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I strongly dislike Blockstream.


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Where can I learn about how it works? Does it use CHECKDATASIG?
· 14d · memo
Memo now supports exchanging tokens!

bought 500 SPICE for 50,000 satoshis from · 14d

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Noice. Is there a page where I can see all the tokens I have?
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Could you string txs together? Or maybe send multiple txs at once? 🤔
· 24d · memo
Beta token support has been added. Use at your own risk. Please report any bugs :)
replied · 24d
That makes sense, I don't think sending takes decimals into account. I will look into it.
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Would be really cool if you could tip individual posts with tokens
replied · 24d
I meant to send roger ver 5mil of FuckBlockstream token but it only sent 50,000. Might be a bug because of the two decimals of my token? Or did I type it wrong? I am high
sent 50,000 FUCKBLOCKSTREAM to · 24d
created token FUCKBLOCKSTREAM · 24d
· 24d
I just made my own Roger Ver Memo.Cash Token in about 30 seconds!
Post your SLP address if you want one.
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It's high on the priority list, hopefully soon :)
Catching up on sleep tonight. What a wild couple days. #dailymemo
I wanted to re-memo this Craig Wright is a fraud memo but couldn’t :[ https://memo.cash/post/9d41091fd659287c496c239b3b43000f8b7949dc98bcdc54cca5a501a3062dd6
When re-memo
So what’s the go to market these days
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Perfect 👍 didn’t realize the post time was clickable
replied · 62d
Not in the app. On the web you copy the link by clicking the post time. It's on the list of things to add. Thanks.
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Is there a way to share this post, like how on Twitter I can “Share Tweet via...” -> “Copy Link”?
replied · 63d
Some level of SLP support will come soon. Tipping individual posts is a great, we'll see!