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I've got my yearly expenses down to about $25,000 in total for this year which ends up being about $2,083 per month in CAD. My goal for next year is to bring that down to $1800 a month 👍💸
Where do you earn cryptocurrency? What’s your favorite blockchain social media platform? What is the most important criteria to you when prospecting these platforms?
This is a brief review of the 7 platforms I earn the most amount of #cryptocurrency on.
Don't invest in something just because it's going up. Invest in something because you believe in their business model/the technology/etc
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Yeah I mean it's only up about $1,200 since I bought at 16,500 a few days ago. I'm making too much profit :(
I’m curious to hear about your thoughts and predictions for the price of $BTC & $ETH. Will they go up or down? Is the price more affected by speculation or belief in the fundamentals?
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Lol mate, I just share the same status updates across all my platforms. If it upsets you that I hit a milestone, mute me
In my next earnings report, I will be doing both October & November (cause I slacked). In it, I include my new earnings from YouTube, LeoFinance, DTube, and SoMee. There's always another way to monetize 🤑
🎊 I've reached over 100k followers across all platforms! Thank you so much for everyone who has supported me. I'm really excited to continue sharing, learning, earning, and teaching 🎊
With the recent dip in Bitcoin and #Ethereum, many are concerned. They’re concerned about crypto regulations and whether or not the #crypto market will continue to decline
Apparently, I've been sleeping on D.Tube because $DTC is worth $0.30. I checked and realized I had $660 CAD worth of DTC and I'm shocked. I'm earning about 33 DTC per video which is about $13 CAD! That's WILD
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I bought $1,500 $BTC and I'm holding another $1,500 to buy more if it dips or starts to move a lot today. Hedge your bets. #Bitcoin isn't going anywhere

Dollar-cost-averaging + buying dips = 🤑
Did you all hear? $BTC & $ETH are having a sale today! 👀 Get it while it's cheap, I don't think we will see these prices after 20k for a long time if ever again.
Where do you stake your cryptocurrency? Are you staking any of the coins I am? What crypto coins are you staking or planning to stake? Do you prefer staking or lending?
There are many different cryptocurrencies that are stakeable allowing you to earn passive interest with which you can then reinvest to compound interest
LeoFinance is a blockchain-based social media platform for crypto & finance content. What do you think about LeoFinance? Are you using their platform? Do you own any $LEO or $HIVE? 🌐
I had the opportunity to interview Khaleel Kazi about what they’ve been up to at LeoFinance. We discussed the Hive ecosystem, LeoFinance, its tokenomics, & more
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Mute meh
Hit 26k followers on today! :)
Thanks for your support everyone!
Any crypto tokenized gold solutions you like the best? Thoughts on $DGX, $XAUT, $PAXG, $PMGT, $AGLD? 🤑
No one likes me talking about FUD during a crypto bull run, but someone has to do it. 🤫
When you are talking about sketchy crypto projects that are likely to be zero sum games that promise you the world.....
There is money to be made there, but not for you... From you. 🤫

Invest in quality projects
Most people end up in one of two categories
1. Building wealth
2. Criticizing others who build wealth & do nothing.

Even with mistakes, unforseen circumstances, etc. who do you think ends up with more wealth? 🤔
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Yeah I'm on my social profile, posting about crypto. I'm investing 1k every month. This is just what I'm doing. Judge if you like. Talk to me next October ;)