· 1d
Only 18 more people can get 10 of the Happy New Years Token 2020. If you want 10 Just say "Party". When BCH hits 1000 there will be a .5 BCH Airdrop. Only 500 of these tokens were made.
· 12h · Memo
BCH: 639692-638096=1596 memo txs. num of txs📈53.8%, account for 3.7% of all BCH txs(43407)
BSV: 816329-816232=97 memo txs. num of txs📉16.4%, (397598)
BTC: (308613), BCH/BTC=14.1%
· 3h
Iran False Flag Prep, US Government's Staggering Bolivia Hypocrisy, Netanyahu Indicted & Patriot Act
#Iran #FalseFlag #Israel #Unit8200 #Netanyahu #Qatar #Palestine #Bolivia #PatriotAct
· 10h
Tips 307
Satoshis 130,571,228
Unusual Uther
· 1d
I am going too buy pizza today, if anyone else is hungry for food or pizza I want to give you money, for some.*
· 4h
The guy needs 1000000 subscribers. He has already 900K on YT. Warning: he is nuts and badass. But he is honest.
· 4h
"Una persona que piensa todo el tiempo, no tiene más en qué pensar que en los pensamientos mismos, de esta manera pierde el contacto con la realidad y está destinado a vivir en un mundo de ilusiones"
Unusual Uther
· 22h
· 4h · Tesla
Honestly if it didn't have those aggressively hard creased corners I could see myself liking it, but as is it's a hard no. Also the tail seems out of proportion to the rest of the truck.
· 1d · CelticsWinAirDrop
Updated BCH logo
Unusual Uther
· 1d
It was probably a bad Idea too offer everyone here a free pizza pie, I was really drunk and not thinking at all. I can't give any too new accounts. I am very sorry.
· 15h
Guys, don't worry about the prices. Worry about usage, development and adoption.
Unusual Uther
· 23h
I am going to have to raise the bar to my level, I think you guys are pissing off the Memo guy.
· 1d
Seen on satoshidice.com: "NEW UPDATE: SatoshiDice has been upgraded. It is now a DAPP!"

Apparently it now uses OP_RETURN data to work. Good job!
· 1d
Replace financial custodians with protocols to give individuals control over their own money.
Chloe Lim
· 5h · Roblox
· 5h
You can’t stop things like Bitcoin. It will be everywhere and the world will have to readjust. World governments will have to readjust
· 13h
My spice amount is displayed incorrectly.

· 1d · Member
https://freetrade.github.io/memberdev/ Dev version contains experimental support for embedded YouTube and Imgur
· 1d
· 1d

"A strong sign that Bitcoin.com is working to make the world a better place"
sent · 2,000 sats · 15h
Good on you boss
· 12h
I've made 20,000 actions on Memo. They are recorded permanently to the the blockchain. https://memo.cash/profiles/most-actions 💪💪
Unusual Uther
· 1d
Who did not get money for pizza, it is hard to keep track while I am drunk.
Please tell me. It is only a few Dollars, just tell me please.
Unusual Uther
sent · 4,827 sats · 1d
How much Bitcoin Core do you own?