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MAGA! WWG1WGA! End the Fed!


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Remember when Lightrider just KNEW Trump was done this time??? Remember his 5-10 daily spam posts about it? Where is he now?... I'd be too embarrassed to show my face in here again too.
SVers- High IQ, mostly conservative. BTC/BCHers- Low IQ anarchists and communists and generally confused individuals. Thats my best guess.
This one goes out to you Lightrider
Ya the "Look how bad he handled North Korea" comment made me laugh. How deranged must you be to consider peace and nuclear disarmament "bad".
>Look at how bad he handled North Korea
LR... most obvious and lazily implemented bot ever? I think so.
Orange Man Baaaaaddddddddddddddd
Damn LR... Buzzfeed almost had him this time! BUILD THE WALL!
At least 30 days. After that point Trump can legally lay them off for good!
Ya it is.
https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-01-14/russia-prepares-buy-10-billion-bitcoin-evade-us-sanctions Russia wants $10 billion in bitcoin. So should CSW be talking to Putin?
Reminder for the shills... Trump is still your president! MAGA! WWG1WGA! #6moreyears
If you hate SV you don't understand economics.
Never had a flu shot in the past 10 years... never got the flu. Its a scam folks. Eat healthy, drink lots of water and stop poisoning your body and you will hardly ever be sick again.
Lol... hillarious if it wasnt real.
Can’t wait for GB blocks!