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will include storage for crypto keys, official Feb. 20.

“Galaxy S10 is built with defense-grade Samsung Knox, secure storage backed by hardware, houses your private keys for blockchain-enabled mobile services.”
Thanks :-)
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Here is your prize
Comment 2.1 lol
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What blocksize you wanna see for BTC?
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Bcore....hardforks cannot happen on btc as we risk losing control of the Git.
•Posted byu/trex76pos
full video here , around 2min mark
✔Crytpo going up
✔ Buytime
✔Zilliqa best buy
Yea its on many exchanges, check out coinmarketcap zilliqa markets.
Also its on coinbase pro, but market not active yet.
I'll actually read through that BitcoinTalk thread tonight. Any exchange support for it yet?

Crypto startups Zilliqa and MaiCoin have teamed up to create a centralized security token exchange
If your already gpu mining eth/grin, why not mine ZIL awsell for no additional cost?

This is huge imo for network growth for ZIL.
there is two videos, one twith cnbc , other is 1hour long youtube video made last week.
lol, read the last few pages ....then eventually you will read the rest.

its blockchain 3.0,sharding with over 2800tps
eco gpu or dual mining with eth/grin
listed on coinbase pro
I have shared lots of good zil info here
If you are a eth/grin miner, you should look into Zilliqa asap
Mine eth/grin and ZIL at the same time.

Remote/Dual Mining 99% uptime for mining ETH/GRIN, and 1% uptime for mining ZIL.

One of the best crypto interviews i have saw in a very long time.