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According to my calculations, if we break above $572.50 the bull market is good.
Not sure we will see bulls right now when CSW is throwing threats around, Roger Ver with uncertainty in his last video, and Ryan X Charles fear mongering. Need stability.This ain't it
FUD stands for fear, uncertainty and doubt. Ever heard the phrase "be greedy when people are fearful, be fearful when people are greedy"? The whales smell fear, that means profit.
The price will be a major factor in the hash war so I think it'll be manipulated just like BTC was when BHC split off.
BTC was not manipulated. People were buying it because of the free BCH coins. There are no free coins here.
All time high of BTC was after the fork when BCH was threatening to flip it over. Sure looked like the price pumped to keep miners on BTC and prevent a death spiral.
I think #BTC is still setting the overall mood. And yes, this butterfly pattern can morph into anything else
The shorts are wayyy too high. The pressures got to let off. I think the bull Gartley pattern will validate at 572.5 in the short squeeze. Then fork FUD selling. Then moon.
At the moment #BTC is hovering around 0.681 line.
Chart: 1 month of short positions. 41% drop