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I wish I was in Tahiti.
Today I learned: I met "TheLegendaryTwatter" in real life a few years ago…
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Token decimal issues should be resolved now :)

It begins again
There is no memo SLP torch - I was thinking maybe there should be another SLP torch to be passed through all social media networks
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Roger Ver DebatesTone Vays Malta2019.
This is really amazing, it focuses on insurmountable FEES Bitcoin has compared to BCH. Truly a HOT debate! See how Bitcoin Jesus rebut!
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Ok then... I don’t agree, maybe you would like to expand on why you think BCH is trash.
No comment
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Craig Suetoshi Wright
Finally I realized how to compile smart contracts for Bitcoin Cash using Spedn!
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How about 1,000,000 satoshi for a pencil/charcoal of my dog Duke, sadly he’s not doing too well lately 😢 I’d like it a little stylized too please, thanks
Is that an inverse head and shoulders and a or is BCH just happy to see me :).
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Bitcoin Cash price in June, 2019?
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I also believe they have insurance. Granted, it’s not ideal, but it’s the “the worst”.

Spring has sprung and its’ inspired me to draw a new school styled Mama Robin
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What would you like to see more of
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My Art (Traditionally drawn, digital art, wood burning art) 1 votes · 0 satoshis
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It was actually really good, the setting was outstanding :-)
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It was actually really good, the setting was outstanding :-)
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Thanks guys to like me to earn money im bryan from Philippines 🇵🇭 thanks to support loveyah all
Got this in my inbox a couple of minutes back
I dont know about a community, but I heard if a Canadian lives out on Crown land, and works some land and makes a home, and maintains it for ten years, the land becomes theirs.
Not sure, but I heard that. They are responsible for everything though. They pay for any connection to any services, which would likely be very far away.
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