I just registered bchgang.org and bchgang.net
BCH: 403193-402090=1103 memo txs. num of txs📈31.6%, account for 2.2% of all BCH txs(49539)
BSV: 760814-760299=515 memo txs, num of txs📉16.3%, account for 1.5% of all BSV txs(33434)
There's a surge of similar accounts/actions, seems like someone is depleting the faucet:
Instead of a mute button being added to memo, what if there was a dislike option?
This way the poster will have feedback on what not to post without being censored & at the same time transactions are still created
Woo, dumped by BSV while it was in its little pump. Such low volume on Coinex. Wish I could have done it back when it was closer to parity with BCH. Now I gotta round up all my spare sats hanging around.
Tips 461
Satoshis 2.087.402

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Today I was reminded again, not your keys, not your coins. Also, custodial sucks. Downloaded the new SPEDN app, got an invite code, deposited BCH, only to learn you can't withdraw, only spend. What a joke. #dailymemo
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Free-market ranking could be great: you vote up or down with your bitcoin. The number of satoshis tipped to the poster minus the number donated to faucet as downvotes determines rank.
Statism is the most popular and most damaging religion.
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I think this is a great idea, I'd hate to start encouraging censorship this early when the lack thereof is half of the appeal. Dislike tips could go to the faucet too
Rest In Peace to my old friend Duke 😢
Interview with Luke Dashjr (Core/Blockstream) reveals how misinformed this guy is
Did anyone catch that debate with Roger and Tone in Malta? Wow. #dailymemo
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What about bchgangbang.com?
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A mute button is the exact opposite of censorship. Censorship is when someone else decides what you can or can't see. The mute button will allow you to decide for yourself.
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Roger has upped his game. This is, by far, his finest performance in a debate. He was very focused, clear, practical and Socratic in his approach. Very persuasive. Outstanding!