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Having trouble finding the app in the store. Why is that?
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I'm not sure. You have to search very specifically.
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A Serverless Website Stored in a Single Bitcoin SV Transaction
How memo becomes a blogging platform
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Most nodes are not mining these transactions. It took a couple hours for these to confirm. Until these are regularly mined, we will keep limits in place.
Update: Charts added
OP_RETURN can be pruned anyway. We need a better way in general.
again, people already pay for “worthless” things. People will pay for basic science out of pure curiosity. And certain people collect data just because. Not all basic science is CERN or ITER.
Not sure if that's a good idea. The world needs a twitter replacement, not another blogging platform imo.
1) the limit of op_return restricts not only memo but also every other service that would build on top of Bitcoin. I think, whether or not we need Twitter or blogging isn't a ....
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Hey mate. Can you clarify this for us? Thanks :-)
Using encryption you can communicate with others privately. Additionally, for sending money, you can communicate addresses privately so it's not associated with your memo address.
I see you and Ed everywhere, and you both have nothing of value to contribute. Go focus on BSV.
Yesterday 319206-318829=377 memo transactions. Number of transactions📉41.2%|abc(319185-318808=377,📉41.1%),sv(707125-706463=662,📉14.5%)
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There is currently an issue with polls that I have not had time to look into. Thanks for reporting. Hopefully will have it fixed soon.
Anti-anti-semetism is creepy.
Judaism is a religion.
Religion is bullshit.
Calling your bullshit beliefs your race is bullshit.
I'm anti-semitic.
Fuck religion.
Like bitprim which shoot up 500 cloud nodes and went back to ONE again? Nobody uses other implementations and ABC controls BCH since beginning ignoring everyone.
sadly i think ABC controls BCH now.
There are not building services, they are building the architecture so that anyone can build another twitter or anything
"If Bitcoin (the technology) is actually antifragile then BCH (the implementation) should be practically indestructible by now, because no other blockchain or community has been so ruthlessly 'tried by fire'"
There something like 9 public BCH implementations. Miners are free to choose one other than ABC.
The OP_RETURN limit have gone on BSV. Good feature!