lol ok you do you man
Maybe this conversation would be better had with someone else who hasn’t “chosen a side” and still has an unbiased viewpoint.
That's assuming there will be a chainsplit at all. Frankly I'm getting my funds out of BCH until the fork is over. Then I'll pick a side based on merit and price.
The buy support is fake, this is why i got out
carful your not left holding the bags
Maybe one last push over $200, but then the sellside will be higher than buyside
good luck bro :-)
Acrually, I have 95 BCHSV I can make this fun. I bet you 1 BCH post hashwar that BCHABC goes to $0
ABC kind of backed themselves into a corner with the whole "CSW is out to destroy BCH" narrative. It means that any BTC miner that wants to destroy BCH will be encouraged to mine SV.
Markets AND miners are supporting BCHSV makes you think WTF? Or 🤑🤑🤑Better to just follow the hash and futures and make some money. I’ll think on vacation 🤔 lol 😆
You are a fool to rejoice a single entity controlling 80% of the hashpower. If you wanted money printed and controlled by a money-printing monopoly, you should just use dollars.
BCHSV is absolutely exploding in price on Poloniex. (technicals show bullish flag breakout = MOON). IT IS ALL OVER ABC. MINERS RULE.
The beauty with SV is in the lack of plans for significant changes. That is what makes it alluring. Restoration of what was taken away from Bitcoin.
BCHABC is getting crushed? Actually, it looks to be worth 2x BCHSV. And Polo is not an indicator of the market. It's one small exchange.
How long before the mute option?
With SV, the developers are the miners. They run the biggest mining pools. If they say SV wants to give control to miners they are saying SV wants to give control to CSW/nChain/Calvin.
Hello, my first post on Memo! Welcome all!
Well i like to do and listen about CRYPTOPOLITICS... Lot to come!
Who is interested in Cryptopolytics? :-)
Did you read the pre stress test report on Nov 10th?
TO: qr963j9lcvsr0dhvepfcc6lzfjrl3pq8jq9xeugf3e
AMOUNT: 6000000
They know the right things to say, I'll give them doesn't seem to jive with their actions.
I'm referring to the stress test from September. Can you link the one you're referencing?
One small exchange with little volume is not the market. You are a dumbass.
Majority 80% hashpower is not an underdog. Remember that in bitcoin hashpower rules and you’ll always win.
lol, lets wait and see what happens, will bch split or not?
btw sv is bad for memo, with sv you need to pay at different times to keep your comments on the chain.
Once this hashwar is done, we’ll take out BTC/Core next and to starve the altcoin market. Then only #1Bitcoin for life. Takes time
One is saying you don't have to add Sh*t, one says you do. Maybe they are both right, maybe one is wrong. But the community is still choosing sides which is weakening it.

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