Your president is back and it's time for a war!
Name a country that has to be bombed
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Stranger Things 3 question:
Is Jimm Hopper (Chief of Police) alive? #dailymemo #strangerthings
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Good Morning Memo! I hope the weather is nice in your area, and everyone is doing well :) I think Im gonna stop by my local vape shop and spread the word about BCH, to try to build a stronger community:) Wish Me Luck!
#Roblox Find the Noobs 2 Gameplay! Wild Jungle! All 59 Noobs Locations! See Desc!
“SV protocol features has been removed” - Bitcoin Unlimited
BCH: 467999-466779=1220 memo txs. num of txs📉31.5%, account for 2.2% of all BCH txs(54379)
BSV: 780217-779654=563 memo txs, num of txs📈28.8%, (92255)
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Just installed BUCash 😀

The world needs more Joy.
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Hello Cash!
Love finding friendly faces on to trade with. Makes trading a little more easy when you know them from Memo or Twitter or telegram. #dailymemo 👌
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Vitalik proposes to store ETHERIUM BLOCKCHAIN DATA on Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Why? LET'S ALL FIND OUT OURSELVES! Will be giving updates with this BLASTING NEWS!
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Was curious if was the latest memo code. Figured you are the best person to ask. =)
Bitcoin Unlimited's latest #BitcoinCash protocol compatible full node client BUCash- is available for download:
this really is annoying
Someone is working on a DEX with BCH as base pair: