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Furthermore, how many of these are not utterly shit or obscure farces?
Whatever BCH service is not founded by Jihan/Ver and essentially unoriginaly forked from BTC or ETH is just a multicoin bandwagoning on existing services.
Like all the main services that added BCH?

It's almost on par with BTC's utility. One can't say that about BSV :)
Nothing to be distinguished by. Just one out of many. Pretty sad.
Yet we R here on memo & I'm able to spend BCH on useful things what I couldn't do /w BSV.
Money for the world? Good luck with Bitcoin Statist Vision, dude.
You're also spending BSV otherwise I would not see your posts.
interesting to see how many people still have unified coins. Am I the only one using only one coin here on Memo? :O
I will spend what I still have left. Not much. But somehow due to tips it's not decreasing fast enough:). I do try to turbo shitpost though 😜
Sad to hear we will probably soon end up in our own echo chambers :( I like to follow the SV side too. Though you get some ABC coins when you get tips from me :P
I had the same thoughts. But it's ok, we move on. It doesn't matter what we talk, it matters what we build.
"it matters what we build" - I can agree with that. Less bullshit, more walk.
Yeah that's true but a lot of the news are posted here on Memo 😊 whatever. If necessary I must buy some BSV and go to 😊
Well to read, you don't need any. :)
That's true. But I think if I read something interesting there will be a high posibility that I want to write something too 😊
True. We will find those satoshis one way or another ;)
Hehe yes :D