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replied 39d
Wouldn’t the monetary supply would stay the same? And thus also the value and price.
Started work on a basic Bitcoin Cash bounty site.
I updated my infographics of the main consensus forks of Bitcoin

interesting as fuck - this image is banned on reddit - "Pointing out how much power few people have gets you removed from this sub apparently."
Unusual Uther
Send me a selfie with you and your chickens.
90d · Coronavirus
replied 91d
Thanks for reply. You are right. The DAA is actually doing the opposite, generating less blocks than before. If things continue, next halving should realign for BTC and BCH.
replied 91d
EDA was the reason for halving coming a month early, not DAA. DAA is the reason for oscillating number of blocks throughout a day.
The DAA has cost BCH millions of $ and is the reason the halving came a month early
95d · bitcoin cash
Where are you the many blog writers who predicted that Bitcoin Cash would not survive the halving? I can't hear you.

Winrar! Thanks to everyone that contributed!
CashFusion Fund now at 129 BCH, 104.71% of goal reached! 🎉
We need Bitcoin Cash now more than ever. Winter is coming. #BCH

Memo; I was procuring brain fuel earlier today and noticed they accept bitcoin cash. Shout out to nootropicsdepot.com
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Many thanks to @davidshares who just acquired member.cash and redirected it. It's a very generous act and we'll be integrating it properly over the next few days.
Unusual Uther
Government is trying to ban encryption now.
The march to a dystopian future is inevitable as long as our government continues to create endless amounts of laws.
Tether is now officially live on BCH.
replied 117d
exchange it for BCH
I am forced to separated with my wife for 1.5 month, i am in Hong Kong and she is in Shenzhen China, and she sent me her lunch today...really want to meet my wife...

replied 122d
I think most people will consider 6% pretty high for a sickness comparable to a flu.
Why everyone are talking about crypto falling? I just checked I have the same amount of BCH that I had yesterday.
replied 125d
You could make a photo album token and then mark all your photos you post with the token, and then make a short URL linking too it, and post it on your profile.
replied 130d
Here is an old potential proposed protocol for encrypted chat on-chain - https://github.com/memocash/mips/blob/master/mip-0004/mip-0004.md
Bitcoin Cash has a governance problem. Every time there is a protocol change, it would be better to have a clear overview of the differents actors of the ecosystem approving/rejecting it.
TIL that there's a "scam" warning tag on @telegram