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This is where crypto-monetized and blockchain social media platforms come in.
In this, I would like to cover my journey towards financial freedom and what I’m doing as well as how I’ve been practicing financial minimalism over the years.
From #crypto cards to Bitrefill, crypto is becoming more easily accessible and spendable. I’d like to share with you how I’m spending almost everything in crypto.
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Thanks so much mate, I never considered myself a journalist, but I'd happily accept the title as I feel I've done a great job at being fair and principled
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Ah well hopefully soon! I'd love that too
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Thank you so much :)
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Hey thanks so much for the support!
Insane. It took me 5 days to go from 4000 to 6000 followers on LBRY. I also just broke the top 50 channels. I'm feeling blessed and I'm super grateful!
There are so many ways that you exchange or earn cryptocurrency, but how many coins and projects are dedicated to helping you grow that wealth?
In this video, Crypto Beast and I spent some time talking about the YouTube crypto purge and more
I had the pleasure of chatting with the amazing Naomi Brockwell about the many dapps she uses, her thoughts on them, and more
Have you seen my interview with Dan Hensley who is the co-founder of 3Speak? It’s a decentralized application on the Hive blockchain acting as a video hosting alternative to YouTube
LBRY is doing so many things right that I felt it was worth taking some time to highlight some of what they’re implementing
I've already earned over $600 CAD worth of LBC in May. I think LBRY could actually prove to be a platform that allows me to do Crypto & Things full-time. Being early to a new crypto platform could change lives.
Let’s look at how you can start and host a free podcast that gets listed on likes of Apple and Spotify
Let's look at the red flags I look for when reviewing blockchain platforms,-Stay-Away-1:6
bought 1,000 GTU for 3,000 satoshis (3 each) from 11d
I dive into Bankroll with Tony Perkins and cover some of the different functions, earning crypto income, withdrawing crypto, and more.
Rachel Siegel aka Crypto Finally and I spent an hour discussing Steem, her MTV crypto expert episode, and the many blockchain social dapps
In this, I walk through how I make thumbnails for my videos from scratch on Photoshop. I hope this gives you some insight into my process
I had the opportunity to discuss OpenOrchard with Andrew Levine who is the co-founder and CEO there.
Have you seen my interview with Dan Hensley who is the co-founder of 3Speak? It’s a decentralized application on the Hive blockchain and a great alternative to YouTube + crypto
I spoke with Rob McNealy from Tusc to discuss what it’s all about, what they advocate for, and where they’re headed in 2020
You don’t need to understand how the #blockchain works or how #bitcoin or any #cryptocurrency works to be able to use it or see its value.
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