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Another new high of day. 280 on deck.
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In fact, many agri cultures have traditional ways to handle the toxins in plants, such as cooking (various types), fermentation, and processing to reduce the effects.
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However over the time, you need to be careful because of the many toxins in plants. I would recommend you to read the Plant Paradox, there are good stuff there.
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I was on vegan for nearly 8 years, during that period, I tried with pure vegan, and then I changed to Macrobiotic. The thing with plant based diet is that initially you felt good.
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plants have very bad absorption rates for vitamins and minerals and even contain toxins like lectins, oxolates and phytates. Animal products are better nutrition.
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If anybody wants 10 Happy New Years 2020 tokens just say party. Only 500 made. Will make a new one for every year.
Most interesting people in crypto:
1. Satoshi Nakamoto
2. Jihan Wu
300 300 300. BCH is on the move
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So is BTC Digital Gold? As there was a threat of recession today, BTC tanked, and Gold went up. I think we just saw the "Store of Value" nonsense thrown out the window.
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Dividends now live on Bitcoin Cash.