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Way too easy. With the way it is now that shouldn't work anymore right?
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Sorry so many questions..... Can you show me an example of one of these? Thnks
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...sold one to your alt account for 100k sat and boom, you have a token worth 50 billion USD and you sitting at the top of the market cap, it was ridiculous.
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Better than it was, now to get to the top you will have to pay for quite a few tx so there is a cost involved, previously you created a zillion tokens out of thin air......
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the BCH economy.
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I would like to add that it should not be BCHN vs. ABC, but rather NO-IFP vs. IFP w. unilateral decisions, since the NO-IFP side is all other node-implementations and approx. 90% of
Does anyone have a connection with a Monero developer I could interview about privacy in general as well as Ciphertrace? I've been trying with no luck.
#XMR #monero
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Hey, good to know it! I'm thinking to make some tracks with free vocals, etc, at some point.. :0)
The great thing about art is that everyone is an artist and that is the amazing part about it. Don't be afraid to show yourself, we are all unique so should your style! Peace love and paint!
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Hey denis, yep he had a great solo carrier after Tangerine Dream! Glad you enjoyed it :0)
Don't forget about me, friends😅
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Quick and easy way a new project can get a bunch of users. People claim. Free tokens daily then sell them on memo
Creates a market fast without any real purpose
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I can't believe I have oblivious to such things lol. Are these faucets ever worth it?
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I am. Not referring to tips. That is what a token owner decides to do on their own, not by a faucet.
Faucets were great advertising tools back in early bitcoin days
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Just referring to a faucet. That is a bot or program a project offers to users for free coins, yes. Sometimes a limit but each project that has faucet sets that to get more TX
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By faucet you mean people giving away free tokens? For tips, giveaways for token holders, both, or what?
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Each time a faucet is used, a TX is created

So all the free claimers make a project rank high atm.

If there is no faucet in a project it will therefore rank lower on current metric
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Faucet users?
Tips 178
Satoshis 8,423,330
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Now it just lists who has most faucet users on top. Silly. U get on 1st page if u have most TX not a metric that matters