Chloe Lim
· 2h · Roblox
#Roblox Ninja Legends! Codes! Two Chests at Mythical Souls Island and Legendary Starstrike Crystal!
David knife
· 2h
Afternoon guys
David knife
· 1h I create a memo cash group here guys for all of us to join if you would like it's on coin chat
· 2h
One reason that I share my "stream of consciousness" is that it is a quick and dirty way to post.

Also, you get a taste of what I am working on.
· 2h python + bch my two favorite things
· 1d
I want to give $500 of credit to #BitcoinCash #developers who are building BCH applications. We can work together to build better cloud infrastructure:
RAD Times
· 23h · RAD Token *** The Random Air Drop Token ***
The 'RAD' Token. This token provides random airdrops at random times. First eleven to comment receive 100 RAD tokens! Super RAD.
· 3h · US Politics/Trump
· 18h
For those BTC maxamalists that say cheap, reliable, fast, payments can't be done, would you please stop interrupting us, for those that are doing it.
· 10,000 sats · 5h
Are you leaving because of me?
· 15h
· 8h · Bitcoin
This Peter McCormack interview with Mike Cernovich is actually pretty good. I especially like when Cernovich explains to PMC that Bitcoin needs to be used as a currency.
· 8h ·
An interesting article that shows how easy it is for developers to integrate Bitcoin Cash payments with BitCash into their Python app.
· 20h
Wanna know why this space isn’t growing? Because it’s fucking toxic and starting to suck.....
· 4h
Bakkt opens up new options today with a concomitant decline in bitcoin cash value and other crypto’s in the space. Remember thinking institutional investment might help things? How naive I was to believe it...
· 19h
This one is a personal favorite....
· 4h
The other side of the North Korean propaganda:
· 10h · Linux
Once you know how to use a terminal, shell scripts are the next step. They are versatile and let you group multiple commands similarly to batch files on Windows, but with simpler syntax. #MondayMemo
Unusual Uther
· 14h
Unusual Uther
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Thank you for the potato.
· 5h
Last November I got a few clothes washed in a Hotel in Rome and the bill was at $70, now I got all my clothes + sleeping bag washed for $1 in Venezuela. Same pick up at room service!
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Upvote from Memo
· 23h · US Politics/Trump
Some "Russians" set up a few FB posts and that's election meddling. A bunch of dual citizen Jews struggling to impeach the president...
· 22h
Goodnight to all of you of the community from Italy😴😴😴
Unusual Uther
· 14h
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