Localbitcoins.com now charging a "deposit fee" to send btc into your own LBC wallet.
How does Honest.cash work?
Whenever a headline starts with "Scientists say" or "Experts warn" I'm immediately skeptical. These are very weaselly words that imply authority, but overlook the fact that the "experts" aren't always in agreement.
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Is BCH on the rise or on a fall
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How do I earn tips? And will they show on my account. I'm new, please help
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BSVision is about to be overtaken by TRON. Justin Sun confirmed as Satoshi?
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One Japanese busker installed Bitcoin cash wallet! If you like her song, please tip BCH 😊

A bunch of fake accounts have been created just now. be aware of these impostors:

There is no flood of idiotic price posts so I'm guessing there's a downtrend. :)
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At work and I'm starving
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How do I earn free bitcoin
Just help a friend to sell her forgotten BSV. Electrum-sv docs are mistaken (wrong pip commands), so it was a nightmare to install it on Linux. Finally, BSV sold! Glad we have competent devs working on Electron Cash.
🍕🍕Bitcoin Pizza day in Tokyo at Two Dogs Taproom featured two meetups. BCH on main floor. BTC on upper floor.

Total purchases paid in BCH: 40+
Total purchases paid in BTC: 0 (Fiat/credit only😂)

#Roblox Obby Gameplay! 2 Easy Obby! Escape The Diner and Found a Job at The Construction Yard! https://chloetuberchannel.blogspot.com/2019/05/roblox-obby-gameplay-2-easy-obby-escape.html
Hey when did the Amish invent propane powered computers ???

Guess he's talking about the Mennonites instead...

Until this is investigated properly, I'd refrain from sending more money to it.
Tips 225
Satoshis 700.927
BCH: 402090-401252=838 memo txs. num of txs📉6.3%, account for 1.5% of all BCH txs(55425)
BSV: 760299-759684=615 memo txs, num of txs📈64.4%, account for 2.3% of all BSV txs(27284)
Finally I realized how to compile smart contracts for Bitcoin Cash using Spedn!
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