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I am pretty sure that you must relocate every 30 or 60 days or something like that in order to live on crown land. There isn’t a lot of crown land left in the warmer parts of Canada
replied · 58d
Must relocate as a rule, or just because it is difficult land to live on?
As a rule
replied · 57d
I wonder what was required for what Ivwas hearing about then.
Residents of Canada may camp free of charge on crown land for up to 21 days at any one site, unless posted otherwise.
replied · 57d
This seemed specific. Like if you worked the land. It seemed a requirement that you build the place and actually continually live in it.

I should try and look it up again.
Ya for sure. I’ve never heard of that. If you find it again be sure to post a link for me. I would be interested in reading about that
replied · 57d
Ah, I've looked it up and it seems it was something Canadians once did. Seems provinces do not allow it, but the territories do in a limited fashion now. Requires application though.