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I strongly dislike Blockstream.


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Which chain is https://memo.cash/stats for
Then when that wasn't catching in full, they scared people away from hardforks:
No promises. Hopefully within the next month.
I earned more than that for my shitposts on memo. :D
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your profile pic is the tits
You can find more discussion here: https://github.com/Bitcoin-ABC/bitcoin-abc/pull/41
The size was made just big enough to to where it is the cheapest way to embed data without bloating the UTXO set.
The only benefit of increasing the size would be to make it even cheaper to embed data (it is already cheap enough imo). The downside is it makes it cheaper to attack/bloat the chain.
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Are you the real legendary twatter? Also just wanted to test this new messaging feature out.
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You can now post multi-line messages in topics using shift+enter.

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This is seriously badass
quick note: Cash Accounts just entered beta - go test it at https://www.cashaccount.info/ - public, decentralized, open aliasing system for all. :)
HD wallets are planned :)
Thanks. I didn't know who Clapper was before I posted.
James Clapper should be in jail for lying to Congress https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=zRhjgynfhag
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They are still competing to find the proof of work first
Whoops another fuck up forever on the blockchain