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Memo site has been experiencing some issues the last few hours, sorry for any inconveniences.
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Smash that reload until you get version 4.6.0+

It's substantially better!

Profile pics!

Mouseover profile cards!

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Super new logo!

Happy Member Monday!
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🎊More than 1,000,000 memo transactions have been confirmed!🎉
82d · SOUR
SOUR token coffee mug
Happy #BCHday
Pledged BCH for Electron Cash https://flipstarter.electroncash.org and Mark Lundeberg https://bitcoincashfund.com
Although the filters of the memo platform exclude us from the market cap, smnaturalvillage continues its gallop thanks to the faucet and its followers. Thank you all.
40d · memo
Memo users accounted for over 50% of SLP activity in the last 24 hours. 850 of 1500 total txs.
40d · Bitcoin
Credit card UX sucks. Having to dox yourself to transact sucks. Entering digits sucks. Declined authorization sucks. Phoning CS sucks. Data breaches suck. Skimming 2% sucks.

Crypto UX is already better.
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51d · Member
I spoke to the people at https://txstreet.com/ and they have now included member under memo. Another small win!!
53d · Bitcoin
Bitcoin Core - Change it into digital gold and charge $50 transaction fees.

Bitcoin SV - Steal Satoshi's coins.

Bitcoin ABC - Pay ourselves 8% of the coinbase.

Bitcoin Cash - Let's just stick to the plan
61d · member
member.cash will stick with the BCHN compatible chain in the upcoming fork
31d · memo
The default tokens page is now listing tokens by most transactions with some other sorting options. The market cap page is removed.
Member.cash effect?

43d · flipstarter
Anyone can use Flipstarter - Test Flipstarter here: https://flipstarter.electroncash.de

I could configure & host a Flipstarter for someone
44d · bitcoin cash
47d · Member
While working on re-members, i found some very unoptimized database code. I fixed it up and member.cash is showing feeds a lot faster now.
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New Modern Theme by @feels is live today.

Try it out at member.cash
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flipstarter.member.cash - Looking to raise 200BCH for 3 months of intensive development and growth hacking
It has been my 1 year on MEMO (and now member) at midnight. Glad to have met all of you, I have learned a ton since I jumped on bch. I hope to add value and be positive on here always
8d · member
Introducing, the highly requested member.cash night mode theme! 🌙