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created poll 885d
Should @BitcoinComExch delist HEX?
Yes 22 votes · 17,657 satoshis
No 1 votes · 0 satoshis
No opinion 4 votes · 11,000 satoshis


Richard knife
replied 885d
Yes delist hex omg. ummm what's hex
replied 885d
Anyone whining about HEX while supporting CCO/PCO or any non-transparent dividend token should stop and think about that logic for a second lol
replied 884d
I wasn't following along with the latest CCO drama. Was CCO confirmed to be a scam?
replied 884d
Yeah Vidteks exit scammed and supposedly shut down the mine

Then he changed his username to Nobody, started an account named Ignis and is now trying to do the same thing again lol
replied 885d
Shouldn't have listed it to begin with. Was /anybody/ asking for it?