· 19h
Got paid in Bitcoin Cash today. Traded half of it for stablecoins thanks to SideShift (https://sideshift.ai/a/IzCaNLe2Y) and kept the other half.

We can escape the banking system TODAY with these innovations.
· 20h
Hi Memo! I'm new here! I knew about Memo from the day it was created but didn't really participated by now 🐌

Nothing much, hope you guys are having a great day so far!
· 19h
Recently working on this non-custodial solution. The goal is to initiate any Memo protocol actions from your web app, with no access to user's key, txhash, username, cookies or anything!

Unusual Uther
· 2h
If anyone needs a friend really bad, I want to be there for you. I am probably the worst choice though. I know this world we live in can be real tough sometimes. I am out of tip money, but I will be your friend.
· 19h
A Dos inspired post;

Anybody need tokens? I don’t have much to give, but feel free to ask and I’ll my best.
· 22h
Day or two ago I started a poll asking how dependent people are on the Internet for making a living. So far, it's almost 90% "yes".

Now, the next question:

· 1d · read.cash
An interesting article that shows how easy it is for developers to integrate Bitcoin Cash payments with BitCash into their Python app. https://read.cash/@merc1er/python-bitcoin-cash-3d529579
· 21h · Bitcoin SV
SVers are so pissed off that they can't ban people from the /r/bsv subreddit that they're now creating BCH subreddits lol


Thanks for the extra promotion cryptacritic 😘
· 3h
Just saved 29% on a book with purse.io
RAD Times
· 13h · RAD Token *** The Random Air Drop Token ***
Right now is a RANDOM time during a RANDOM day so let us drop 14,000 SPICE! Check for it! Super RAD! Comment here for more RAD tokens.
replied · 18h
Yeah I remember to see the terrible early UI of memo and I actually liked it. It felt super underground, but Idk I guess I just got carried away with life
replied · 16h
Lol, does BCH count as a token?
· 1d
All tokens giveaway. Request any tokens from this list. First in first out.
replied · 18h
Same thing happened to me, now I'm in love with memo ❤
replied · 18h
The founder of BSV is a fraud, BSV has no community, false and pumped transactions and mourn their failure..Fuck BSV, Fuck CSW 😂😂😂
· 22h
Tips 144
Satoshis 9,971,745
· 20h
Me, lookin' cool af wizard supreme...

Also me...
· 1d · Memo
BCH: 669578-668597=981 memo txs. num of txs📈40.9%, acount for 2.4% of all BCH txs(29787)
BSV: 817918-817845=73 memo txs. num of txs📈46%, (720992)
BTC: (299154), BCH/BTC=10.0%
· 23h
Maximalists are starting to admit defeat.
· 9h · Member

Someone is working on localization for Member.
· 1h
Got a bit of spare time this afternoon, planned to go into town and try get some Christmas shopping done. It's absolutely chucking it down and blowing a gale. FFS. Not even got the Christmas cards yet. Skint too :-(
Unusual Uther
· 6h
· 15h
Hi Memo! I'm new here! I'm not knew about Memo🐌 I hope learn about it

I hope you guys are having a great day!
random liker
· 5h · PCO
I can't buy any PCO, so I got some Ignis - everyone deserves another chance
· 12h
Roger Ver said in the Los Angeles meetup video that very soon BCH will be accepted at 15,000 locations overnight in the U.S Just as a hunch, I looked up Starbucks locations There are 14,300 locations? Could it be?