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97d · US Politics/Trump
Unironically being shared in leftosphere

97d · Capitalism
Socialists regard your property as their property, but even more nefariously regard your children as their property. [email protected]

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White men are people too
Who's ED?
This new programming language looks interesting:
104d · Ideas to improve our lives
Physically fit young adults have healthier white matter in their brains and better thinking skills than young people who are out of shape.
105d · US Politics/Trump
O’Rourke livestreams colonoscopy, hopes to catch Sanders in the polls
105d · Capitalism
You can't be a sane person and a Feminist/Communist/Socialist at the same time.
105d · US Politics/Trump
105d · US Politics/Trump
We don't deserve him

106d · US Politics/Trump
106d · US Politics/Trump
CNN: "How Bernie Sanders' emergency heart surgery brings up troubling questions about Donald Trump's health."

106d · US Politics/Trump
> Trump tweets Nickelback meme
> Nickelback attacks Trump
> Left forced to rally behind Nickelback

2019: the year the Left traded away Dave Chappelle and picked up Nickelback
106d · Capitalism
Well, someone's got the right solution for the climate change problem:

107d · US Politics/Trump
Oh wow, Trump tweeted Nickelback, #DrumpfIsFinished
Snowden says don't use Wifi, I explain why
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Finally, I read a comment on here that does not stink of lefty !
108d · US Politics/Trump
It's one thing to claim that your claims are true, it's another thing to claim that your opponent hates facts because your opinions are CLEARLY facts.
108d · US Politics/Trump
Insisting opinions about facts are facts themselves is a pretty despotic move
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we’ll have a brief respite until a Democrat reallocates a few funds, but continues to fuck over everyone with the same spying and monetary policies that erode our society by the day.
replied 108d
Strawman much? I don’t recall saying corruption wasn’t an issue. If you’re that emotionally charged over the mainstream narrative, your rulers have you right where they want you.
replied 108d
All a coordinated effort to keep you distracted from the real issues. Unseat trump, put Democrat in office? So what? There’ll be perpetual war in Middle East, round up in our food...
108d · US Politics/Trump
Why should anyone care about your opinions when you don't care about anyone else's opinions?