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Now I have the papacy I better enjoy it


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use it wisely
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Behold, It is written: For the foolishness of God is wiser than man's wisdom and men's wisdom is foolishness in the eyes of God
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I've listed the following token to enable the worship of the Holy Foreskin of Christ:

Præputium Domini

I lowered the price so more of my flock can buy the token

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thou shall not worry about me freezing because I'm hotter than hell
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you have permission to kiss my ring
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To enable the sacred worship of the Holy Foreskin of our beloved Savoir, I have listed the following token: Præputium Domini

Buy Token: http://tiny.cc/pgt89y

Wiki: http://tiny.cc/vht89y
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also great fiction by my opponent who believed this fictional book called bible realy happened
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He could have made it himself much easier if he bought Indulgence tokens from me
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here you have another one (I pumped up the likes)
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It's like my great grandfather Cosimo de' Medici always told us:
a bucket of shit and a ton of construction sand have one thing in common, they're both store of value
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Chill bro'just buy my indulgence token and become part of my flock and everything will be fine.
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