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CashShuffle is coming! (Preview screenshot)
replied · 189d
I heard you guys like Memo, so I put a memo in your memo so you can memo whilst you memo.
replied · 189d
Why would I mix my coins with criminals ones ? Am I getting paid for that ?
define criminal.
replied · 188d
Ppl buying drugs with bitcoin, laundering money, all that stuff. If you want to hold for the long term you should'nt mix your coins with thoses people, your coins can be "blacklisted"
Bullshit propaganda to rally against coin mixers.

All funds should be polluted by illicit activity, then it becomes impossible to blacklist addresses.
replied · 188d
And everyone should encrypt their emails so that terrorist can easily hide in the mass
The concept of privacy is not compatible with a statist mindset.
replied · 187d
What do you mean ?