Check out my new Bitcoin Cash merchant directory at
It's still in beta, I'll be spending the next week populating with merchants. If anyone wants to help, feel free to sign up and go to town!
We are building the tools to allow people to permissionlessly have complete control over their own money:
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I don't think the Federal Reserve or World Banks can create a digital currency using blockchain because it would expose them for the frauds they are. What do you think?
Stefan Molyneux predicts Blockstream takeover of Bitcoin in 2014:
Roger Ver continues to spread Bitcoin Cash in Korea! He was asked a difficult question by a journalist - does Bitcoin Have intrinsic value?
A bug that allows miners willing to burn 12.5 BTC to crash the Bitcoin Core nodes. BU, ABC, XT not Affected!! :D
not functional yet
@korean_idiot on twitter is building an app
for these wallets:
Sneak peak of the Bitcoin Cash merchant directory im building. The idea is anyone can sign up and submit new merchants. Includes ratings, a map of brick & mortar merchants, & more...
BTC is a broken cup.
BCH is a giant cup (32MB) that never spills a drop...well... maybe just a Satoshi here and there ;)
Bitcoin Cash is the Better Bitcoin
Thanks for the feedback. Memo actions are tied to your address. Technically they're more pseudonymous than anonymous. I agree it would be good to have a better username than address.
Not all of us want or care about usernames - we just want to participate in discussion whilst contributing to the BCH network
I would like to be able to use BitID to login to memo. Is this something that can be added?
All these companies/ICOs adopting 'Blockchain' doesnt mean a damn thing unless you have decentralized hash power behind its generation (security). Otherwise you just have a shitty database
The miners and devs gotta get the lead out. Solo miners who don't have quick relays need to join a pool instead of bitching. Message from users: upgrade or die!
Because sexual preference does not constitute as an illness. Mental or otherwise. Sexual preference is sexual preference. Nothing more.
I'll add Melbourne businesses :)
How have I been promoting BCH tonight? Printing from and putting them in local shop's mailboxes.
I don't see any rational argument in your unstable bemotional outburst. As to be expected like any #LGBTQ shills.
I like the fact that bussinesses are added instantly, other directories take weeks.
I nominate John Ratcliff (@jratcliff63367 on twitter) for his relentless hate, manipulation and lies against BCH
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Think about it. They have known of Bitcoin's existence for many years now. Why haven't they tried to copy it? All they can try to do is co-opt it.
Ouch! Deep State Unmasked: State Dept on Hidden Cam "Resist Everything" "I Have Nothing to Lose"
Capitalism means to use ressources to create more ressources. No more and no less. You are lost in the game of anti capitalism. You are manipulated & used as a toy to divide & conquer.
Yeah alright. All LGBTQ are sick perverts harassing APA members are they??? Omg. Do you even hear yourself? Your blinded by your own hate and you blame others for it. Projection.