and boom here we are with masterminds who can pull this off from thought to reality.
BCH Lightning Network, ON-CHAIN (for real)!!! Seriously, that is genious: forcing to sign a penalty transaction if you don't want to have to wait.
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Because BCH is threat to those who have power.
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The year is 2020. How many cryptocurrencies will have more than 100 billion market valuation?
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that it is much easier to move your funds from one corrupt and hack-prone exchange to another. This also makes it more likely that if one goes down, so do the rest.
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Release 0.4! It isn't the full release but I am out of time before returning to work so I am releasing now! - Hashtags & mentions - Embedded content - Search topics, users &tags - MemoPay tool
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Only if they have the Centbee app on their phone also
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We'll have to do the heavy lifting until it starts to sink in that the world has changed & there is no way back. We know, but most don't; regular users are in disbelief out there. #BCH
Outside Memo, it is hard to find positive information on BCH. It is sad to admit this, but it is the reality. Even I found an article where they say adoption is reversing for BCH.
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It's a wonderful idea, but I think they chew to much, they will choke on the execution (time). The idea itself will happen in some way or another soon though, with or without Bitcoin.
Excited to say that more and more freelancers from Pakistan are joining Fivebucks in spite of the Bitcoin ban by Pakistan's CB earlier this. This proves that as long as bitcoin works as p2p cash, it's unstoppable.
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who were responsible for designing Bitcoin in the first place, and now there is no one there to tell them basic things like "removing verification checks is a bad idea".
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BCore tell us all nodes matter, but they only care about mining nodes upgraded with their new zero-day hard fork. And hard forks are something they don't do cause they're dangerous
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True, that can also happen. There is physical services that can give access to a bank box or similar on certain dates or event, but these are less and less available (and expensive).
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Unfortunately i think the headline will be more like "Funds locked away for decades unlocked in shocking new exploit of system time clocks" or something stupid like that.
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You are right, nothing is free. It is fun to play with the thought that in 20 years, there will be headlines about time locked assets as inheritance from the first crypto-parents.
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I dunno, i feel like if i had a kid I'd make them go through a tough challenge to find the keys to the coins, provided they are worth anything by then. Nothing in life is free.
Time locked money for family members! Make that cheap 1BCH locked in for your firstborns 18 year old birthday.