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I'm looking for feedback on a BETA of the cashual wallet. If you have android, you can try it here:
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It encourages address reuse. Why not make it so that it can create new CashAccounts and treat them as disposable, the same as addresses.
(cont)... I will use those addresses instead, which means no more address reuse and an identical user interface. So consider this beta as a test of the wallet design.
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Fair enough. Why a new reusable address though? What's wrong with bip47 payment codes?
.. put directly in bitcore-wallet-client / server, which is a major reason why I chose to build on that infrastructure. There is a PR for it already.
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Ok, thanks. I remember stealth addresses. Don't know how they differ from payment codes though. I'll have to look into it again.
The current working group is putting emphasiz on the optionality of the notification though, allowing it to happen off-band - which is bad for backups but great for privacy.
They main difference is how they notify the receipient so that it knows to look for funds. BIP 47 has a one-time setup before sending, while stealth addresses inform on every send.
... but I expect there to be a handful more months before the first wallets adopt them. It's being spearheaded by copay developer ematiu, so initial code should be..
(cont)... thankfully, there is a working group implementing Peter Todds stealth address specification with a focus on wide support and high scalability. Some code is already in place..
I love the BIP47 payment codes, but the wallet support is nonexistent and they don't allow for multisig and have high implementation costs. (cont)...
The beta has a single-address mode right now, yes. Once the reusable address specification and code gets deployed in bitore-wallet-client/server... (cont)