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I really don't know what to expect to hear from you Karl ! I can't figure out what you are about or what your goal is ?
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Hi, Calm. Do you need help? This is not all the help I can provide. I can provide much more. Is this something you expect to hear?
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Eventually, people will have to realize that most of their prosperity is at the expense of people less fortunate then them.
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And then there is the Truth.
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Psychiatrists are considered "above the law" and have no problem murdering children and the elderly.
Nice daily come back on the charts
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This report highlights a few ways that Psychiatrists murder their patients every year:
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Proceed in what ? I must say I'm intrigued by the "community" account you did yesterday and what your aim and goal is ?
· 35m
Imagine how you would feel if your father banned you from using a smartphone?
Looking for others interested in collaboration so we can decide how to proceed. Any interested parties?
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Name: 2019 05 23 a Telephone Memo.pdf
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SHA256: 566A010048BDE4D0F3074952DC572CADDE8AD653B1F223B26EA6BC7EA66B2073
Now you will be able to buy #BSV
Name: 2019 05 23 c Telephone Memo.pdf
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SHA256: C729E4F5CFD95124729131699EAE117AFD8AA6FE2050224AA43A792ABCC28AFE
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XMR has been working well, so as BCH. Both are real crypto currencies....which cannot be said about your scamcoin farce.
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*blocksize limit
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How exactly does this make ETH leading?
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That's cute.

Maybe it can implement an unworkable adjusting block size like Monero.
· 2h
Work started on a simulator to evaluate adjustable block size algorithms in #BitcoinCash
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Also note that the Simulation Hypothesis does not care if you "believe" in it or not.