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A new Hayden Otto's Video

9h · memo
Due to some bug I tipped maria souza 10 million sats twice! (I got an error - thought it did not work and clicked again)
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New in the BCH ecosystem: SwCPoker - they joined us, because we have lower fees

Sign up to play https://swcpoker.club/a/YfpaI4s9
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The accident at Djatlovpasset was an accident that resulted in nine skiers dying under unclear circumstances in the northern Ural Mountains the night of February 2 1959
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Yesterday, there were
300643 txs on BCH chain, 250153 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=120%
1296858-1296259=599 memo txs, 📉34.9% (compared w/ prev 920), account for 0.2% of all BCH txs
5h · capitalism
it takes so long to start a new browser session and check every privacy checkbox on youtube to be actually watch videos, i just forgot what i wanted to search for. i guess i stop using youtube.
How to use prompt.cash with Electron Cash https://wiki.electroncash.de/wiki/Prompt.cash
Calm_down_stupid 15kFCL
Memo being a bit buggy, , lucky I got a few sats in the old address and can still use member :-)
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(Loud Audio)
Demons, Ghosts, or some invisible object attacking vehicles.
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3h · test
https://imgur.com/t/paranormal/8LvkJlz Cats can see ghosts and spirits apparently
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The Instinct (Original Arcade Soundtrack)
366,431 views•Mar 23, 2016



Sonic & Knuckles | Cyber Reef Zone (Lava Reef Zone 80's Synthwave Remix)
18,199 views•Aug 31, 2016


4h · test
This is some Aztec thing apparently
I have just spilt my cider all over my seat and now my arse is cold and wet. For some reason I am now immortalising this irrelevant moment on a blockchain. cheers 🍻
Tips 98
Satoshis 803,358
Good morning!
It's funny how mad Dogecoin makes fans of "serious" crypto projects. It's even funnier how mad some "Dogecoin Army" people get when you point out the coin is a joke and may crash. Everyone lighten up!
Twitter down. Memo unaffected.
2d · bitcoin
The BTC mempool never rises above 90 MB, but transactions with low fees keep disappearing. Are they deleted from the mempool by the miners? Is this how the miners want to keep the mempool constant?
Helped a friend to exit the BTC pyramid scheme. Paid 20 USD and the transaction still didn't get in the next block....
Calm_down_stupid 1Ewniz
WR finish line,

🚜 30+03=33
🏍️ 29+09=38
🚴 18+04=22
🚀 18+10=28
🚗 24+02=26
⛵ 19+08=27
🎠 19+04=23
🐐 21+09=30
🤸 24+02=26
🏎️ 21+09=30

🏍️ Crosses the line first followed by 🚜.
1d · memo
Yesterday, there were
298808 txs on BCH chain, 211272 txs on BTC. BCH tx dominance=BCH/BTC=141%
1296259-1295339=920 memo txs, 📈6.0% (compared w/ prev 868), account for 0.3% of all BCH txs
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