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Cryptokiddies anarchists adoption roadmap finished in 2012.
BitPay and Purse.io are the only things i miss on BSV. Fortunately all the rest, including great devs migrated to BSV.
BCH and bitcoin cash brings so much negative value. Don't interrupt your opponent when he is making a mistake.
‪To me, BCH no longer exists. It’s BAB or BSV. BCH merchants will have to chose. Will be silly to see BitPay & Purse.io continue to support BAB as it’s price and hashpower plummet
BSV will never recover after that yuuuge dump
This is the inly way forward.
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Jihan and Roger could stop segwit but they didn't want to. Jihan wants 1000 shitcoins and he is dumping BCH right now.
Well, Jihan Wu and Roger Ver should have rented hash to fight a hash war with Core instead of forking off to BCH. This was mistake number one.
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@memo Could you provide an setting for users to hide these flooding? i.e. REGular EXpressions. e.g. Hide message = [0-9a-f]{64} && user = timestamp\.network
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Emins tool couldn't answer a single question on his own merits.
I just come here to poop lately. Bunch of ABC shills left. Probably 10 accounts from Pacia talking to each other.
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PoS pre-consensus, really? is this still bitcoin?...
Hi Chris!
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I'm new to Memo Cash. Hello everybody!
Spread some love and help with BCH adoption: https://airdropvenezuela.org/#Donate
Since the split, memo has been nothing but shit now. Just full of trolls. I don't post much anymore.
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Hey everyone, greatings to everyone, this is my first day and time on memo. Glad to here
Bad analogy.
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That means it fell 15% in last 10 days. Pretty much whole december BSV has more hash. Seems more sustainable than Rogers jizz.
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