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If they get ABC to add replay protection they can claim the royal blood line later. They clearly plan beat BTC as well as BCH.
Adding replay protection signals defeat like it was with BTC.
Now go bury your head in the sand and celebrate.
Nah, we're just glad you toxic people are gone while you burn your finite bitcoins and lawyer up for your ICOs.
You are right. LOL
That would be like getting a dog to chase a ball while you are holding a piece of meat.
Maybe not, also to consider BCH changed the difficulty algo, so really the "royal blood" was already contaminated. So BTC could always claim that neither BCH nor BSV have it.
But segwit was such a change that BCH can claim closest to white paper. Now SV can say it's even closer due to checkpoints.
BTC is a bit harder to beat
I'm not a shill, but I am curious to talk to a person who thinks BTC is not broken. Lighting network is a piece of shit, Segwit took signatures out of the chain of signatures
0 Conf doesn't work, and the core people really think they can scale globally with a 1mb block size. Honestly I want to know, what part of this cluster fuck do you see as valuable?
BTC segwit breaks the model, it's no longer bitcoin. It's junk. I would love to have a real debate about this. There is no way BTC can claim it's best. It's just using the brand.
I think btc is broken too, but somehow LN might work or BTC might become a store of value like gold (and be usefull for some usecase, like Komodo DPoW)
Id love to see a real debate too
BTC will fail by itself. There will be no more fake stablecoin pumps.