The failure may have been simple blockage,
as this attempt was with IPFS server off to allow more bandwidth.
Running both now to test again - the UTXO dataset download broke, soooo
2019-03-22 11:03:39.509 [INF] SYNC: Header download complete waiting for UTXO verification to finish...

Okay, that was fun using --fastsync
next try: --prune
Absolutely there is. Keep that mind open and keep on exploring. Use the tech everyday. Try new things everyday. Peer 2 Peer cash is alive and well.
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2019-03-22 11:03:37.028 [INF] SYNC: Verified downloaded block header against checkpoint at height 556767/hash 0000000000000000004626ff6e3b936941d341c5932ece4357eeccac44e6d56c
You can send funds to external wallets. Are you getting an error or something?
#3: stream error: stream ID 11; INTERNAL_ERROR
2019-03-22 11:03:20.778 [ERR] CHAN: Error downloading UTXO set: assertion failed: all UTXO sources are unavailable
2019-03-22 11:03:20.778 [ERR] CHAN: Failed downloading UTXO set: All attempts fail:
#1: stream error: stream ID 3; INTERNAL_ERROR
#2: stream error: stream ID 7; INTERNAL_ERROR
Weakness is the only fault which cannot be cured.
On the network wire you see the (occasional) rejections by a node of some TX failing a test.
One tricky example:
It is a great time for learning about Bitcoin and developing ideas and apps. Also a great time for teaching others.
it looks cool as you say, will update you when I know more
Twatter - What the social media platform Twitter should be actually named. A mass group of Twats talking shite endlessly and thinking of themselves as modern-day Aristotles. :)
Is horseshit, but what about the damage they have done? Few devs can afford legal expenses.
Ok, not much info yet. But sounds cool with a VR venue :-)
some VR Viking stuff opening in Oslo, take a look and read - if you do not handle Norwegian, try it on translate. Will keep you updated with more
What is this? :-)
What means rejection? Pruning?
BSV camp was threating with everything from 51% attacks, reorg attacks, double spend attacks on exchanges etc. Of course it was everyones right to defend from that. YOU are on your own
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Hi Memo. Is it not possible to send funds from one's Memo wallet to another "normal" BCH wallet?
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Testing 1 2 3