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a dude what makes movies and app and shit.


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posted · 1 day ago
Memo is the first dapp that has more users than investors.
Animals are delicious... Just thought this fact should be stored on the blockchain forever.
Yeah I'm so ashamed, you got me.
You sound like a student just learning of self-censorship. Code will be released but I'm going to ignore you before you use the word panopticon on me.
Kick rocks, bud ;)
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· 1 day ago
Not a bad idea haha but I think I'll let them enjoy my dumb thoughts and musings.

Shout out to the future people!
Every time I post I think about people reading it in 100 years for historical research purposes. Should probably post more news!
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· 1 day ago
For sure my man, right there with you. But with all the digging through ppls old Twitter posts and major backlash happening I think it'll be interesting that we can't delete our posts.
Oh shut up, you knob. That's not what I'm talking about and this hasn't stopped me from posting what I want, it was just a thought.

"Self-censorship" is funny coming from a vegan.
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· 1 day ago
That's a lot of stats, got anything to back any of it all up?
posted · 2 days ago
It's strange. Even though memo is permanent, because it is currently small in size, it feels a lot more private than most social media sites.

I wonder how many of us it'll bite in the ass later down the line.
PSA! I just bought so expect another dip 😩 oh and I have a headache
I would like to be able to use BitID to login to memo. Is this something that can be added?
Thank you 🙏
In fact, with LGBTQ making up only about 5% of the general American population you could argue there's far more perverts and people without control amongst heterosexuals than LGBTQ.
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· 2 days ago
2) If this destroys BCH, it has already failed IMO.
“pray away the gay”
You need to find something else to do with your time. LGBTQ is *NOT mentally ill. YOU are mentally ill.
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· 3 days ago
posted · 3 days ago
I couldn't convince my buddy to use this account with me so I've "taken over" it fully. Don't be alarmed, it is still me, I wasn't hacked.
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a dude what makes movies and app and shit.
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posted · 3 days ago in Memo App
Just pushed another minor update. It's not the full release I wanted to push over the weekend but I wanted most bugs to be fixed so people can still use it. UI and UX suggestions very welcome btw!
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· 3 days ago
Not really, anyone can use any name on Twitter and that's not killed their image. Memo/BCH won't be hurt by people continuing to use the internet as they've always done.
And we all know that you are not THE Austin. /s