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The protocol has always been open for anyone to add to. Member has added some protocol actions and plans to continue adding more as well.
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My shitty YouTube vids:
Memo app (OLD):

$blake / qpy880m54daqf9captps63lqws8dtefc0q3cdjay2x
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Thank you, much appreciated. Are you guys no longer developing the memo protocol yourselves?
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Hey @Foundlimits, what can I do for you?
163d · memo
Anyone know why the memo Github repos were pulled? I was thinking of developing my app again. Or if they moved where would I find them?
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I'll be going away for a month shortly for work but will try to have it out before I leave.
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I really enjoy being able to block people. Your drivel may live forever on the blockchain but it doesn't mean I have to hear it.
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This is exactly what I was talking about in my other post.
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Shame for the FUD, trolls and general disinformation on both sides. This isn't competition, this is highschool-level bullying. I want BCH to work as a whole not constantly divided.
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I stand on neither side as I'm disgusted by both tactics. I stand for only the original Bitcoin Cash which is the original Bitcoin. Fuck the drama and shame on this community, fucking shame :(
626d · Bitcoin Cash
So many fucking shills. Within 10 days the BCH has become beyond toxic and I hate that word. Why cant why let technology speak for itself instead of cunts like CSW et al. #SayNoToPersonalities
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Ah, pardon my spelling. Im quite drunk. 👌
626d · Vancouver
Yeah man, fully agree. Ive talked to a few ocer the years about it but they donr seem to get it. Drives me crazy, especially the dispensaries with vending machines. Let me just send it BCH!
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Don't invite your boss to your room for some whiskey, he might just destroy it. 👌

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If you want some more designs let me know what you're looking for. I do graphic design on the side to pad my wallet in the slow weeks. Love doing it.
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UNIX timestamp 1542300000
Or rather 11/15/2018 @ 4:40pm (UTC)
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Oh. Turns out my app doesn't support Unicode in mentions, that's also annoying. #NTS
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Oh I guess it's actually @pay₿ot...
That's annoying to type out.
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You could also use @payBot to send it!