I don't see any rational argument in your unstable bemotional outburst. As to be expected like any #LGBTQ shills.
Every image is a BCH address?
Thanks for the feedback. Memo actions are tied to your address. Technically they're more pseudonymous than anonymous. I agree it would be good to have a better username than address.
can i register there to sell books for example? or its just for existing merchants?
Capitalism means to use ressources to create more ressources. No more and no less. You are lost in the game of anti capitalism. You are manipulated & used as a toy to divide & conquer.
There is no arguments in there. Only an unscientific propaganda narrative.
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Really? I don't fit into that category at all. I can see you don't know jack shit about Socialism.
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· 5 hours ago
Think about it. They have known of Bitcoin's existence for many years now. Why haven't they tried to copy it? All they can try to do is co-opt it.
Yup, go for it. Im taking an anything goes approach to letting people add merchants / businesses.
I really need Memo to have a mute function so I don't have to see anymore of -ED-'s drivel about Socialism.
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#memo now supports #hashtags!
Can I add my website as a referral link for those who wish to join the BitClub Network mining pool?
Stefan Molyneux predicts Blockstream takeover of Bitcoin in 2014:
Jeg er lidt optaget af en familieforøgelse, huskøb mm., så jeg har ikke fået fulgt op på det. Men det er ikke opgivet. Tænk på hvor meget gratis marketing man kan få ved det!
Ouch! Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose"
I have no issues with free markets, it is most natural thing to have, but reality is that Capitalism doesn't produce/create it. Capitalism defined as Free Markets is propaganda.
of getting them to cash in to your side if you can convince them they'll profit from doing so or their present situation looks unfavourable. The real problem with Roger
The one true Bitcoin will prevail: BTC
Yup, just forgot to take that bit live. To avoid signing up with a new email, just replace "localhost/YellowPages" with "yellowpages.cash" in the link your recieved.
We are building the tools to allow people to permissionlessly have complete control over their own money:
How have I been promoting BCH tonight? Printing from https://cryptotip.org/ and putting them in local shop's mailboxes.
Socialism is mass protection of lazy ass rats by the governement.
"Ask a #Liberal to give up their personal #privilege and they go ballistic. No! The #government has to do it, to someone else!"
I nominate John Ratcliff (@jratcliff63367 on twitter) for his relentless hate, manipulation and lies against BCH

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