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Incredibly disappointed with Craig & Calvin. Was looking forward to seeing a 51% attack and the slow pain that endures. Seems now as a consolation prize we'll get to see a 68% attack :D
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Ya, BCH network is fine. Memo code makes a lot of DB calls and does extra processing of transactions. It didn't matter much before today, but now it needs some optimizations.
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I'm ready for my next batch of 1200 Tx's ... Bitcoin Cash celebration party! !
I like Memo a lot but I still can't figure out how to post pictures? Maybe you can connect it with something like dropbox to be more user-friendly?
Happy Bitcoin Cash #IndependanceDay2018 everyone!!!
Why Lightning is flawed - Notes


SHA512 - Lightning.Tif
Bitcoin Independence Day!!! BCH!!!
Yesterday 148590-146889=1701 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈70.1%
No. 100% likely. More than any other.

Not a claim. A solution
Oh shit, it looks like the dollar is tanking. People better get out.
I just ran a 15k Satoshi test. Surprised how easy it was :)

gamifying bitcoincash... this is the way to grow peer to peer electronic cash :)
🎵 Damn if feels good to be a Casher! 🎵
like that :)
It didn't appear in the topics list.. maybe I just had to reload ;)
like that :)
now I have to go, it's too late... bye