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I strongly dislike Blockstream.


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replied 139d
You changed out ‘developer‘ with ‘maintainer’. What’s the difference? Either way you can prevent any merge in BCHN from happening.
replied 152d
He literally just said that he is benevolent dictator of BCHN
replied 167d
Do you think we should remain dependent on core backports or no? If not what is your solution?
replied 167d
Get rid of Gaddafi and you might end up with an open slave trade. Always have to consider what the alternative is if you replace the leader. I think freetrader will be worse.
replied 362d
Step 1. Have a bunch of bad actors say the right things to infiltrate community

2. Create contention

3. People begin saying it can’t pass due to contention

4. Block all progress!
replied 362d
Weird how they took a middle of the road approach with faketoshi and created a fucking bsv client, but now really putting their foot down threatening to fork to prevent abc funding
replied 362d
Fuck BU
replied 464d
Funny you should mention it, this is one of the things I'm currently working on :)

465d · memo
There needs to be a way to set a backup address in case this one gets compromised
524d · Memo
Memo has reached 500,000 on-chain actions!
531d · Memo
We need re-memos, they will help people discover who else is on this platform
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replied 569d
Could you just automatically make more utxos? Auto-split balance into a bunch of .00001 utxos or something so that it’s way less likely you’ll run out of them.
replied 570d
Mutes affect your reputation percentage. I'll look into adding a list of top muted. And your idea about "inheriting" mutes from followers is great, definitely being considered.
#Bitcoin maximalists are the #Antifa Terrorists of #cryptocurrencies
replied 592d
Where can I learn about how it works? Does it use CHECKDATASIG?
593d · memo
Memo now supports exchanging tokens!

bought 500 SPICE for 50,000 satoshis (100 each) from 593d
bought 500 SPICE for 50,000 satoshis from 593d

replied 599d
Noice. Is there a page where I can see all the tokens I have?
replied 602d
Could you string txs together? Or maybe send multiple txs at once? 🤔
603d · memo
Beta token support has been added. Use at your own risk. Please report any bugs :)
replied 603d
That makes sense, I don't think sending takes decimals into account. I will look into it.
replied 603d
Would be really cool if you could tip individual posts with tokens