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MAGA! WWG1WGA! End the Fed!


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The irony in saying BSV will die soon, the day it doubles in price and CSW proves he's Satoshi in court and is granted patents. CLOWN.
Satoshi will sign eventually but you low IQ muppets still wont admit you're wrong. Lightrider we saw how you handled the Mueller report LOL. You're a low IQ sockpupet and failing at that as well
Someone start a poll on what BCHs new name will be. Shitcoins cant use the Bitcoin name anymore. LLOLOLLLOLOOLOLOLOLLLOLOLOL. Speculate on that.
Dump your shitcoin fellas. Its official. LOOLOLOLOLOLLOLLLLOLOL.
He's done this time... right guys?
Dems will still be "finding" "potential" obstruction of justice years into their jail terms. That's if they are lucky enough to not be hung for TREASON. WWG1WGA
Mueller report says Trump right again... LR still wrong. More denial, random low IQ Twitter posts and lots of SALT incoming!
Q may originate in the US but it is a worldwide movement. No matter where you're from I can guarantee your government is completely corrupt and an arm of the deepstate. Take France, Q signs galore.
Has LR ever said anything that didnt later prove to be incorrect. If so I havent seen it.
Are you in a coma? No Russian Collusion... Proof of a Coup against a Duly Elected President of the United States and a TREASONOUS Dem party. Whats the punishment for TREASON? Enjoy the show! #WWG1WGA
Islam is a Death Cult... not a Religion.
Take the I out of IQ and you get Qanon. #PanicInDC #PAIN
So after today it's safe to say... Best President ever! #Trump2020
Except Judge Kavanagh, Jussie Smollett, The Covington Kid and Russian Collusion. But don't let facts get in your way of doubling down again everytime LOLLOLOLOL. #MAGA #WWG1WGA
Careful what you wish for... DECLAS is on the way!
Some would say the Mueller report proves Q is real. Qmap.pub
Q is real.
Checking back in for LightRider lulz. Hows that Mueller investigation working out for you! LOL #MuellerTime #NoCollusion
Remember when Lightrider just KNEW Trump was done this time??? Remember his 5-10 daily spam posts about it? Where is he now?... I'd be too embarrassed to show my face in here again too.
SVers- High IQ, mostly conservative. BTC/BCHers- Low IQ anarchists and communists and generally confused individuals. Thats my best guess.