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replied · 9h
Per block, there is so much variance, that it's meaningless to compare.
replied · 9h
Per block averaged over a longer period, like in https://fork.lol/tx/txs, does have a meaning. Comparing it block by block doesn't.
replied · 19h
Found this graph that puts BTC at ~350K per day, and BCH at ~55K per day! so 16%. Close enough. 👍🙂
replied · 19h
replied · 2d
sent · 504,867 sats · 2d
You won. Congratulations!
Your fee: $2.0000
Real fee: $2.2620
· 4d · memo
Memo now supports tipping posts with tokens!
FireFox now has an option to hide all your DNS lookups via HTTPS. If you use any browser other than Brave or Tor to browse the clearnet, use FireFox and enable this feature NOW!
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Copenhagen, Denmark
I have provided a loan of EUR 5000 to a fellow BCH user – the lending agreement is notarized on the Bitcoin Cash blockchain
Shitposting...ON THE BLOCKCHAIN.


Enjoy your stay.
Bitcoin Cash is one of the most reliable payment options on earth.
replied · 13d
Looking at how others have done the BCH logo, the "B" should tilt to the left, not right, no?
· 14d
Earning BCH through memo.cash, honest.cash and blockchain.poker so I can give it away on twitter. Feeling a bit like Robin Hood. #dailymemo
replied · 15d
Some info about the history near the end of this post: https://jasonc.me/blog/chained-0-conf-transactions-memo
· 15d · memo
Over 100 Memo transactions rejected in the last 24 hours due to mempool limits. People run into this daily. When will they be raised?

replied · 15d
I've been brining this up for almost a year. It's a miner setting, doesn't need a fork. https://jasonc.me/blog/chained-0-conf-transactions-memo
Onboarded 3 new users this week. 😎

The new profile page looks awesome. Nice work Memo.
· 16d
I like how memo turns every interaction into a moment for potential value exchange. BCH can incentivize us to treat each other better. #dailymemo
· 17d
I'm happy to say https://tipbitcoin.cash now has 36 streamers signed up, and nearly 200 tips made in a little over a week!

Possibly interesting for everyone Coinex is adding a BCH/USDH trading pair soon and creating a better order book for USDH