Above 300k Memo actions reached!
Memo is the coolest thing on the cryptosphere right now
Uploading Cat Pics via Chat.chat
With Chat.chat,Really easy to upload images.
i Love it!!
Yesterday 300241-299821=420 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉11.8%|abc(300230-299810=420,📉11.8%),sv(300076-298803=1273,📈71.8%)|Number of memo txs reached 300k🎉
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No country has ever failed from too much freedom.
Plenty have failed from too much government.
Spread some love and help with BCH adoption: https://airdropvenezuela.org/#Donate
Total bullshit. All the hash power supported these changes expect for Calvin's. CSW and Calvin said for a whole 6 months: let's let POW decide. Well, right now BCH has 25% more POW
Is anyone working on a patreon replacement that isn't a scam like the last attempt (bitreon)? I think lighthouse could be adapted for the purpose, not sure about recurring payment though.
timestamp.network created yersterday over 100 sv.memo accounts again. https://sv.memo.cash/profiles/new
Chat.Chat was at Crypto Mining Forum in Malaysia during the weekend.
We will be in more events! If you see our booth anywhere,come to talk to us!

Download: https://apple.co/2DNYc9V
There are 100 accounts named `timestamp.network` who created a lot of hash messages in sv memo site. Which makes hunders of tx per day on sv memo site. http://timestamp.network/
100% BSV. Let’s compete!
If you plan to go to #Budapest #Hungary I know a guy who accepts crypto for renting a room. Let me know and I will give you contact details.
Video tutorial of Chat.Chat to friends who are new to Crypto and want to know more about us

Download: https://apple.co/2DNYc9V
#chatchatXmemo #chatchat
heard elon musk talk about mars gov. he mentioned sunset clauses or needing larger majority (~60%) to enact laws & smaller minority (~40%) to repeal laws. might contain gov creep
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Currently Marduk.io only handles single bet transactions. I'll pop-'em open today to add multi-bet transactions. Would you be down for another test in a couple hours (bet's on me) ?
That's it. Predicting the utter demise of memo.cash.
The british pound £ (GBP) is dropping in value. Now is a good time to do your Christmas shopping through Amazon.co.uk and save an additional 20-30% by using Purse.io
Every `timestamp.network` created today post 3 actions. Which will increase sv.memo.cash statistics with hundreds of actions. Till now, there have been 300059-298803=1256 txs.
Even if the LN will be PERMISSIONLESS, it can't possibly be PRIVATE since it relies on direct and/or long-living connections, which is, surprise-surprise, exactly where the government has a big edge by being almost
ABC attacked BCH by introducing changes that the vast majority of BCH hash opposed. Then they brought it mercenary hash to push these through. Pretty clear ABC was the attacker.
BSV literally stands for Bull Shit Vision.
Next step after immortality - finding a way to halt the end of the universe!