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835d · The /pol/acks are coming
Wish I had had a chance to see the thread. More traffic into memo is always a good thing, especially if it's people who appreciate that censorship is impossible.
863d · BCH Speculation
That's what makes bch such a bargain. As soon as people realize what is right under their noses... It reminds me of when BTC first hit 1200 after a big bull run then dropped back briefly.
866d · Humans Of Bitcoin
Got into it after hearing about it through media coverage of Mt. Gox, saw through the noise to the potential. Spent a lot of time since then spreading the good word and adoption.
869d · Medicine
America in one image
869d · Medicine
ouch. That KFC image hurts my heart and brain
I am in the same boat Snugg, hahaha! Good luck to all the new followers framore is sure to get =]
890d · Wikileaks Feed - BCH
Yes.... these are incredible times. Thank goodness platforms like this still exist and are resistant.
891d · BCH Speculation
Price is irrelevant! Joy to use cases!
replied 895d
Dude, check them out! Interludes after Midnight and The Music Scene are my favorite albums from them.

896d · BCH Speculation
Little closer every day. No idea how far out it is but 100% certain it will happen eventually.
897d · Memo wish list
There is an official topic called Memo Suggestions if you intended this to be for cosmetic or functional improvements to the GUI.
replied 897d
Kind of a shame there was no competition last night- if you ever do another Blockhead, maybe increase runtime? By the way, are you into the band/producer blockhead? A favorite of mine
897d · Memes
If you want it to embed I think there is only imgur support right now. And you have to link to single image. Side note - just ran a bunch of new ethernet cable and now my cat seems very suspicious.
898d · Memo Suggestions
How about allowing users to join as ghosts & make posts in test area, off blockchain. You could have a board for them that gets wiped every 30 days & they could receive tips
898d · Make a meme challenge. 500k satoshi rewad.
replied 898d
Use electron cash on desktop. Go to memo dashboard, hit export, copy the second thing “WIF Compressed (base58)” and paste into electron cash
898d · movies
Several of my favorites: Clerks - Me and You and Everyone We Know - No Country for Old Men - Demolition Man - The Graduate - Mean Girls - Milk - Seventh Seal - Naked Gun - The Jerk - Groundhog Day
898d · #MountMemo 2018 ⛰️
Threw this together just for you @blockhead
898d · Bitcoin Faucet
I just scrolled all the way to the top of this topic for the first time. Not at all what I was expecting. Very funny and nice idea.
898d · Memo Suggestions
What if you had categorization options? For example, choosing the most liked or most tipped post (or the earliest post) as the one to display under the topic header.
899d · Memo Suggestions
Post numbers (e.g. this might be post 100,561), this way we could have GET threads like some other message boards. Would inspire heavy posting in some topics and tips for luckiest users.
899d · memo
Memo now supports profile pics!
set profile pic 899d
899d · #MountMemo 2018 ⛰️
What climbing to the summit of #MountMemo will be like in practice
899d · Andreas Antonopolous
Of course nothing's wrong with it, there are no rules here!