I hope there's no hash war again.😟
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BCH: 739318-737844=1474 memo txs. num of txs📈57.5%, acount for 3.5% of all BCH txs(42363)
BSV: 825510-825422=88 memo txs. num of txs📉35.3%, (372556)
BTC: (264713), BCH/BTC=16.0%
I changed my mind regarding the funding proposal!
I love the SLP logo in the Bticoin.com app for tokens. It looks very professional instead of those color coded images.
I translated imaginary_username's article against the current proposal into French: https://read.cash/@lugaxker/evaluation-et-proposition-en-reponse-a-la-situation-financiere-de-bitcoin-cash-ade37e56
1BCH = 0.04231246 BTC.
Looking forward to seeing 0.1 again!!!!
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the value beyond repair I believe.

2) It is neccessary to find another way that better resonates with volyntarism ie. the ethos of BCH.
The unexpected consequence of the new 12.5% development fund proposal will is that everyone is using read.cash!
At this point I feel BCH community is bored and is just being dramatic about the funding proposal. Can we just chill for a moment please? You guys are just wasting adoption efforts with all this negativity
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thank you p SOUR
"The Dev Tax Is Intended to Benefit Investors But Will Corrupt Us Instead" - Peter Rizun

Peter gets it.

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#faketoshi #shitversion #delistbsv Craig's fraud and crimes know no bounds. Who will he pretend to be next?
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Dev Fund Thought For Today - Holders Should Decide
If you haven't tried out buying stuff from Amazon using Purse.io you should give it a try. I've saved anywhere from 15-29% on several purchases so far. One of my favorite uses of BCH


if you have android you can now get the update for the Bitcoin.com wallet in the play store. It is awesome.
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An incomplete history of the Bitcoin Cash's origin and the Minimum Viable Fork project
Just put some SOUR up. Having some $ troubles, perfect timing of course. I am going to sell some spice next. Keep a lookout
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I am really hate Member for allowing these long posts. I think Twitter’s multi-tweet style is much better, because it allows liking the parts of a post you agree with.
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From the very beginning, I thought the funding mechanism is fine, but the HK Corp always gave me pause.

Until we have a decentralized and network-wide way to distribute funds, we
I tested Acer Aspire One ZG5 (160GB HD,1GB RAM, 32bit), can run on Lubuntu 14 (L16 OK but glitches) & Android 4 (5 errors, 6 stuck). Still searching valid iOS or Hackintosh. I'm flashing w/ Etcher on Linux.
It was suggested on reddit, earlier today, that we simply orchestrate another donation, matched by bitcoin.com to raise funds for the dev coffers. Roger confirmed that the idea came up and they were considering it.
Remember when Coretards used the same fucking justification for enforcing the 1MB capacity limit?

Pepperidge farm remembers...