some suggestions:

- create hall of fame
- link to memo profiles
ready for 99994 bytes OP_RETURN limit ?
#OP_RETURN @memo
Only because a majority of BCH hashpower believes their development roadmap is superior. Another implementation can take the lead if they can convince the market/miners.
Ahahaa... that is the joke of the century. Aumarys Bitmain Coin
Coingeek and nchain.

To deny this, you must be either highly misinformed or mentally challenged.
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Nice!!! A little thing but so much value! #unfuckening keeps sending bible. Yesterday who have sent 485 bible posts.
Commodity ledger. :)
BCH is not a finished product, the reasoning for the regular protocol upgrades in the short term is that there is still a long way to go before the bitcoin cash network can cope with global demand. It's better to have
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I'm happy to announce the release of Memo mobile app for Android! (iOS coming soon)
BCH is much more decentralised when it comes to development than BTC and BSV.
Awesome. Care to share the instructions on how others can make one?
Andreas Antonopoulos realized that BTC was hijacked, because he posted all about it in 2013:
Then someone sent him a huge "donation" of BTC.
Lightning Network Shows 99 Percent Failure Rate on Large Bitcoin Transactions
SatoshiDice has made it way too easy for me to blow through BCH lol.

Down huge since they added BadgerButton despite several big wins.
Aw fuck I'd need to find it.
Memo was talking about it somewhere like a month or two ago I think.
I wonder if I can find it again...
the restaurant built and tables set before the customers walk in the door. And it's better to have the biggest changes when the fewest people are using the network,
Roblox Pirate Simulator Gameplay! Getting THE POWER GLOVES Event Item! #PirateSimulator #ChloeLim #Roblox
You mean implementations?

I use BU and ABC currently. (wallet/nodes)
Which BCH do you advocate?
I actually made a sale yesterday - my fourth ever. I've made 22 purchases now.

600 new listings this week.

But it's a failed project that no-one uses...
Digital Garage was co-founded by Joi Ito, the director of MIT's famous Media Lab research center.

That explains why the Media Lab also hosts the Digital Currency Initiative, a
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What cryptocurrencies do you use frequently?