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I would like to introduce everyone my Alpaca collection photography, from 2021.

Alpacas are here to make you smile.

I hope everyone have a smile after seeing Alpacas smiling at them.

Enjoy !

The alpacas
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Reminds me of this great story by a master of the craft
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It is an unusual day that I don't listen to at least 2-3 full TD albums. They are my favorite programming, debugging, and general working music.
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OK nice. Can I get some spice tokens from you.
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Love that guy! Here's a better link: https://www.bitchute.com/video/iClzG2ruXeQC/
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If one is unwilling to stand with the truth.
They will fall for any lie.
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Unusual Uther
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Yeah that is what the Moon looks like in The Alps.
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Iudex of Simias 18fXXt
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Can you also include the unfunded US liabilities?

It's somewhere around 160 trillion give or take...
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Iudex of Simias 18fXXt
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Unusual Uther
Cause then you get taxed twice!
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