memo and Yours are SV-ready
Gavin's trolling skills are beyond epic.
Bitcoin was not made open source so developers could screw around with the base code and protocol, but so miners could customize on top of the client to compete with other miners.
One small exchange with little volume is not the market. You are a dumbass.
This is an exceptional unbiased summary of what both BCHABC & BCHSV intend to do. Well worth reading.
Thank you for bringing this up. I have seen several debates and Q&A on ABC plans for upgrades ect but hardly anything for SV. Ive only found “sales pitch” style videos for SV.
There is still the aftermath to be concerned with. Mining pools, web sites etc. planning to support ABC will have to adjust to SV should ABC not be able to survive.
Markets are supporting ABC, are you blind? Also the miners supporting SV are mining at a loss right now. The miners that support ABC are smarter and don't waste money before the fork.
I wasn’t looking for a pissing war debate. As I said before, I am looking for an open minded discussion. All due respect I’m not looking for a price meme circle jerk get rich quick
ABC kind of backed themselves into a corner with the whole "CSW is out to destroy BCH" narrative. It means that any BTC miner that wants to destroy BCH will be encouraged to mine SV.
How long before the mute option?
Unfortunately charisma only goes so far. Eventually you need some meat to go with the potatoes, so to speak. The lack of open disclosure from SV has been concerning for me.
Damn... that sucks. Most I’ve been able to find is Jimmy Nuguyen speeches & Ryan X Charles. Really wish I could learn for than a sales pitch. Like what their Devs have to say.
I think that may be because it is primarily a sales business, at least judging by their "open positions" (one C+ dev, lots of bureaucracy & sales)
Ohhhhhh ok thank you so much for taking the time to teach me that ☺️ Appreciated
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Blocksize was an acceptable adjustment. But both parties are making changes severe enough to warrant this degree of infighting.
Dear Bitcoin miners, if your node is crashing because you can't download and process a 32 mb block, you should join a freaking pool until you can afford a new machine. Or, quit mining!
SV looks destined to be data storage, ABC looks like a next step (but perhaps not the most logical one). The big red flag for me is shrouding of code and patenting on nChain's part.
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The only BCH i have now is in this Memo wallet. After the fork clears, we'll see...
Memo stores messages as an OP_RETURN value in the transaction. Miners are not required to retain this information. If one entity controls enough miners, they can charge you to keep it.
If anyone has a link they can share of a Q&A style video on SV plans that isn’t a “sales pitch” I would really appreciate it. I’m so confused on what SV actually plans on doing
Can you elaborate on that? What do you mean “with sv you need to pay at different times to keep your comments on the chain”?