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· 8d · US Politics/Trump
Unironically being shared in leftosphere

· 8d · Capitalism
Socialists regard your property as their property, but even more nefariously regard your children as their property. [email protected]

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White men are people too
Who's ED?
· 15d
This new programming language looks interesting:
· 15d · Ideas to improve our lives
Physically fit young adults have healthier white matter in their brains and better thinking skills than young people who are out of shape.
· 16d · US Politics/Trump
O’Rourke livestreams colonoscopy, hopes to catch Sanders in the polls
· 17d · Capitalism
You can't be a sane person and a Feminist/Communist/Socialist at the same time.
· 17d · US Politics/Trump
· 17d · US Politics/Trump
We don't deserve him

· 17d
· 17d · US Politics/Trump
· 17d · US Politics/Trump
CNN: "How Bernie Sanders' emergency heart surgery brings up troubling questions about Donald Trump's health."

· 17d · US Politics/Trump
> Trump tweets Nickelback meme
> Nickelback attacks Trump
> Left forced to rally behind Nickelback

2019: the year the Left traded away Dave Chappelle and picked up Nickelback
· 17d · Capitalism
Well, someone's got the right solution for the climate change problem:

· 18d · US Politics/Trump
Oh wow, Trump tweeted Nickelback, #DrumpfIsFinished
· 23d
Snowden says don't use Wifi, I explain why
replied · 20d
Finally, I read a comment on here that does not stink of lefty !
· 20d · US Politics/Trump
It's one thing to claim that your claims are true, it's another thing to claim that your opponent hates facts because your opinions are CLEARLY facts.
· 20d · US Politics/Trump
Insisting opinions about facts are facts themselves is a pretty despotic move
replied · 20d
we’ll have a brief respite until a Democrat reallocates a few funds, but continues to fuck over everyone with the same spying and monetary policies that erode our society by the day.
replied · 20d
Strawman much? I don’t recall saying corruption wasn’t an issue. If you’re that emotionally charged over the mainstream narrative, your rulers have you right where they want you.
replied · 20d
All a coordinated effort to keep you distracted from the real issues. Unseat trump, put Democrat in office? So what? There’ll be perpetual war in Middle East, round up in our food...
· 20d · US Politics/Trump
Why should anyone care about your opinions when you don't care about anyone else's opinions?