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I strongly dislike Blockstream.


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Memo has reached 500,000 on-chain actions!
We need re-memos, they will help people discover who else is on this platform
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Could you just automatically make more utxos? Auto-split balance into a bunch of .00001 utxos or something so that it’s way less likely you’ll run out of them.
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Mutes affect your reputation percentage. I'll look into adding a list of top muted. And your idea about "inheriting" mutes from followers is great, definitely being considered.
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#Bitcoin maximalists are the #Antifa Terrorists of #cryptocurrencies
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Where can I learn about how it works? Does it use CHECKDATASIG?
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Memo now supports exchanging tokens!

bought 500 SPICE for 50,000 satoshis (100 each) from · 74d
bought 500 SPICE for 50,000 satoshis from · 74d

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Noice. Is there a page where I can see all the tokens I have?
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Could you string txs together? Or maybe send multiple txs at once? 🤔
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Beta token support has been added. Use at your own risk. Please report any bugs :)
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That makes sense, I don't think sending takes decimals into account. I will look into it.
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Would be really cool if you could tip individual posts with tokens
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I meant to send roger ver 5mil of FuckBlockstream token but it only sent 50,000. Might be a bug because of the two decimals of my token? Or did I type it wrong? I am high
sent 50,000 FUCKBLOCKSTREAM to · 84d
created 50,000,000 FUCKBLOCKSTREAM tokens · 84d
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I just made my own Roger Ver Memo.Cash Token in about 30 seconds!
Post your SLP address if you want one.
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It's high on the priority list, hopefully soon :)
Catching up on sleep tonight. What a wild couple days. #dailymemo