We are breaking records for this month, 82 minutes no block ...
Rocket RKT🚀
Information and discussion thread
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Tweets come and go, but Memos are forever. #dailymemo
BCH: 504245-503196=1049 memo txs. num of tx📈8.6%, account for 2.4% of all BCH txs(43323)
BSV: 792185-791817=368. num of txs📈26.9%, (117222)
BTC: (326912), BCH/BTC=13.3%
Capitalism and the #fuckingcapitalists are the greatest blight on humanity and the planet Earth. It is a disease of the mind that will be fatal to the host species and its home planet.
"A Lion hunts best when its hungry" - survival instincts
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Good to see Roger giving an update on the fundraiser, including that apparently, bitcoin.com transferred the funds intended for the ABC project already.

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🍺Bank holiday weekend special🍺

Cuss it's the weekend and to get to 20% of all 🍺 distributed,

2 x 🍺 6 packs to be won !!

Leave a comment and in about 30 hours 2 lucky dudes will be sent the 🍺's
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VIDEO: Permissionless "harassment" of Naomi Brockwell using BCash Dumbass Ledger Protocol tokens

if you have kids... you can give them a token... and just airdrop bch when ever you want..
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Thank you brianxv for the Ronin 16 token.
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Which Memo theme you like better?
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I have quite a lot of mobile data, each month use about 5-10% of it. Home internet gone down. Thank fuck for that data !!!
Now that I am a successful spice millionaire I went to my lawyer. I said "Mister Barney, now that I am a spice millionaire do you have any advice what to do next?" He said: "Kain_niaK, you better suit up"
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getting ready for work, just wanted to thank everyone for likes/tips/tokens and also I've added a Memo sticker to the telegram sticker pack https://t.me/addstickers/xvcash
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The @Bitcoin Twitter account has deleted dozens of older tweets where BCH was mentioned. Many believe this is aimed to revamp the company, which just announced it will be launching a new P2P cryptocurrency exchange.
Bitcoin.com tool was just released, about to send out the second MIS airdrop. Grab them from the market now if you want some!
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High-quality, consumer-level 3D printing is a game changer.
Vin Armani blocked me on Twitter because he was arguing that centralized vs. decentralized was binary and not on a spectrum.