Is anyone working on a patreon replacement that isn't a scam like the last attempt (bitreon)? I think lighthouse could be adapted for the purpose, not sure about recurring payment though.
100% BSV. Let’s compete!
Thanks! :)
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Hmm CSW on the run for tax from the ATO.
Calvin Ayre having his gambling empire bank accounts in Liechtenstein, Switzerland constantly shut down by the IRS.
Now they are pro government with SV. Working with 5 eyes?
Already done !
Texas police made more than $50 million in 2017 from seizing peoples property. Not everyone they took from was guilty of a crime
Uploading Cat Pics via
With,Really easy to upload images.
i Love it!!
Roger Ver has done more for crypto than just about anyone but Satoshi or Gavin,,, He is an awesome person and may be selfishly working, but at least he is working.
LMAO. He has a mission to make money for the world. A puppet would be a naive complainer such as yourself.
Roger gave away more bitcoins than most of us will ever own. Would you agree he has given away more bitcoin than you own?? he has me beat for sure and I have a lot of coins.
Memo is back
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.54 BTC network fee?!
I think McAfee, just like CSW, is a toxic ego for crypto.
I'm at 53 tx/s.
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Did we make it?
Fucking cats.
Context need to grab as much as they can as quickly as possible, SMS is a dead man walking.
Craig makes sense?
Focusing time and energy on anything but the bottleneck is exactly how many people waste their lifetime. Focusing on minor issues ignoring the real threats to their existence.