Channel 7 news fishes for sad stories of unvaccinated family member dying but it backfires.

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Quite the contrary, but let's draw premature conclusions because we're intellectually lazy. You should be a seasonal painter, those broad strokes cover a lot of surface area.
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Here in the US, our downfall comes from something called 'Crony Capitalism'. Does that mean our only alternative is a time-tested ethos proven to end in death, despair and starvation?
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Psychological projection lvl infinite
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A verbal self-portrait ?
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Yesterday, there were
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The El Salvador thing was a bumpy prelude. THIS is the real deal, and will lead to competition between jurisdictions. Soon restrictive countries won't be able to compete!
Irony: Greg Maxwell calls BCH developers "incompetent and corrupt"

White men are people too
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For a long time now, it has been obvious that the official narrative is wrong. Much of the critique has been toward the lack of truthfulness of parts of this narrative. This is not very effective.
Eat healthy?! Drink enough water?! Exercise enough?!
A Beautiful Mushroom on A Tree Trunk
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Anymore, too much information in Wikipedia is being censored/new-speaked into oblivion.
No more donations for that rubbish.
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“[insert political opponents] aren’t people they’re an existential threat to humanity. Give them no quarters. Punch them until…”
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Abdul Samad 1M5fPS
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White men are people too
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I suppose this is where counter-economics becomes relevant. I may be misusing the term. Basically, don't seek "revolution", rather "evolution" of an alternative, start small.
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1d · Robots stealing jobs and stuff
Stan Lee Meets Galactus

#Marvel #Comics #Drawing
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Super Mario 64 - File Select Remix (by Kevin Villecco) "I Know That Feel"
Apr 22, 2014
What if long haul COVID is just an expression for life is never going back to normal?
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This capitalizes on the same primitive impulses observed in all movements: From from Branch Davidians to Mega Churches: The desire to be lead.
Having to think for yourself is scary.