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44d · nabtaplaya

Reading 'The Origin Map' today - it has this table of star distances. I cross checked the distances on Wikipedia and there are large differences.
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I guess we have better measurements on the star distances than we did when the book was published (2002) - however even the estimated distances still have large margins of error (+/-
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| 10%).

It looks like Brophy took Vega as his reference (Vega's distance/speed is accurately known) and calculated the others based on this measurement.

With the large margins of
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| error, it's difficult to say whether the stones accurately represent the star distances, because there is no accuracy to begin with. I had assumed modern astronomy could tell the
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They just discovered that betelgeuse is closer than they thought.
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Seems like a complete mess of different estimates through the years, with the current estimate - 548 +88/−49 ly
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| distance of stars accurately - but without that data, I can't conclude if there is anything in this or not.
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I guess it also varies over time, but maybe not enough to be significant over a few 100000 years.