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Mark Lundeberg has en epic Bitcoin Cash CV (Schnoor, CashFusion etc.). Now he has launched a Flipstarter to keep improving privacy/CashFusion etc. for BCH:

#BCH #privacy #DevThatDelivers
replied 40d
Why is 50 USD the minimal contribution? Is there an address where I can send any amount?
replied 39d
There is a limitation in the smart contract of Flipstarter. Jonathan Silverblood who did the first versions of FS explained that it is a limitation in how UTXOS work.
replied 40d
The $50 minimum is due to a limitation in the size of the final transaction.

Have you used Flipstarter before?
replied 40d
I guess you can directly donate to Mark (`bitcoincash:qqy9myvyt7qffgye5a2mn2vn8ry95qm6asy40ptgx2`), but it won't be included in the Flipstarter campaign.
replied 40d
Thanks. I will look into it.