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I strongly dislike Blockstream.


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unfollowed sherrykochmail
· 13 hours ago
Feels like 2014 all over again. It really doesn't bother me. The technology, the value, the promise are all still intact. Still love buying things with BCH.
You don't have to agree with #AlexJones to support his right to say it.
The purge makes me even more eager for the world to use censorship resistant platforms like this one.
Unbelievable communist style censorship - they do this to InfoWars and they'll do it to anyone. The corrupt big tech monopoly must broken up.
@memobch - cannot be censored!
We should invite Alex here. Then no one can stop his voice. Could even bring in a ton of new users. ;)
Roger Ver's Bitcoin Cash New Weekly Show is Up:
Is this the best episode yet? We love hearing your thoughts in the comments beneath the video!
Roger, you are a hero.
I wonder if Starbucks is aware of the fact that there was quite literally a civil war over whether coffee should be on the blockchain, and that they're on the chain that doesn't want coffee.
suggestion 1: add ability to mention users in Memo - if someone was mentioned in any Memo he will receive notification.
This is planned. Thanks for the suggestion.
posted · 14 days ago in memo
Memo.cash : Now Your Shitposts Are Eternity
Hey, we have @txBlaster2 also, it runs in multi thread mode, see your tx's here: https://seashells.io/v/ZZa8BT2e
It doesnt seem to be working anymore :'(
reply to me
reply to me
reply to me
Hey, we have @txBlaster2 also, it runs in multi thread mode, see your tx's here: https://seashells.io/v/ZZa8BT2e
reply to me
reply to me
reply to me
nice think im about to try it, scale.cash seems to be sending but it doesnt show up on txhighway.com for some reason
I think stress.cash might be crappin out. Can't find my Fanout Txid in a block explorer.
When I use scale.cash, I cant find any of the Txids it gives me. Think it might be crashing or something.

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