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Triggered by what appeared to be a woo-woo link,
but the reality is the link is factually correct and balanced.
That's a fairly normal cognitive dissonance response :)
We are best suited for running down prey, and working together against larger prey. Eyes in the front of our heads, and our teeth also point to our predatory nature.
Whatever they could get their hands on. Some ate mostly meat. Some ate mostly fruit. All ate whatever they could in order not to starve to death.

He frames the issue of aliens in that last video very poorly. It isn't a matter of letting. The moral obligation between hunter and prey, or farmer and cattle, are very little, if any.
If we were predators and needed to eat animals to live, I'd agree.
You have not substantiated/established that we humans are hunters, nor that animals are our prey.
Need is irrelevant. We are more scavengers and hunters. Our species were great hunters during prehistory. Human actions that are prehistoric are natural actions.
Yes, we can excel at things that aren't natural for us:
Prehistoric = natural? How? Why?
How is need irrelevant?
TIME: Sorry Vegans, Meat Made Us Human Response

Humans are Herbivores in Denial - w/ Science!
That said cultivation is natural for us as well. Farming produce and livestock. Using other species to help isn't only for humans. Other great apes steal wolf pups for protection.

I use to work in a pig slaughter and cutting plant. I use to contemplate the hanging hogs as humans, and us some aliens that farmed humans for meat. I didn't have a problem with it.
Why not?
Some animals eat other animals. That is not something for us to approve of, or not. It is simply a fact of life. I dont have a problem with it because I dont see it as a moral issue.
Other animals, such as cats and lions, are obligate carnivores.
It is immoral to feed them a vegan diet.
Bad comparisons. People point to animals to show something is natural. Not moral. He confuses the issue. It isn't immoral to kill to eat. Starvation and need are not required.
Would it be immoral if someone killed you to eat you?