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I strongly dislike Blockstream.


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replied to post by Alberto.
· 4 days ago
Because BCH is threat to those who have power.
It helps BCH by increasing the number of BCH txs. More txs = more fees for miners = more security for everyone. And burning makes everyone else's BCH more rare and thus more valuable.
Omni txs are BCH txs, just with some extra OP_RETURN data attached (same with memo). The post you just made is a BCH tx. You can't cripple BCH without also crippling memo and omni.
O&W transactions will always cost more than regular BCH transactions (much like how memo txs will always cost more than normal BCH txs), so not sure how that would be the case
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· 19 days ago
Ruh roh. They refer to this github page, is that what you used? https://github.com/copernet/genburn
Have you read this? There doesn’t seem to be any fuckery https://medium.com/@wormholecash/on-the-burning-address-of-wormhole-protocol-3962ffa8de96
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· 24 days ago
Craig said he was going to prove he can spend the burnt coins by the end of August. I missed his proof, can you send me the link to it?
Sir, when are you going to move coins out of the wormhole burn address? You are a month past your deadline
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· 25 days ago
posted · 32 days ago in memo
#memo now supports #hashtags!
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· 36 days ago
That would be kinda cool. Like writing on somebody's wall on facebook.
Where can I find this list
$420 blaze it
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· 40 days ago
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Capitalism master race
Managed to get the appendix to work in one swoop, but the rest seems too hard to do. The app always decides to stop working midway.
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· 46 days ago
Sending myself a lot of utxos seems to help a little. Will prob fail though as I have to pause to attend an event.

Miners seem to be skipping my txs, I guess b/c of the stress test