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In Venezuela, Bitcoin Is a Lifeline
If one reads the Bitcoin defining white paper, and is honest with one’s self, it is clear that it is describing BCH, not BTC.
Socialist propaganda must be defeated. Its lies and false promises must be exposed. Its violent destructive force can no longer be tolerated. Life is to previous to let it be crushed by them.
Over 100,000 BCH transactions today. I love our community. It’s the best. Thank you @SpendBCH_io and @cgcardona for creating Scale.cadh.
ross ulbricht first tweet on twitter hi this is
r/cryptocurrency is full of cluless noobs.
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Yes. Coin-shuffle is an extra step, but it is available right now. Guessing that, in time, periodic shuffling is going to be a built-in feature in most decent wallets.

Memo has some privacy features on the distant roadmap and integrating coin-shuffle (or something similar) is definitely being considered.
this ant was very small
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Yes! we could easily fit entire books into the blockchain during this stresstest.

Could start with Animal Farm by George Orwell. Pretty fitting and it's only like 200kb.
Just finished adding LetsEncrypt support to the CashShuffle server. New binaries are available at https://github.com/cashshuffle/cashshuffle/releases/tag/v0.2.0 #BCH #CashShuffle #LetsEncrypt
Companies like amazon get so massive and monopolistic because the state enables them and wards of competition.
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It's a bug in Memo++ actually

Ahh, I was wondering where the /feed 404 errors were coming from. I should've setup a redirect.
Txstreet.com is fun to watch during stress testing!
19.07.2018 update: BTC halving estimated on 11.05.2020, BCH 13.04.2020 (-27,7 day difference). Block height will converge on 07.09.2022.
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Memo.cash site has been under a DDoS login attack since about an hour ago. We've been tightening up firewall rules to mitigate. Sorry for any site slowness that has occurred.
There's no party like an indoctrination party because an indoctrination party is mandatory.
Being an early adopter: investing real money back in 2012/2013, Mt.Gox bankruptcy and buying a Trezor wallet for 1 BTC. Those moments will be something to tell my future kids.
Competition must exists, communist in my country eliminated all competition from the market, leaving just only national products, but people wants to be part of globalization.
They're afraid. Very afraid, that people will fin..
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The reason for the error above is that most nodes only chain 25 unconfirmed transactions together. The way to get around that is using multiple UTXOs but it isn't easy to code for.

read "...a complete PIATA"
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Is this disparity intentional? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/DiYJlhQVAAAgX3-.jpg

No it's not. Thanks for reporting.
Will this be the biggest BCH block ever mined?
we're calling these the scatman spike, this one sponsored by MrG :)
Definitely. Shift card sucks at restaurants and gas stations. Direct adoption would be 100x better.

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