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404d · Bitcoin SV
406d · Bitcoin SV
What kind of stone cold losers sit in a Bitcoin SV thread hating on BSV all day?
406d · Bitcoin SV
I have a feeling the trolls will still be in this thread bashing BSV even after BTC and BCH are dead and buried and BSV is the only crypto around. Sad. Hey trolls... check that price boost!
410d · Bitcoin
I'm almost convinced that LN and Segwit are just jokes that got way out of control and are militantly backed by people with schizophrenia.
410d · Bitcoin SV
Ill add in the anti-Qanon crowd as well. MAGA... WWG1WGA!
410d · Bitcoin SV
Better yet the anti-Trump, anti-CSW and anti-BSV crowd. I'm still not tired of winning... you tired of losing?
410d · Bitcoin SV
Shills on high alert today... these people are STUPID.
410d · Bitcoin SV
411d · Bitcoin SV
crazy how much BSV is rising in price recently.
411d · US Politics/Trump
Wikileaks is comped.
415d · Bitcoin Cash
Two Miners Purportedly Execute 51% Attack on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain https://cointelegraph.com/news/two-miners-purportedly-execute-51-attack-on-bitcoin-cash-blockchain
418d · Bitcoin SV
The irony in saying BSV will die soon, the day it doubles in price and CSW proves he's Satoshi in court and is granted patents. CLOWN.
418d · Bitcoin SV
Satoshi will sign eventually but you low IQ muppets still wont admit you're wrong. Lightrider we saw how you handled the Mueller report LOL. You're a low IQ sockpupet and failing at that as well
418d · Bitcoin
Why High Fees Will Force Centralized Mining and Become a Possible Attack Vector - https://honest.cash/FUBAR165/why-high-fees-will-force-centralized-mining-and-become-a-possible-attack-vector-4632/
418d · BCH Speculation
Someone start a poll on what BCHs new name will be. Shitcoins cant use the Bitcoin name anymore. LLOLOLLLOLOOLOLOLOLLLOLOLOL. Speculate on that.
418d · Bitcoin Cash
Dump your shitcoin fellas. Its official. LOOLOLOLOLOLLOLLLLOLOL.
418d · Bitcoin SV
434d · US Politics/Trump
lol >posting on a censorship resistant platform about how censorship is a good thing. never change lr
438d · US Politics/Trump
He's done this time... right guys?
441d · US Politics/Trump
442d · US Politics/Trump
447d · US Politics/Trump
LR is more obsessed by Trump than any of his supporters lmao
450d · US Politics/Trump

LightRider, you're loosing my friend.
444d · Bitcoin Cash
451d · US Politics/Trump