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Paper - #850

MiTM Resistant #42 Exchange
I went against the grain for you. I took the heat. I supported you through the thickest tides of abuse and dissent and you just shit all over me. That hurts. Good luck with that.
Did I ask you to?

I seek to have BCH as global money, I do not ask for support for me. I want people to do what is in their rational long term interests

That is it.
Wait, is this the actual Craig Wright?
It sounds like Craig Wright.
Sir, when are you going to move coins out of the wormhole burn address? You are a month past your deadline
You did not read the blog.

I explained this many times - it is Jihan who controls the keys.
Have you read this? There doesn’t seem to be any fuckery
I tried to verify. Actually there is a lot of addresses which could be used. The first one is qqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqqr5w5w5x8rwhc with the payload 0x7475. This is strange.
I followed their process: start "with the 160-bit all-zero hash value" and loop "upward with step-size 1 until an address ended with substring 'whc'".
Ruh roh. They refer to this github page, is that what you used?
I just looked at it, I used a python script of my own. Even if I search for "[0-9]8whc" (which is described in their code), the first address I get is not the right one.
What are doing on memo? You cannot block people here. 137 zeros in binary representation is enough i think.
If you would really seek to have #BCH as global money for everyone, why are you not donating to #TRBC which is getting it done? I think you just want to promote your own business plan.
As Bitcoin is NOT socialist - it is about competition.
It is also about freedom and liberty.
If #bitcoin is not a social project how are you going to use YOUR coins if YOU keep them for YOURSELF? Gonna play monopoly with yourself?
Craig is your typical Capitalist prick, doesn't care or know anything about Socialism or the fact that we are Social beings.
Socialism is not about social beings, trust me, been there. It is about unfair distribution, backed up by oppression, leading to stagnation. Social beings are about caring and sharing.
Yes "caring and sharing" is what its about, Capitalist doesn't care nor does he share the wealth with those who help produce it (the workers). Why capitalists get rich & workers don't.
Socialism attracts, makes and takes care of it's slaves. Free people that can decide for their own, will fight for their riches being workers or capitalists or whatever they want.
Then you don't know what Socialism is. Maybe you should watch this.
People use labels to mark things (and people) that don't fit that label.
I'm from EU. Contemporary socialists here are people, striving for power, which is money, covering behind developing social security, which doesn't work, just to replace capitalists.
Socialism is about health of society. Wealth is distributed unfairly in Capitalism, Socialism is needed as counter force to Capitalism to keep things balanced, sustainable.
Not a competition.
Consensus mechanism.

Competition is only in tech and HP.
Everything else, miners are allies.

Allies must talk and respect each other.
Diplomacy and voting with HP.
I think #bitcoin is about artificial intelligence & the better you feed the AI the better are the results. Feed it with loose coupling instead of strong inheritance. #decentralized
I wouldn't donate one penny to you because you would use it to promote dash. That's obvious.
People are dying. We need sound global money.
dude, chill out & stop being dramatic
I have been one of your strongest supporters on twitter (@excalibur0922) reddit, and today you blocked me because I disagree with you about IP rights.
what a bumbaclart !