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A dude what makes movies and app and shit.
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I stand on neither side as I'm disgusted by both tactics. I stand for only the original Bitcoin Cash which is the original Bitcoin. Fuck the drama and shame on this community, fucking shame :(
So many fucking shills. Within 10 days the BCH has become beyond toxic and I hate that word. Why cant why let technology speak for itself instead of cunts like CSW et al. #SayNoToPersonalities
Ah, pardon my spelling. Im quite drunk. 👌
Yeah man, fully agree. Ive talked to a few ocer the years about it but they donr seem to get it. Drives me crazy, especially the dispensaries with vending machines. Let me just send it BCH!
Don't invite your boss to your room for some whiskey, he might just destroy it. 👌

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Do you carry a paper wallet (not necessarily paper) with you for potentially daily use?
Yes 1 votes · 0 satoshis
No 2 votes · 0 satoshis
Sometimes 0 votes · 0 satoshis
No, but I would if they were more convenient 1 votes · 0 satoshis

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Ugh. NTS: Unescape html chars before sending topic message
NTS: Use "replied to post" -> long press to whole thread
Major bug: Subscribe button seems to overtake the submit message button
[Dispensary] Stepping Stone Holistic Living2487 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5R 5G8(604) 620-9161
If you come across any mercuants acceppting cryptocurrency in the Vancouver area please make sure to share it here!
NTS: Link previews in reply can crash app
X-posting here: Why isn't memo a part of Brave Rewards? Got my sites set up for it and have received a nice little payout so far.
Can we all make a promise to post less about only crypto and more about our thoughts, ideas and lives?
I may as well stick to btctalk or r/BTC since most posts are about such.

#GiveMeMore #PumpMemo #FuckEchoChambers
Just had someone come over to do some work at my place who complained how allergic they are to cannabis as I ground some flower after they'd been in my place for 2+ hours with a live plant and tons of weed. Calling BS
Just had a #ShowerSoju and no way is that going to be a thing. Eyck. Now I need a beer to wash it away.
Awesome. Thanks for the share. Ill be looking into this for my app
Bah. The gravatar avatars don't show up in the notification activity. I'll fix that in the next release.
Vancouver, BC, not Washington. 🇨🇦
Memo needs an edit feature or at least I need one badly. Could it work by "overriding" the existing memo, sending a new memo with the existing posts ID and the site displays the most recent?
Another minor update pushed to the beta channel. Hopefully you guys will enjoy this slight visual upgrade. 😁
Just realized Big Sean raps about probs BTC in YG's Big Bank: "I turn my Ws to M's, yeah I flip those. I might buy her red bottoms with the crypto. Three coins, that'll pay ya whole semester"