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getting together a @keyporttv livestream for the end of year

what significant events shaped 2018?
Month by month ie:
Jan: jeepney created
May: jeepney arrived
Nov: upgrade
Sept: cointext introduces dash...
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replied · 151d
AWESOME, thank you!
replied · 142d
who created OhMySatoshi?

I want to thank them on the livestream
replied · 142d
Oh my Satoshi is a living archive and research project presented by the Museum of Media History

I know as much as you do now.
replied · 142d
well, we'll thank the people behind the museum,
there's always people involved.
Thanks :)
replied · 142d
share a link to your stream?
replied · 141d
dammit, forgot!

@memo gets a big mention in April :)