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I wish Memo/Member allowed you to set a custom posting fee that increased the stickiness of your post. I want to see quality content outranking beggars and I also want to see these sites earning money.
replied 60d
Interesting. I like it
replied 60d
Your stickiness on is currently determined by number of comments, commenters, likes, retweets and tips.
replied 56d
Can we get rid of the word "tweet" already ? ;-)
replied 60d
What I would suggest is:
add a new "donate" option to posts/replies/topics etc
which posts to 'front pages', earning -you- bch to fund your service.
'0sats'posts ≉ 'front page'
replied 60d
In the blockchain this means:
(example) reply 6d03
= OP_RETURN output plus an output to address funding MEMO or MEMBER or gateway servers.
FreeMarkets.Cash uses similar for advert
replied 60d
Which resembles why my previous post,
a send 'Memo "Action" code'
that carries 217char string payload plus paying to someone,
sendable but not front-paged unless to 'you'.
replied 60d
Which in the special case of fees to Member (or Memo) (or whatever gateway server)
displays the post front page. While funding these vitally important projects continued prosperity.
replied 60d
cool !