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<------Buying moar BCH

Looks like all the innovation is happening on BCH,
Innovation = value

BCH is far to undervalued & oversold....
This can only mean one thing....
BCH price will rise very soon and very quick.
Basically pump happening now, and dumps on bs v v money is going into bi#uying up the cheaper better coins ;-)
lols why cant this gif work
Lots of bs v coming from cold wallets, bs v dump now, take your profits asap and dont look back.
Let them do it i say...
They will learn the hard way, when they get dumped on and are left holding the bags like the etc guys lols
In the same way I cant declare my scarf worth $1M and force someone to pay that “full amount”, you cant declare your labor worth $1M/year and force someone to pay you.
Yes it is a security token, one of three funded STO in all crypto afaik.
Grab Nexo now at around 12cents...

Starting today and over the next few weeks the whole crypto/financial media will be all over Nexo.
sec compliant, token holders getting Nexo company profit shares.
Keep eye on NEXO asap ;-)

Nexo making big moves, never before seen in crypto,

Nexo's Board of Directors is pleased to announce an interim dividend of US$912,071.00, to be paid on Dec 15, 2018.
sv reminds me of onecoin, both led by a Dr....and claimed to be doing this before Satoshi lol has removed the moneybutton and regrets the fact that moneybutton does no longer want to support Bitcoin Cash. We wish the new BSV coin the best of luck, and hope the new BSV community will leave us alone
No, Avalanche doesn't affect consensus, because is pre-consensus. It improves 0-conf safety, which is needed for adoption. Forfeits are great, but only useful for big purchases.
are you talking about $bill Calvin? he made his money from others misery through his gambling sites.
bs v also want to make users keep on paying to store info onchain...satoshi designed it to be a one off payment faketoshi wants a reoccurring payment, again to fill his miners pockets
Please stfu stealing users coins is not bringing anything back to the economy, its giving the funds to miners and in this case sv are majority miners and will get the coins.
wtf ,
So if you have money in a bank that you worked hard to save even any amount and you die or forget password...its ok for the bank to claim all your money?
replied to post by -ED-
· 13 days ago
How do you determine if someone has died or that the wallet is just on long-term cold storage?
I cannot grasp why and how the SV camp can justify stealing funds.
replied to post by -ED-
· 12 days ago
There are no such uses. This is lunacy, theft, and fraud. The very basis of Bitcoin is holding the private key and an immutable ledger.