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Because by this logic, you and the others who are supposedly upset about Joel seem to be spying on me and Joel on here lol.
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What can you even post on here that can be spied upon? Give me one example? It's wild to be on this vendetta about nothing. Explains the -27%. Would love to be proven wrong though.
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What are you talking about?.... Not explaining what you're saying tells me you have nothing to say. A bunch of you keep bringing it up and not explaining or showing evidence
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What does this even mean? How does someone spy on you on a public social media platform?
I always run out of space on these posts. Does anyone else have this issue? Do people posts in threads here like on Twitter?
Digging around for research related percentage of internet traffic that are bots. Please drop any links to any good studies, reports, research, etc. below. 👍😁
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Lol what does that even mean?
Given that Wonderland #DAO’s cryptocurrency $TIME has gone down a lot recently with the latest news, I wanted to talk about the sustainability for projects like these offering 83k% APY.
Two AMAZING resources for crypto while double checking legitimacy. Have you used these? Do you trust them? 🧐
What are your thoughts on me creating my own social platform? 👀
I said 65,000% APY was impossible Imagine someone telling you that you could give them $100 and in 365 days, you will have $6.5 million. $TIME was a scam + the QuadrigaCX founder was invovled.
I do all my accounting and finances. I don't think of it as tedious, I look at it like, I'm keeping my mind sharp. It's a great mental workout for your brain 🤓👍🧠
With #Metaverse tokens taking a -50% dive, I wanted to talk about why what we currently have is not a Metaverse.
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I will have to act swiftly
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I need to move but because I didn't in time, now I can't
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Soft launch of awesome new feature - turn any RSS feed into a account that you can follow, rate and comment on.

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Yesterday, there were
46282 txs on BCH chain, 278850 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=16.6%
1447073-1446578=495 memo txs, 📈36.4% (compared w/ prev 363), account for 1.1% of all BCH txs
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The cost of publishing a short message on this platform will always remain low.
It is currently a fraction of one US cent per message.

Money I will gladly spend for censorship resistance.
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Live in 2.5 hours, Carlos Cano joins the DIgital Cash Rundown! Watch live on Odysee and YouTube and join the live crypto superchat!