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Nearly $8k for a coin with no usp. 🧐 usdt manipulation.
Blockstreamcore people are realising what you have done to btc.
Crippling btc will have its repercussion, btc will suffer and so will its hodlers.
I do not see btc getting another ath.
Its only going down,alot.
GOT, if it was a coin, it would be getting dumped so hard right now, all time low. lol
Blockstream vision....
Raise btc limit so miners happy to keep btc alive for their products. LN nodes get paid fees.
"Liquid is Blockstreams flagship product , its a Side chain. Thats what Blockstream was founded to do."

Samson Mow (keiser report 18/05/2019)
If you are mining BCH on, please switch to another pool as they have more than 54% hash.
Excited to announce that our smart contracts will be enabled on 10 June!
I see this as a huge exit pump...
Many will soon have their
The cryptographic hash functions available for use in TrueCrypt are RIPEMD-160, SHA-512,
According to the TrueCrypt Team, Hafner claimed in the email that the acknowledged author of E4M,developer Paul Le Roux, had stolen the source code from SecurStar as an employee
IRC chat datingof the Bitcoin Cash ABC/SV split, user “CSW” connects Bitcointalk and r/Bitcoin moderator Theymos to Paul Le Roux, claiming that the pair used to be partners “before Le Roux was arrested”
Bitfinex/usdt problems
Binance hack and trading halt
Satoshi Nakamoto to be revealed as criminal mastermind ,if true whats gonna happen to his 1mill btc+BCH if community find out his past?

Good luck everyone.