I think this #SPICE token is new here in memo?
I'm really happy to see that there's someone who still making token to be distribute to memo users.
I hope for the best! 😊
While waiting for my phone to get fully charged I will take some nap. Need to have a shirt break before going online again.
Such is human nature that we show our appreciation for the most things beyond our understanding but forget to appreciate some of the simplest things of life.
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Pensé que vivías en Monaco

Thank you again Sir #Donatello for buying back the tokens we listed and to #CoinNews for the tokens you gave.
Thank you for appreciating everyone's effort and posts here in memo❤️
Clearing cache on your Android phone can improve performance, fix app problems, and free up storage space. So to do it, go to Settings > Apps > select the app > Storage > Clear Cache.
Be careful don't clear data ⛔.

A brand of pizza that loves by many "Angel's pizza"
Do you love pizza too? What brand?
Good afternoon #memo
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Try to clear cash in the app.
Go to settings > apps > bitcoin. com wallet > storage > clear cash.
Be careful don't clear data, but clear cash.
Restart your phone.
Good luck.
shit is about to hit...
When the sun is hiding among the clouds, let's enjoy the windy day instead. The cool and fresh air is very satisfying. I feel relaxed even on a bussy morning.
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Hope your tokens rise up soon.
Good morning memo friends 🤗
Have a blessed and wonderful day everyone!
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Children are the men and women of the future. That's a very good idea to teach them about BCH and economy.
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Yo estoy dentro de Mexico.
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It seems interesting book, but I will see the movie.
Good space ideas on BCH ideas on Nodes, BCH Portal, flipstarter and others.
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I don't like ETH because of high fees.
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nunca me fuí
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This Will likely become a humanist issue when The AI agents become The new work force. A Lot of human "assets" Will not be needed anymore .
🙂Life's like a story - full of ups and downs. Enjoy good times, learn from tough ones, and find meaning in the adventure❣️
As the dawn breaks, the world awakens with a whisper of promise. In the quiet of the morning, my thoughts dance like sunlight through the trees, weaving dreams and aspirations into the day ahead.