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I strongly dislike Blockstream.


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Which chain is https://memo.cash/stats for
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your profile pic is the tits
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Are you the real legendary twatter? Also just wanted to test this new messaging feature out.
I fucking love BCH
Johoe's ABC node seems to be doing a lot better than his SV node. https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#2,24h vs https://jochen-hoenicke.de/queue/#4,24h
$420 blaze it
Capitalism master race
Has anyone published 1984 to the blockchain? If not I think I am going to try to do it using mttr.app
If we are going to spam the blockchain, we should spam it with books n shit 🤔🤔🤔 Animal Farm has already been done.
I wonder if Starbucks is aware of the fact that there was quite literally a civil war over whether coffee should be on the blockchain, and that they're on the chain that doesn't want coffee.
nice think im about to try it, scale.cash seems to be sending but it doesnt show up on txhighway.com for some reason
I think stress.cash might be crappin out. Can't find my Fanout Txid in a block explorer.
When I use scale.cash, I cant find any of the Txids it gives me. Think it might be crashing or something.
Should I burn some BCH for WHC? Is the burn going on right now?
when re-memo