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i've put up 1 SPICE for sale for 100,000,000 sats

pls buy

thank you
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The bch community is the best
official spice token ID 4de69e374a8ed21cbddd47f2338cc0f479dc58daa2bbe11cd604ca488eca0ddf
impostor spice token ID dae120b7333794090efc642222c7daca6be6e6c70fd22754c1fe7cc43f9376f2
BCH price plz
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Oh and of course I wish you all a most excellent day, thank you kindly for all the support! you are all truly humanity's last hope! ( or should i say my sanity? :)) Have a great day everyone... Except Mark Z!!
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I'm back baby!
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omg new Twitter desktop UI is a steaming pile of non-configurable crap #dailymemo
Yo - you have tokens you don't want? Send 'em my way! Will take all the tokens. :)

"At 52:02 Andreas speaks about why he changed his mind on the scaling debate, and now prefers not to raise the block-size yet.
He argues that if running nodes is expensive enough that only
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I plan on posting more frequently again, once I get some rest.
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Hello Cashy people! I just wish you a nice day
BCH: 466779-464998=1781 memo txs. num of txs📉13.5%, account for 3.1% of all BCH txs(57982)
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BTC: (327841)
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You won. Congratulations!
Your fee: $2.0000
Real fee: $1.8758
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Bitcoin Cash for Everyone ! (Sorry for the low value message, this is my first memo post)
There are 10 kinds of people.
Those who understand binary and those who don't.
*WATCH THIS* For all the open minded & truther, here comes the *REAL* bitcoin: #DASH adoption report from the REAL world in Venezuela:
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BCHgallery has been updated to v1.3.3!

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I sip my mocha.
BCH doing 21% of btc transactions