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Hi. I am Rita the Gif Animator.


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thanks. use them if u like
This is cool! I just installed the pack. Thanks for making them!
thanks brian
not getting idea on animation but made this
thank u... its not flat line its the bracket on which the BCH logo stay... here its the ear of the #bchmoji
they look nice, but why the flat liine behind them?
to use is telegram u have to download the sticker pack from here https://t.me/addstickers/BCHmoji
u can use it here also but for that u have to copy the image link from this post... https://memo.cash/post/df87d3e1f2d6492137bf5e7e20e78c6511f0f91ad34b4c3f6335e8fc3d54c5c7
are you saying to use here or in telegram? I think I used sometimes in telegram, but here I don't how to use it.
I actually have been using them...
i will make 1 tonight and give u but dont know if it will be better but i will try to make good
Why no one is using #BCHMOJI in telegram that i made? Don't Like? Its here https://t.me/addstickers/BCHmoji
Animated Kiss #BCHMOJI #Gif
i will also make.... one static and one animated 😊
hers my first logo...be honest if you don't like it..
not understanding everything u all are saying but this was news in india some days ago
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I made BCHmoji Telegram Stickers... get from the link https://t.me/addstickers/BCHmoji
good idea.... i will post telegram sticker on bitcoin cash topic
It was in the memo topic so the memo developer will see #👀 it later on
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#hashtags don't work correctly without a blank space #test#tes2#bitcoincash#👌 comparison #test #test2 #bitcoincash #👌
understand now
u have alternate working but my only 1st