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MAGA! WWG1WGA! End the Fed!


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Its OK... ABC supporters are known to have much lower IQs. lol.
Lol... thats bullish for SV. Pacia is the lowest IQ dev ever possibly. Most SV supporters know the 0conf thing is fake. If you think 0conf is broken why do you own Bitcoin?
You sure are taking your sweet old time. SV supporters dumped ABC like RIGHT away.
Make Bitcoin Stable Again, Kick those criminal LoonyTunes down the Wormhole.
He's like Trump with brains like Steven Hawkings.
53-47 Senate was the target
‪It's official. BSV market cap exceeds ABC!!! We did it!!! Fight for Bitcoin and you shall be rewarded!‬
Ya how dare SV follow the whitepaper!
lol hilarious. So much soy in that room.
Holy shit... first intelligent thing Ive seen you say LR. My jaw is on the floor.
Obvious shill is obvious.
To prove 911 happened like the government tells us you posted a massively extensive documentry about how it didnt happen like they told us? You are a confused human being my friend.
If Lightrider and Sam like ABC its safe to say... go ALL IN on SV! lolol. MAGA!
BTC difficulty has adjusted down. Goodbye to the BTC miners help lol.
That awkward moment ABC hashrate drops to 0 while ABC developers are still trying to make changes
At least you admit no amount of new information could change your opinion... so by definition youre retarded. I think Ive proven my point. Hopefully the lurkers got something out of this exchange
That video is from TODAY. You are wrong and you seem to have a tough time accepting that. This is such an obvious issue that it brings into question everything youve posted on this site.
Again Sam. RETARDED.
RIP G.H.W.B. you traitorous piece of shit. https://qmap.pub/read/2522
Like I said. You have to LITERALLY be RETARDED to believe that.
Are you listening to yourself. Building dont go down at demolition speed from bebris hitting it even if the side is torn (which isnt true). WATCH
Building 7 fell at freefall Sam and it didnt get hit by anthing. Nobody is buying that shit. You have to be LITERALLY retarded.
D5... Dec 5th. Huber tesifies about Clinton Foundation.