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Maybe put memo.cash as a keyword or something.
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I'm not sure. You have to search very specifically.
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Having trouble finding the app in the store. Why is that?
everything caves to market forces sooner or later.
yes everyone *can*. but you have people who's full time "job" is to meddle while the people whose lives they meddle in are busy living (working, raising families, hobbies).
Things that follow market sources should. Supply and demand is a great self regulating system. Not all thigs obey market forces though.
Home owners I guess are given extra notice, and consideration. As the property tax payers.
I know a property that runs along the back of my, and others properties wanted to do a zone change to allow container storage. We all had to be consulted and given a chance to say so.
Not true at all. Everyone can participate. If more participated they could easily overturn the whole system.
Favorite video game of all time? I'll start, Kingdom Hearts. Less than 1 week till KH3!
why though? you have a minority exerting their influence on the rest of us. not everyone has so much free time to continually fend off these advances.
Not to mention the market provide accountability to these activities. Many gov agencies are incompetent yet their budget keeps increasing
It happens naturally & there has always been bread at the store whenever I’ve wanted some. Not necessarily the same brand or kind but it’s there.
The market provides many things stably. Its not always the same people but the result is the same. Grocery store is a good example. Gov isn’t need to say each store must stock bread.
sure, but that's a minority of basic funding. & like ITER & most gov projects over budget. other topics (AI, medicine, biology, electronics) are either cheaper or closer to applications.
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minor thing but when loading a topic with a lot of content (tweets, images) you have to scroll down to the bottom of the topic after it's loaded. likely waiting for content to populate?
The most important science is at CERN, and other particle colliders.
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Pruning just means you don't have to keep it in your UTXO set. You still need them to validate transaction history.
Who share their insights.
The general trends I see are data is getting cheaper to collect and store & more open to the public to use. & where data is not open (23andMe) it is being researched by the owners of the data.