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43d · Strange Planet
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One more retarded price speculation post, extrapolating past performance. I would love to see these fucking retards lose their shirts... :)
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Don't give up hope. There is no honor in defeatism.
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Will that change at all as things scale out? What's to stop the dunning-krugers from showing up there?
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Why? What changes?
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Always look on the bright side of life!
76d · bitcoin cash
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Straight garbage.
80d · Capitalism
Trump administration hands emergency loans to Kanye West and Church of Scientology as small businesses go bust |

US is socialist, but only for the corrupt and mega-rich
Hello world! I'm still alive :)
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Glad I got out of that crap coin back in 2017, sucked that I paid 50 bucks to do so, but glad I’ve never had to pay a ridiculous fee since.
$429.41 - BCH FTW!!
Memo is unfiltered.

Just what is needed in this age of censorship and denial of service!

Muting for being a spammer / DoS participant.

Bye "Crypto Dog" (new user since today)
TFW you try to log in to Reddit first time on the day, and it tells you

"you are doing that too much, try again in 50 seconds."

Bitcoin Cash service will not be denied.
Use! :-)

Good job decentralization!
Enemies of free speech will try to keep you off Reddit, Youtube, Twitter or whatever else. But they cannot keep you off Memo :) Good job #BitcoinCash $BCH!
Service will NOT be denied.

238d · bitcoin cash
Börse Stuttgart (Stuttgart Stock Exchange)
Plans to introduce trading with Bitcoin Cash (Press release in German)
Unusual Uther
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Corona is not even filled to the top. Heineken clearly is.
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Nobody ever sent a single satoshi to the donation address :(. Love when you find the early ones loaded (or at least previously loaded).