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According to the IMF, the coronavirus pandemic is plunging the world into a recession that will be "much worse" than the global financial crisis a decade ago.
FullStack.cash has a new web-based UI for interacting with the bch-api REST API:

More endpoints for full node and SLP will be added soon, also support for testnet.
What Motivated Julian Assange?
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Just want to remind everyone to donate to the CashFusion audit. That way it can get out of beta and start becoming an awesome privacy feature in various BCH wallets:

Just mayyyyyybe it wasn't about being ruled by a tyrant, but about being ruled by the WRONG tyrant. Freedom is the only answer. Stay #woke 😎
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U.S. weekly initial jobless claims (thousands, seasonally adjusted)

16h · coronavirus
The US government wants to cover the treatment costs for citizens without health insurance who become infected with the coronavirus.

Corona vs Other Infection
The account "The Watermelon" has seven million followers with 30m population & is famous in #Venezuela... Is spreading fake political news & people take that seriously... THATS WHY VENEZUELA IS FUCKED & BRAINWASHED
When people are following an account called "The Watermelon" on Twitter, take their news seriously & when you ask them who is behind that account saying "Whats wrong with that account" then you know humanity is lost
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In my profile tokens with 0 balance are displayed. I suggest not displaying it.

No Skiers In Sight As Fresh Spring Snow Blankets The Colorado Mountains = Global Warming Goodness!
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Hello World
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Ok it works now. I don't know why it didn't.
Very sad, the picture can't be made
Who can teach me?😔
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Say Yes to Chinese Beer
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Zemus here, give these sats out those in need, it’s not much, but everything helps
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Oh my god。。。 i'm so stupid
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upload it on imgur.com/upload then after uploading click picture ,then the link will appear on the upper right of the pic paste it here.P.S. not the link on the browser.. 😊😊
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Odd it is working for me. What error do you see in the console?
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I personally just watch all the Bitcoin.com videos(weekly updates) and follow all the big BCH names on Twitter.
US Gov Accused Of ‘Hijacking’ Coronavirus PPE, Medical Martial Law Is Here & US Uses COVID19 For War
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