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Find the differences:


Bitcoin fees are already at $0.25 USD!
For more Info:https://github.com/BitcoinUnlimited/BitcoinUnlimited/pull/1542
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Yesterday 329215-328731=484 memo transactions. Number of transactions📈42.4%|abc(329198-328714=484,📈42.4%),sv(718655-718464=191,📈76.9%)
& politics for publicity in a way that seems similar to Kanye.
Great point. Celebs like him showcase the inherent flaw in human nature (blindly following/worshiping someone....because you know, critical thinking is HAAAARD).
Made a purchase in OB (with moderator, of course) but the seller don't see the tx. Any OB devs here?
yeah agreed. & the random annoying videos were where he built his base (first ~50M subs) only recently turned very obliquely to politics.
What do SV supporters think about an unknown entity taking over almost 51% of BSV mining? https://coin.dance/
I bet that was a total accident /s. I guess it really is hard for the average person to run a LN node, guess *this* form of blatant centralization isn't an issue for Core though lol
Thank you!

No SV supporters want to comment on this? I thought you would be able to come up with some great conspiracy theories about Bitcoin socialists or Jihan/Ver. Are you guys running out of steam?
Anything which doesn't rely on one of the giant data harvesting corporations (not android).
🤖 1 BCH = 146.59$ 📈 6.97%
Tips = fuel️
Interesting approach!