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Just a bitcoin enthusiast since 2011.


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I don't think so Tim.
I could use a nap.
What are you all up to?
Been doing a 5/3/1 routine for a couple of months now and just stared training for my second marathon. 3 days of lifting, 3 days of running, every other day.
ATG Squats vs Parallel squats? What's your preference? Which one is better?
CoinEx token (CET).
Anyone notice that CET has been a leading indicator of a rally? It was up 30% before both the recent rallies.
Heh, wish I had the balls to trade, but I know how that works out for me 😊.
We need to replace /r/bitcoinmarkets with this memo topic :).
Noticed in topics I sometimes see "Error waiting for transaction to broadcast.", but it always does. Just something I noticed @memo.
~20% down hit from local high. Now we consolidate. Based on the price action, I am guessing we are going to test 400 in the next 3 days.

BCH and CET are both making me one happy man. Go CoinEx!
Good morning folks. After watching these things since 2011, I believe we (and the whole market) is due for a bit of a correction. Estimating about 20% down.
Well, today sure has been exciting. So much for being productive at work.
Over 1400 transactions on my memo address. Holy crap. :D
Life is pretty darn good :D. Have a wonderful day my memo friends!
Happy Friday all! Have a great weekend!

When did your interest in Bitcoin start? Mine was in 2011, thanks to: https://gawker.com/the-underground-website-where-you-can-buy-any-drug-imag-30818160
C'mon boys, lets tear this place apart!!
Don't jinx it :D
My second marathon training begins today! Time to kick some ass! #dailymemo
@memo, noticed in the account page under the amount of BCH, the tooltip says "This is how much bitcoin you have! Backup your private key and keep it save." - save should be "safe". :)
Hello from MN!
Yay, over 1100 transaction on my memo profile!