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Twitter top trend are always joke for me😂😂😎🤝🏻🤝🏻
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Dr.Zeshan 1NBXBA
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Twitter top trend are always joke for me😂😂😎🤝🏻🤝🏻
Twitter is a Joke today.


Chevelle - Wonder What's Next
359,066 views•Nov 26, 2012
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The lockdowns are killing old people because they are so tired of being alone in their house.
Lockdowns = Murder
Facebook is dying from it's own censorship. It's time to try some decentralized alternatives and check if they're really censorship resistant

#blockchain #bitcoiin #decentral #socialmedia
Mest recnte aflevering van vrijheidraio (DUTCH)
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The FBI actually cleared Trump of the charge he was impeached for yesterday...
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Meanwhile Twitter and Facebook are at a combined loss of $51 bilion after the Trump ban.
Who's losing here ?
Go Woke, Go Broke.
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Looks like SLP tokens recently reached 1 million send transactions
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So, what do you like about Biden cs?
If you don't like his Policies, it must be either War or sniffing Kids ?
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One moment Parler is an irrelevant amateur outfit, the next moment it's a vast network of terrorists.
The mental gymnastics are quite staggering.
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Hahaha, the Tranny scriptkiddie that scraped some data from Parler ? Wait till Gab releases their little Twitter indexing project.
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Takes a special kind of ignorance to cherrypick a quote from this insufferable SJW in this discussion.
Hosting a kiddieporn torrent tracker is not like hosting a social platform.
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By the way; how do you know ? you where never on Parler, the media was never on Parler. (You can't even spell it...)
The media knows so well what happened because it was their team.
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Your 'truth' is so strong you need to blackout half te internet to stop 'terrorists' from hurting it.
Sad to see such misguided people on here.
But go ahead make a fool of yourself.
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Go back to Reddit, your Communist Psyop is weak...
Facebook Messenger: the biggest distributer of child porn on the internet.

Apple and Google: meh, whatever.

Parler and Gab: people posting opinions online

Apple and Google: BAN BAN BAN

Demons. - Andrew Torba
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GDPR and the cookie law are both monstrosities. People should not depend on laws for protecting their privacy. They should depend on tech. We train them to depend on the state again.
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Go back to Twitter...
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Keep defending ye old pedophile...
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