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I know lots of people fall for fake, and sensational news. Gangs exist everywhere. Often the biggest problem you hear about are not coming from the recent immigrants.
The recent ones? Who cares if they are recent? Maybe you should watch this to learn something about what real people experience.
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You are an immigrant...
I suppose you refer to "we are all immigrants if we go far enough back". Irrelevant to this thread, and a silly argument. But more important, did you watch the movie?
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You ever hear what is written on the statue of liberty?
If you had a point and was able to make it, I would be willing to listen. But you like pretending to have an argument instead. Just say what you want to say already
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You are just repeating your same nonsense now. I get it, you cant actually refute the loi vs. You just hand wave them away like LightRider would.
the "loi vs."? You seriously need to learn to write down what you think
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I need to read what I type before hitting post more... I think I was going for "refute the points."
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I'm not going to waste my time watching that right now. I am mostly talking about people in North America. Especially the US which was built through immigration.
You were talking in general terms in the topic. Now you have chanced your stance again. I understand that you don't want to watch that, you might learn something about the truth
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Yes, when talking about global freedom of movement I was. Right here we were talking about the ignorance of complaining about immigration while living in North America.
How do you figure that? Where did we state North America?
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It became that when I mentioned that you are an immigrant, and when mentioning what is written on the statue of liberty.
Ah, I chose to ignore that particular unfounded assumption. Apparently you took that as a confirmation and an acceptance of your constant attempts to derail the conversation.
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I am not derailing the conversation. You did that long ago.
Lies are not helpful. Shame on you.
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You derailed the conversation with your comparison. Then refusing to accept the reasons your comparison failed. It is all on you.
I make comparisons to help you understand the failure of your logic. You try to make this into "you are an American huh huh" and similar things. All on YOU
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I never made it about you being American. If your done repeating yourself you might try to make a point.
Easier to claim that others have blinds and go on repeating your own stuff, never really listening to what others say. Do you even understand what having "blinds" involves?
Oh, and of course stuff that does not happen in North America is irrelevant, nothing to learn from other places, cause parallels do not exist in your world
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When talking about globalism or most anything for that matter, it is wrong to think America is the only topic that matters.
So here you have a total logical breakdown again. You were saying you refused to watch a movie that was not about North America. Obviously my comment is about that.
If you don't think America is the only topic that matters, your "reason" for not watching the movie falls away. Maybe you should watch it then.
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I dont have time right now is the reason.