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It is a conglomerate of multiple companies and individuals who are set to maintain stable original Bitcoin. I support BitcoinSV
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They should be called node.wars because they count the number of nodes. For current hash go
There's always room for better exchanges.
you are welcome to try & take that control away from them - compete; if you are not up to that & don't like the vision, you are free to use a different coin
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Check this website as well
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Sorry, missed the imgs
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For cat lovers
Bitcoin was not made open source so developers could screw around with the base code and protocol, but so miners could customize on top of the client to compete with other miners.
To continue posting on memo and Yours.
Oh. Well, then I'd use SV.
because that wouldn't fit the narrative :)
memo and Yours are SV-ready
lucky draw no. 035
Happy wedding! From test
Wouldn't that destroy memo and Yours unless they started using the SV chain?
I don't like any of the options. Technically, I would move to the "altcoin" of Skycoin, when it's out.
Then the #fuckingcapitalists should go destroy those instead.
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What are you gonna do if SV wins the hash war and destroys the ABC chain?
I will use the new SV chain 6 votes · 0 satoshis
I will leave crypto 2 votes · 0 satoshis
I will use altcoins 0 votes · 0 satoshis
I will use the BTC chain 0 votes · 0 satoshis

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My name is JP and I agree. Losing one and winning one doesn't cancel out the trips. No matter what, there will be two trips that take place
difficulty sky-high, then yanking them all over to BCH leaving the segwit chain hard frozen.
Back to hash power – CSW has developed a breakthrough new asic (designed by his AI actually), and is mining BTC in secret for the sole purpose of driving up the
THIS is why Bitcoin Cash was forked, and this is why Craig is so intent to make unbounded blocks, restore the original op codes, and lock down the protocol.
segwit was the final nail in the coffin, which destroyed Tulip on the BTC chain (Tulip uses transaction malleability).
They started by limiting the blocksize and removing critical opcodes the AI uses in its script language.

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