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672d · Bitcoin Cash
Pretty painful moment right now. BCH is lower then when I bought into it. I added to my position, so it's even more painful. I am not capitulating, but pretty rough right now.
replied 662d
History shows that there are ups and downs. I believe BCH is better tech and better community. BCH will has a LOT of room to grow.
replied 672d
Hang in there! It takes a while to get used to the volatility in crypto, especially if you're used to stocks. When I first bought into btc, I was underwater for 14 months.
replied 672d
14 months? Wow. Did you hold the whole time? I am 20% down from the beginning. How deep did you dip?
replied 671d
I held, but made an effort not to constantly check prices, that would make it harder to hold on. I bought in with the intention to hold long term, regardless of short term price moves.