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I took care of stray kittens 2 weeks ago, sadly one of them died today, he was very sick. The four remaining needs extra care and healthy foods.
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The World Strongest || DBZ Instrumental #1 - @dontablack330 ((Free Download))
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Is it is only in the Ph that people are brazen enough to ask how much you earn? Lol it gets so awkward when someone asks cause if you don't answer they think you're earning high and you're keeping ....
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I wanted to start decorating for Christmas already!!!! But my mom said it's too early and we have to wait for Halloween to pass first lol I just want to feel the Christmas spirit already!
A contract may not injure a human being or, through inaction, allow a human being to come to harm.

this always craps me up 🤣
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Have you ever been discriminated in your very own country? A bad thing about other Filipinos is that they based their treatment based on skin color, their aesthetics, wealth, and so on :(
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Your choice will be limited to two pathetic and corrupt puppets of the ruling class who will continue to thrive on the expense of you and your retarded kids.

Voting will never put a stop to this scam.
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Salute to all Farmers. They work so hard to plant rice but they're the most discriminated workers too. They don't get paid right & they're even insulted for being "uneducated"!!
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This song is infectious and underrated IMO. Wonderful background programming music.
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Poverty was never the people's choice but Policitians who continue to pocket the citizen's money always had a choice.
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💡 Trivia: There are only 2 seasons in PH (dry & rainy). But it looks like the rainy season came late this year lol I thought it was never coming so I didn't get my roof fixed now it's even....
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"Your parents have the responsibility to raise you & provide for you but it's never your obligation to provide for them." - my sociology professor warns as Filipinos are known for valuing family too much
A practical guide to Yield Farming in Bitcoin Cash 👨‍🌾
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Typhoon no more
How Content Creators Could Solve Bitcoin Cash's Biggest Adoption Obstacle ( article)
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MegaMan Zero 4 - Holy Land Remix
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Bitcoin up 12200$🚀
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Have you ever tried too sell your soul?
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