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Now I have the papacy I better enjoy it


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use it wisely
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Behold, It is written: For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom and men's wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of God
I've listed the following token to enable the worship of the Holy Foreskin of Christ:

Præputium Domini

I lowered the price so more of my flock can buy the token

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thou shall not worry about me freezing because I'm hotter than hell
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you have permission to kiss my ring
To enable the sacred worship of the Holy Foreskin of our beloved Savoir, I have listed the following token: Præputium Domini

Buy Token: http://tiny.cc/pgt89y

Wiki: http://tiny.cc/vht89y
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also great fiction by my opponent who believed this fictional book called bible realy happened
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He could have made it himself much easier if he bought Indulgence tokens from me
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here you have another one (I pumped up the likes)
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It's like my great grandfather Cosimo de' Medici always told us:
a bucket of shit and a ton of construction sand have one thing in common, they're both store of value
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Chill bro'just buy my indulgence token and become part of my flock and everything will be fine.
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