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You realize BSV broke BCH transaction record by DOUBLE right?
Of course, block propagation isn't a problem on a centralized network. Moron.
You mad at me because I’m filthy rich or I’m right? 😆 Miners will come as BSV continues to blow everything out the water. Developers love stable permissionless platform
Then why CSW and Charles X are saying SV is permissioned development? Maybe you should listen more carefully to your dear leaders?

-massive facepalm
If you misunderstood or don’t get it, follow the massive movement in money, my money 😉
Permission protocol CHANGE requires miner vote. permissionless to build ON TOP OF BSV. Businesses have to change back end software to support CTOR. That’s PERMISSION to build app.
Which changes do businesses need? CTOR is just order of txs inside a block. And miners are currently voting on all three big Bitcoin chains
Secondly to build ON TOP OF SV SHITCOIN one must grant permission to use his patents. Thirdly, if you don't like CTOR which scales massively the real bitcoin as cash, u r free GTFO.
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No its not.
Finally. Nobody can be this retarded.

-double massive facepalm.
Wrong again. CSW explicitely said development is now permissioned (his own words) which is why they are mining their shitcoin at a loss so they can implement whatever they want.
Like I said, if you misunderstood or don’t get it, follow the money, before you lose all of yours.
Like I said, if you misunderstood or don’t get it, follow the money, before you lose all of yours.
Wrap your head around what "permissioned development", "government friendly" and "miner ID" entail. Then read the whitepaper again, the "trust" parts. It should click at some point
Charles X is a communist trying to build a second layer for his master.
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Nevermind that, seems I got the similar name mixed up!
There is no problem with block propigation if you take out the saboaged code put in by Greg and Amuary.
They didnt really. Miner transactions dont really count as a stress test. If they didnt promonate through the network then they are irrelevant. The 32MB block was closer to 17-18MB.
Is there any new code related to the biggest blocks? As I understand it's just miner's node settings, applicable to any Bitcoin chain