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Max block limit is something BTC central planners come up to control the velocity of money, just like central bankers do with interest rates.
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BTC vs Bitcoin
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We can all reach the consensus that 21mil is the cap. The reality is, we haven't yet seen a sustainable security model that would support that number.

#Bitcoin #ThereIsNoSpam
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Muuuh raspberry pi datacenter.....
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Anarchist is just a butthurt fascist who isn't able to impose his will on others
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npm install -g planaria

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Memo android app is very cool. Since it's here I use memo way more. Great job Jason!!
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Changing the inflation schedule for bitcoin is another attack. "Influencers" wants to prolong POSM rule. When fees replace block reward, bitcoins price is irrelevant for miners. If utility fuels security, POSM loses.
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What happened in Hong Kong and why the BCH split really happened.

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Retweet/Rememo would be a welcoming addition to memo.
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Still have 58K of ABC satoshis to spend....
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#BSV roadmap: accept bitcoin protocol as it was designed and kiss (keep it scaling stupid). Also get rid of self-proclaimed "protocol developers" in the process.
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An intrinsic advantage of the bitcoin as a data carrier is that it uses the same blockchain to record both payments and content data. When adding script and stable protocol to the mix you have an #unfuckening.
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Storing data on a bitcoin has the obvious advantage that a payment mechanism is built into the system. It's possible to develop payperview of encrypted data. The complexity of every data solution is low.
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Core hijacked Satoshis invention and bastardized it to a socialist experiment where POW doesn't matter and your full node gives you voting rights. Also zero conf works.
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I wrote a bit about sustainability of bitcoins security model and why opening doors to second layer may not be the best idea in the long term.

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test 😜
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#Bitcoin gives another previously nonexisting dimension to solutions of many problems. The one can't afford anymore his mind to only look at technical solutions and not consider economic ones.
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Why are socialst jokes not funny? Because everyone needs to get them.
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Cryptofraud industry needs to burn so bitcoin can rise from the ashes again.
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