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Small issue related to the upgrade. Site should be working fine now.
Most promising titles: 6448381f9649ecacd8c30189cfbfee71a91b6b9738ea494fe33f8b8b51cbfca0
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Memo site has been experiencing some issues the last few hours, sorry for any inconveniences.
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Smash that reload until you get version 4.6.0+

It's substantially better!

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Happy Member Monday!
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🎊More than 1,000,000 memo transactions have been confirmed!🎉
82d · SOUR
SOUR token coffee mug
Happy #BCHday
Pledged BCH for Electron Cash https://flipstarter.electroncash.org and Mark Lundeberg https://bitcoincashfund.com
Started work on a basic Bitcoin Cash bounty site.
157d · Bitcoin
Welcome to Bitcoin.

Did you just find out that there are $5 fees for every transaction?

Do you think that's a bit much?

So did we. That's why we made Bitcoin Cash.

Transfer fees are less than 1 cent.
Although the filters of the memo platform exclude us from the market cap, smnaturalvillage continues its gallop thanks to the faucet and its followers. Thank you all.
101d · Twitter
You don't really own your Twitter handle.

Twitter owns it.

Twitter has the ultimate authority over who posts with your identity, not you.
Uncensorable, e2e encrypted, private messaging is coming to the #BitcoinCash blockchain social media.
40d · memo
Memo users accounted for over 50% of SLP activity in the last 24 hours. 850 of 1500 total txs.
40d · Bitcoin
Credit card UX sucks. Having to dox yourself to transact sucks. Entering digits sucks. Declined authorization sucks. Phoning CS sucks. Data breaches suck. Skimming 2% sucks.

Crypto UX is already better.
Trumpf is threatening to close down social media platforms. Good thing he can't close memo/member
I updated my infographics of the main consensus forks of Bitcoin

Bitcoin Cash Activist
Wish me luck community, trying to onboard a charity to BCH. will follow up with more details later.
47d · Member
51d · Member
I spoke to the people at https://txstreet.com/ and they have now included member under memo. Another small win!!
53d · Bitcoin
Bitcoin Core - Change it into digital gold and charge $50 transaction fees.

Bitcoin SV - Steal Satoshi's coins.

Bitcoin ABC - Pay ourselves 8% of the coinbase.

Bitcoin Cash - Let's just stick to the plan
61d · member
member.cash will stick with the BCHN compatible chain in the upcoming fork