Unusual Uther
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I shook my enemy's hand today..........awkward!!!!
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This is for the ones who own crypto hoping that its exchange rate will skyrocket and make them rich...

· 3h · Capitalism
when you get hernia from carrying your soviet digital calculator
· 13m
I haven't ingested nicotine in the past 48 hours... no vaping... no smoking... no patch... no pills.... feeling better... I really thought it was the THC that made me paranoid...but it was just the nicotine
· 8h · ADD Token (Air Drop Daily)
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Just reminding Bitcoin Cash
BCH is permissionless peer to peer cash on global scale.
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we need a BCH rally...
· 1h
usually I'm not that busy with the BTC price in fiat but when BTC is going for a black Friday I think I save some of my fiat to buy at the dip
· 5h
Bitcoin will do to banks what email did to the postal industry
· 5h
Making peer-to-peer cash so simple even a basic Nokia can use it without Internet.

· 9h · Memo
Is Memo being DDOSed? I've been seeing some 503 errors and when I reload the page, sometimes i get the Cloudflare checking my browser thing like it suspects I'm part of a DOS. Not VPNed.
· 3h
"Las palabras no pueden expresar más que un pequeño fragmento del conocimiento humano, porque lo que podemos decir y pensar es siempre inmensamente menor de lo que experimentamos."
David knife
· 4h
Burn address please
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I think the Tesla Truck glass breaking was on purpose. The demo with the ball falling on the glass was probably more energy than the man throwing the steel ball. I don't think the truck had the special glass in it.
Unusual Uther
· 1d
People keep asking me for money, I need music video without words that are very good. The better the music the more I want to give you.
Unusual Uther
· 20h
Sorry folks, I don't have time to listen to that much music. You all flooded me like you did the pizza requests lol... I appreciate the love and everyone trying.
· 10h
As long as the crypto universe is dominated by speculators, such things will repeat themselves again and again.
· 12h
At what price will it no longer be profitable to mine BTC?
sent · 1,000 sats · 22h
Beware, I realize that many people are making some new profiles to try to take advantage of your generosity.
· 11h
Are BTC clowns still screaming "Store of Value"? It's a shame the BTC trash brings the whole market down with it. One day people will get smart and figure it out.