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It seems likely there's a government operation that organized a "Suicide Squad" to shit on ~real Bitcoin.
Hmm... Artificially pumping SV prices and a recent lawsuit against Roger Ver & Jihan.

This is a war of "who can throw the most money around" (lawsuits & pumping SV price both cost $).
How does this work? Artificially and stuff
It can happen because value follows value in crypto. They're trying to force their coin on the market.
In a strong bear market, invertors are willing to ride the wave to take profit. It will be an huge pump. As always, then comes a dump.
How do they force it?
From real bitcoin to real shitcoin... in two weeks. Bitcoin Crash just flipped to bitch! Playing nasty to get the ticker and controlling r/btc narrative had no value in the end. Losers