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replied 3d
The selling point: "BCH is slower than BTC".
BTC shills will bury BCH with publicity about 'fiddling the coin to fix past blunders'.
'Rectifying the past' is hopelessly stupid.
replied 3d
I totally agree with you.

I don't think the historical drift correction is a really bad thing per se, but the perception of it will be bad.
replied 3d
I also don't see the benefits of it... Reduction of inflation isn't a strong argument, because we all know the price is mainly following market hype, not monetary policy (for now).
replied 3d
Amaury is actually quite coherent
but he seems to have a bad case of "target fixation" regarding 'Genesis'.
I can see how his failure to engage people gets him a lot of flack. Sad.