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Be careful with this guy. He's a scammer.
I have no problem with anybody.I am here to find and discuss information on Bitcoin Cash. If you decide you just want to start calling me names,then you will be muted.I don't have time for kiddie games or trash talk.
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wasn't really happy with the static, worked on it all night but feel like it still needs something more #digitalart
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Is there a way for memo to enable paywalls? Pay a set amount to read someone's posts. #dailymemo
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Yet another dark reminder that OP_RETURN is uncensorable, but isn't!

This time it's an outage. Who knows next time?
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Memo is worth the wait, seeing that that was the first problem I encountered here I thought it was my laptop lol
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Okay Eric Reid another one for SLP
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The Member website is also censorable. I'm working hard to bring you an app that you can download that won't be though :)
vanity block (n.):

A Bitcoin block created only to demonstrate that creating a significantly larger block is possible.

See also: Bitcoin SV
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Crypto today is a libertarian paradise. If you send your money to the wrong place, it's gone. If you send it to a merchant and don't receive the goods, you have no recourse. This is cash.
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I'm praying for u
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Well, that’s fucking cool looking.

Nicely done.
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That they are not as toxic as on twitter makes them even more ridiculous and proves their lack of character and honesty. Also it reminds me of what women say, staying with abusive men.
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I'm looking to have #AdrianaLima move into my condo with me.
Unpinning "We have Proof of Not Satoshi" for a while.

Replaced by poll:
“no private entity can claim monetary power, which is inherent to the sovereignty of nations"
🤔 ,which is happening
Gavilan baby
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Reina is a fucking idiot. Good to see that you managed to break free from the #CultOfCraig tho. 👍