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I updated my full node Docker container to work with ABC v0.20.0:

Currently looking into ways to avoid rejecting 1 sat/byte txs in spurious fee markets like yesterday.
Everyone thank #2MegSechet and the idiot miners.
replied · 13d
I did some research into this yesterday. It's a bit of a chicken-and-egg problem. I'm asking ABC devs how configure this container so default value is to allow 1 sat/byte.
replied · 13d
Let's try and be solution-oriented and a little pro, ok? :-)
Stop running ABC.
replied · 13d
It's a free world (well almost, anyway).
Oh my, BCH replicates all the problems that lead to the failure of BTC...
replied · 13d
It's a free world (well, almost anyway).
You asked for a solution.

Funnily, Coretards didn't stop running Core...and we all know where that lead to.

The same fucking tribalism and idiocy eats BCH from the insides.