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replied · 7h
Yes, Memo is periodically attacked and DDOS protection is temporarily turned on
replied · 1d
· 1d
Seen on satoshidice.com: "NEW UPDATE: SatoshiDice has been upgraded. It is now a DAPP!"

Apparently it now uses OP_RETURN data to work. Good job!
· 2d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
Today's drop is 5 million satoshis!
· 2d · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
The ADD token is having fun on Reddit again: https://reddit.app.link/tEBqugCEM1
· 1d
Everyone howl that BTC fell below $8000 and I care about these charts:


bought 1 ADD for 492,000 satoshis from · 1d
replied · 4d
Exactly. But BCH has not proven to be anything different "YET". Or any other coin for that matter.
· 5d · Read.cash
Achievement unlocked: Bitcoin Cash fixed all common third-party transaction malleation vectors https://bit.ly/2XqXrdB
· 4d
Memo feels like the worlds best blockchain bar! Cheers!!!!🍺
replied · 5d
True that it's not growing at the moment. It was.
replied · 5d
Why? According to these statistics it has been growing
replied · 5d
For file/media storage we should utilize IPFS from the start.

For memo posts? highly depends on the price and utilization of the network. I think it would be beneficial to explore
· 5d · Read.cash
How to use Bitcoin Cash with JavaScript (including Bitcoin Cash contracts) https://read.cash/@Read.Cash/how-to-use-bitcoin-cash-with-javascript-including-bitcoin-cash-contracts-275da049
· 6d
Recurring payments in BCH. Just like that.
· 6d
Working on a secret project to unbank the banked.

Fully non-custodial peer-to-peer money without borders.

As easy to use as any custodial app but with better privacy, security, and sovereignty.
· 6d
Memo is probably the best place for someone to get started in Bitcoin Cash. They can experience sending and receiving and I'm sure people will donate some sats to play with. #dailymemo
· 7d
Hey Memo! I ported Gabriel Cardona's Bitbox-SDK to Python in an effort to make Bitcoin Cash more accessible to developers and therefore to the world!

· 8d · Read.cash
Jonathan Silverblood: Why we should allow more than one OP_RETURN per transaction.
https ://read.cash/@JonathanSilverblood/why-we-should-allow-more-than-one-op-return-per-transaction-08b80978
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· 8d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
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Unusual Uther
Why would I want you to link your Twitter account? You're already here lol. I'm talking about the thousands of pro-BCH people on twitter NOT linking their accounts.
replied · 20d
From what i can see on the chart is ..the month that just ended, October was the best month for Memo since it began.
· 8d · Dank Bitcoin Memes
Win 100,000 SPICE by creating cryptocurrency memes

· 8d · CelticsWinAirDrop
WIN!!! 3.114 million SATS dropped on holders!!!