Shem Booth-Spain - Notions of Synthetic Life【Official Music Video】 YouTube
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This is a Traditional Tiger Tattoo that I did on my clients stomach/ribs. What do you guys think?

Hello guys am new here.. . Feels nice to be part of yhe memo family.
I love this old guys reaction.
Bch go freedom..
Bch to the moon..

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Thank you! This is amazing.
Hello how are you Today?
Why am i getting satoshis for every reaction to my post
Increase word count for Memo BCH side? switch to upload files such as IPFS or documents?
Latina Women are hot:

Which Nations Will Crumble And Which Few Will Prosper In The Next 25 Years?
I wonder if celebrities ever have to call IT
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We improved some of the backend networking that should speed up page loads a little bit.
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Obsessed with Bitcoin Cash? You should start a meetup.


Start one today and get support from

Grateful to the folks behind Memo for supporting peer to peer electronic cash and censorship resistant social media. I recommend people stop throwing stones and build a more friendly environment. Growth 1st #dailymemo
I'm leaving indefinitely.

I can't support a project which calls its early and main supporters "roaches" while signalling support for Bitcoin Statist Vision.

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UN Urges Israel To Stop Killing Unarmed Protesters, Guaido's Fake Presidency & US Killing Somalians
#Venezuela #GuaidoPsyop #RegimeChange #AlfredDeZayas #Israel #Palestine #BDS #Somalia