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· 162d · memo

strongly indicates that Memo is gaining traction against the Twitterverse.
The complaint, however, is about problems "imaginary":
replied · 162d
First and most obvious point is: they do not show up here to contest the issue "in person".
Second, by simply creating a Memo account + verified on Twitter they would win.
replied · 162d
Although a mechanism for "Blocking" (ignoring account activity) is an idea with merit
the option to "flag" accounts invites an entire universe of hatred and malice to migrate here.
replied · 162d
We seriously need a better implementation of memo. It's not a 1 man project, sadly my call for action didn't provide willing partners in creating one.
replied · 162d
it requires seriously heavy effort.
My minor effort to integrate IPFS is sucking my time,
but it will differ substantially.
replied · 162d
I think it was the Race and IQ science that made him want to ban me. Sorry to the FreeRoss team!
replied · 161d
If the "Free Ross team"
does not come around and participate in Memo
then they will have revealed
they are not serious about actually "Freeing Ross".
replied · 162d
Third - That name, however inappropriate the name and/or behaviour, was claimed uncontested.
To argue otherwise is to descend to the depths of a '"he said" vs "she said" hell'.
replied · 162d
Simply calling yourself "Free Ross Ulbricht" does not claim you are an "official" member of the movement. How many people even use this site? 30? Sorry for any harm caused to the team.
replied · 161d
True - anyone claim any label.
Whether it is important is just a matter of opinion other people choose to wear as their emotional clothing.
No one can actually harmed anyone here.