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replied · 143d
because they know the flippinning is coming...
replied · 143d
· 143d
Weekly Crypto Recap: AT&T accepts Crypto, The end of Free Speech, & more!

· 176d
What is a Cypherpunk? With Peter Todd
· 221d
The koffi Kombi, coffee and Bitcoin Cash go so well together.. SOON!!
· 221d
I hope to get my koffi Kombi ready some time this year.. I cant wait to receive BCH payments..
· 282d · Bitcoin Cash
For those interested.
· 281d
It feels good to use memo once again.. i missed you memo!
· 281d
The year is 2019, Bitcoin Cash is bringing sound cash to the world this year, I can smell it in the air
· 287d
AMA with Hazel - Tech, the depression, and WWII

My 93-year-old Nan has been a feature on my channel for a couple of years now. She has been keeping up with bitcoin news for a few years
· 282d · Bitcoin SV
Can’t wait for GB blocks!
· 331d
ABC wins. ABC side gets to keep BCH and the SV side will be BSV. Announcement is on coin dance.
· 332d
Weekly Crypto Recap: BCH Fork update and latest news
· 331d
Roger Ver weighs in on Bitcoin Cash hard fork -
replied · 357d
Looks clean and very easy to read.
· 357d
I designed this Bitcoin Cash #BuiltForBusiness 'Super Brochure' highlighting how easy it can be to start accepting #BCH. Free to Share & Distribute
voted Yes, ensures we stress adequately 1,000 sat · 378d
created poll · 379d
Should we collect BCH (@Txblaster3) and stress test after target reached (eg 11.5 BCH for 5 million transactions) chosing a date after?
Yes, ensures we stress adequately 13 votes (13 unique) · 2,600 satoshis
No, let’s pick a date and stress 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis
No, we will never collect enough funds 0 votes (0 unique) · 0 satoshis


· 378d
Centbee for iFoner :)
officially released.

· 388d
Memo Challenge!
Memo just passed 3,800 users! Everyone makes 20 memo interactions per day that would be 76,000 #BCH Transactions daily! Make a post, comment on a post, like a post. Let’s make Memo Transaction Waves!
· 394d
· 394d
By posting, I am helping to grow #Memo. I hope the owners appreciate this in a couple of years when it gets huge. I did this on and they didn't reciprocate enough.
· 394d
#Memo now supports #hashtag and i will make #gif trending 😁
· 394d · memo
#memo now supports #hashtags!
· 394d
replied · 396d
Hello 小平同志!