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While I mostly agree, there are some benefits to using a blockchain. If the SEC mandated companies publish block hashes they would be unable to edit transaction history.
Thank you, very useful. Do you recommend setting swappiness to 1 even when using a SSD?
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Just pick randomly 1 winner every year.
ja natürlich. Sie sind ein bisschen ähnlich. Kannst du dann leicht niederlands verstehen?
In fact, there are vey few laws in biology. Natural selection does the rest:
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Remember the more people that HODL the fewer it takes to manipulate the rest of the market.
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Bitcoin in Switzerland
Great point that is often missed. Anyone can chain blocks of data together. PoW is what makes this unique, trustworthy, and immutable.
There has been an unbroken chain of parent->child since life came into existence. If you have no children, your branch ends with you. #somber #showerthoughts
Ok so I guess the entire animal planet is just mentally ill then all because they ALL engage in same sex behaviour. That makes perfect sense.... :/
Laws of nature need not apply.
LightRider, you REALLY should rethink your life choices. Reposting this stuff helps nobody. Is someone paying you to do it? Even then you should stop. You do more harm than good
and when you mention that, they start kvetching.
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Biology is full of laws just like any and all science fields you ignorant twat. And yes, animals are subject to illness just like any other biological living. Your point being?
Why couldn't they? The big giant difference would be the coin cap. They will have to eventually come up with something. Probably something that looks like xrp or ln
According to Ray Dalio, it costs $125,000 to incarcerate 1 person for 1 year. Is there an alternative way?
There are no “laws of biology”
Biology is just biology. It’s not a law. Almost all animals engage in same sex sexual activity. By your definition all animals are mentally ill.

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