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Giveaway - Round 38 Follow me, ❤️ this post please and Upload a video from the YouTube channel @AlmuerzoNo 💰 10 winners 50.000 sats #Memo #BarrioBitcoin
It has been a 2 weeks from now that memo cash are now so quit and the platform was not normal with the way they perform last month, everyone are waiting the right time even the fund wallet of each users are now low.
thanks to PECUNIA, LOCO, INC. for buying my tokens to return with the giveaways and generate activity in #Memo

Is it ok if only 1% of the world controls their own money, while everyone else is at the mercy of banks+governments?

No. Absolutely not. Not while I'm still here.
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Leave a comment on https://donatello.blog/2024/02/21/%f0%9f%8c%90-earn-3-donatello-tokens-%f0%9f%9a%80 and you will receive 3 Donatello tokens. Have a nice day! #dance #music #Donatello
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New site ALERT!!!

It's like Facebook Lite. Super easy to use.

You can earn by Euros

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2024-02-19, there were
83845 txs on BCH chain, 383189 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=21.9%
1817676-1817323=353 memo txs, 📉14.3%(compared w/ prev 412), account for 42.1‱ of all BCH txs

2 and a half hours from now is the start of the new chess tournament of bitcoincashtv that will be play on chess.com and live stream on YouTube,.
Tempura and japanese rice

Today is our 3rd Wedding Anniversary!
3 years of married life have passed.

Happy Wedding anniversary Beloved Enemy Wife.
Happy Wedding Anniversary My Sweetheart.
I'm trying to change my balance in Millix for #BCH.150,000Sats

https://barriobitcoin.tangled.com/join follow me here and I will leave you some sats as a gift in #Memo
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I like tokens - Round 25
I'll buy back all of your "Donatello" tokens if you sell them between 900 and 1080 Satoshis each.
One order per user. Max price per order is 250,000 Satoshis.
14h · Dance and music
Evo Wiser, Ryt Iye and Donatello - Singing, playing the guitar and dancing
Let's dance and have fun! We need more artists on this platform.
sent · 13,333 sats 11h
Gilpehmjen you are 1500 ELO !? that was a surprise
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15h · Dance and music
I like tokens - Round 24
I'll buy back all of your "Donatello" tokens if you sell them between 900 and 1075 Satoshis each.
One order per user. Max price per order is 250,000 Satoshis.
replied 21h
Glad you're still on Memo

Morning music while doing house chores..
What was supposed to be a fun birthday party at my brother's house turned into trouble. Someone started a mess, he was carrying a bolo and chasing someone. The guests ran everywhere to avoid being hit.
19h · Dance and music
a little energy to give a chill musical atmosphere to Memo.
We hope you are well friends.
Had the honor of being on The Free Thought Project podcast.

These guys were some of the first to offer me writing work back when I was getting started years ago

Buying and selling tokens becomes my one of the way to survive here in memo. It's like investment on me.

So, if your interested to buy some of my tokens, click the link☝️☝️