All these companies/ICOs adopting 'Blockchain' doesnt mean a damn thing unless you have decentralized hash power behind its generation (security). Otherwise you just have a shitty database
Check out my new Bitcoin Cash merchant directory at
It's still in beta, I'll be spending the next week populating with merchants. If anyone wants to help, feel free to sign up and go to town!
There are no “laws of biology”
Biology is just biology. It’s not a law. Almost all animals engage in same sex sexual activity. By your definition all animals are mentally ill.
Because sexual preference does not constitute as an illness. Mental or otherwise. Sexual preference is sexual preference. Nothing more.
Biology is full of laws just like any and all science fields you ignorant twat. And yes, animals are subject to illness just like any other biological living. Your point being?
Roger Ver continues to spread Bitcoin Cash in Korea! He was asked a difficult question by a journalist - does Bitcoin Have intrinsic value?
A bug that allows miners willing to burn 12.5 BTC to crash the Bitcoin Core nodes. BU, ABC, XT not Affected!! :D
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I don't think the Federal Reserve or World Banks can create a digital currency using blockchain because it would expose them for the frauds they are. What do you think?
Remember the more people that HODL the fewer it takes to manipulate the rest of the market.
noun: illness; plural noun: illnesses
a disease or period of sickness affecting the body or mind.

Sexual Preference is NOT an illness.
Ok so I guess the entire animal planet is just mentally ill then all because they ALL engage in same sex behaviour. That makes perfect sense.... :/
Laws of nature need not apply.
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If you have some issues, that your desktop sometimes freezes, I recommend installing this service: and changing vm.swappiness to 1
Sprechen Sie deutsch?
not functional yet
@korean_idiot on twitter is building an app
for these wallets:
Thanks for that. Sexual misbehaviours that goes against the laws of biology totally fit as an illness according to this very definitetion.
deswegen verstehe ich manchmal wenn du auf dänisch schreibst
yes, will be.
Still being developed,

What would you call the app?
S/he hasn't decided on a name yet.
Not all of us want or care about usernames - we just want to participate in discussion whilst contributing to the BCH network
Wow seriously? Did you read the entire thread or just the individual comment that you seem to have taken way out of contex?
Helt bestemt! Adoption er en dominoeffekt (Y)
I did read the whole thing and there is not a single argument as for why #LGBTQ should not be considered as mental illness.
bestimmt :)
I like the fact that bussinesses are added instantly, other directories take weeks.
Oh, very nice. I can't choose a name because I'm awful at merketing.

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