Today our team of designers, developers & #BitcoinCash experts brought a massive upgrade to A new brand, new features, an improved look for onboarding the world to p2p cash. So proud right now #dailymemo
Good evening memo world! Im back! thanks to @fyzeon for encouraging me to be active here again. BCH lezzzz go!!! 💚 new design 💚💲 #BCH #Bitcoin #Dailymemo
I have created a small website where you can guess BTC fees. I invite you to guess bittcoinfees on
Good luck!
So they are now 95% of goal reached to the 800? Wow. Some big money came in.
Craziest BCH transaction you ever made ?

Yesterday I gave $5 worth to the lead singer of a band who dress as pirates and sing songs about life on the seas ! Crazy getting a 16th century pirate to download a wallet !!
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I have already set my profile pic here on Nice meeting all BCH-community members here across the globe. Let's start to become active here. is the Twitter of Blockchain.
I just onboarded a colleague who had helped me out with a project on my house. Tipped him in BCH for his help. He was excited and could see it's potential when doing work "off the book".
📢 Ask me Anything, USDH the first regulated stablecoin on BCH blockchain, 17th of June 20:00~21:00 HongKong Time #USDH #BCH #Dailymemo

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well, this is my first post on memo
BCH: 425892-424772=1120 memo txs. num of txs📉27.5%, account for 2.1% of all BCH txs(52771)
BSV: 768738-768473=265 memo txs, num of txs📉18.7%, (56741)
BTC: (295946)
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As we celebrate father's day here in the US, it's a good time to realize that much of what we're fighting for will impact our children's lives more than our own. #dailymemo
Smashed my phone today with my car by accident, probably gonna try to buy my next one with BCH.
Submitting a new merchant in Marco Coino does not work:
I just donated money to the bitcoin cash fund - pls consider a small donation!
Hi guys, only 2 hours left to guess the BTC fee for Tuesday. Jackpot is more than 5 Mio satoshis (thanks to Georg Engelmann for filling). Take your chance.
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Memo needs some native image upload...
now that i'm back!
where's my memo cash?
If Coretards like high fees, why do they view keeping their "unimportant txs" off the mempool as a service? They should be trying to pump fees up if they actually believe this.
Holy shit, is a complete ghost town. Most posts aren't even from profiles here, just bots and what looks like random photos
Iceland's Currency Will Be First in Europe to Be Traded as E-Money
I created a list of resources connecting Blockstream, Bitfinex, Block One, AXA, and Bilderberg to an EOS supporter who was unaware of the deeper conspiratorial framework. See my reply for link.
I have created a small website where you can guess BTC fees. I invite you to guess bittcoinfees on
Good luck!