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Dash is like BCH. On-chain scaling, rejects segwit, blockstream takeover, decentralized, aims to be p2p digital cash. There are differences, like masternodes, and privacy on Dash.
Meh...Dash.... 😒

What's wrong with Dash? Think of it this way, the more adoption Dash gets the more people hear about cryptos. Which should make BCH evangelism really easy.
What's wrong with Dash? It's a knock off to Bitcoin. Everything is a knock off other than Bitcoin. The only reason BCH will succeed is because it continued on where BTC screwed up.
Every month, $1 million+ dollars goes to building the Dash ecosystem. Soon we will catch up to and surpass BCH. Then Eth and Btc core.
1 million dolllars? LMAO. Bitmain is putting up 50 million in Nov and who knows how much Roger Ver and is putting up. 1 million is not even in the same playground.
Will it be decentralized or under bitmain's call? Dash relies on *the network*, not on corporations. And Dash's funding source isn't centered in one place so many times apply and get $
Bitmain is calling all developers to create uses to build on Bitcoin Cash. Just because they do something as a business to create BCH value, doesn't mean it's centralized.
the IP. Its in a legal trust owned by the ~5k masternodes, which means they are legally bound to produce the best return for Dash or get fired.No other chain has that Or anything close
I guess some people are getting fired.
No but that's exactly what it means. They could be attacked, shut down, its a **central** point of failure. Dash has decentralization built into everything. Dash Core doesn't even own
Hey you got here at the right time! Have fun with Septmike! Thanks for spreading the word about #DASH! But i actually see issues in the proposal system as it requires funds to propose.
Here's an actual proposal from a monero troll luckily it was heavily downvoted. But he had to pay 5 dash for that.
Well I dont know if thats trolling. He had some legit arguments. Core Group didnt hit the milestones on time and is consuming huge ressources. He also got people to vote yes for it.
Only 154. 1054 said no, which is pretty stunning. The fact is his proposal was based on fud and not fact. Several refutations were posted on r/dashpay
They're just dressed up to see legit. Core's o.g. timeline came about yrs b4 they knew how hard it would be. After that they were much better. The resources they consume are natural
I see many ressources being wasted to pay taxes on the #DASH proposal board. Paying rent already includes paying taxes thats horrible enough but paying taxes on salaries is hilarious.
Other coins WISH they could pay the taxes on their devs market rate salaries! Dash doesn't wish, Dash just does!
If #DASH pays their employees in anything but DASH it is just embarrassing. #DAO should only hire freelancers which then can decide by themselves to pay tax or not.
All DCG employees and all dash contractors ONLY receive Dash for payment. Conversion to fiat is done on a personal basis.
to have a central location for meetings etc. It may be hilarious to you, but what I find hilarious is coins complaining about it when they don't have any such worries!
You can always find solutions not to pay taxes, #TRBC never paid taxes & we also did rent an office, we paid $120 each month for a beautiful co-working space, this is efficiency.
Understandable. But DCG is trying to build a certain brand. They want all markets incl. the US, so they deliberately avoid tax-avoidance for brownie points. Its a diff strategy.
Venezuela grows so much faster on less funds. Africa. India. Asia. You can invest anywhere more efficient than in the U.S. It can go viral much easier because people are more social.
True, but DCG is trying to grow ALL OVER the globe, not just those places. I wrote a thread actually on Dash's growth in those areas so I agree to an extent:
You call that being wasted, I disagree. DCG has evaluated all scenarios including operations in tax havens. This is currently the cheapest all things considered. Rent is necessary
Well, the 5 Dash required is an antispam feat. we were gonna get rid of it, but its still useful. Otherwise we'd have xmr trolls posting proposals every month without paying.
You can avoid spam in other ways. No need to charge #DASH. And spam has to be written, which takes more time than partially reading & ignoring it. I think free proposals would help.
Incorrect, spam only has to be written ONCE, but it will waste the time of MANY MNOs simultaneously. Free proposals would be a disaster. I trust Evan and DCG to engineer a good system.
Reddit has a built in spam protection which works. It delays posts & comments for new users. Requesting DASH to put proposals only serve the DASH establishment to stay in their seats.
posting wouldn't have any effect against a determined attacker. Even reddit only works against non-determined spammers. If you wanted you could easily get around that delay.
You are crazy to believe that people have such a high interest in spamming the proposal system of #DASH. Spam is only spam in fascist environments, otherwise it is another opinion.
forums and posting disruptive crap 24/7. They used to be able to post during MN deliberations and they made it horrible! Please don't dismiss my.our lived exp. that is very offensive!
No I'm smart. The Dash community has been constantly attacked by virulent trolls from xmr for 4 years now. Many posts on bitcointalk, reddit calling Dash a scam etc. spamming our disc.
Dash is not a scam. It's just not being accepted by society. Otherwise it would have been one of the top cryptos before 1600+ cryptos came out.
It 'hasn't been accepted' because of fudders calling it a scam though. So that hurt adoption. Still, it is #6 out of 800 mineable POW coins, so it has some adoption.
Bull Shit. The people that actually would make a difference in the price going up don't valuate from message boards.
You can't seriously compare the two can you? One is posting your cat pics, the other is determining where $1 million per month goes. Charging for proposals keeps spam out. Delayed
It is actually much more lucrative to spam Reddit for marketing purposes than spamming the #DASH proposal system. DASH is missing opportunities because of that inflexible approach.
That's YOUR problem! Dash has over 30 proposals per month not counting Dash Boost, our budget is nearly 2x requested than what we can allocate. WE'RE FINE THANKS!
What do you mean "Our Budget". You are taking ownership. Are you a paid pumper from the Dash Core team?
I have no affiliation nor monetary connection to DCG. I am not paid by anyone to post here. I am a member of the Dash community, hence 'Our'.
It is still OUR problem or do you want to use #DASH alone?
I don't get the question...
Look, you can believe whatever you want, but I'm telling you from personal exp. that you're wrong. Having that anti-spam fee is the best thing Dash ever did and if you disagree well
Check reddit & you will see it is impossible to get spam on the first page because the users will downvote it before. A private reddit instance where only MN can vote would work.
Problem is that that requires 'curators' and those curators can and have been corrupted. Fees cannot be corrupted or politicized if done by blockchain.
Actually you are totally wrong, the community filters spam by simply not upvoting it & even downvoting it. Moderation in Reddit exists because of legal liabilities not because of spam.
passionate about something you clearly do not understand fully. Dash's anti-spam feature has prevented many bad proposals. Anyone arguing otherwise is completely ignorant! Sorry
Now you say #censorship is a good thing.
You said that not me. I said anti-spam is good. There is no censorship there.
Would you like your emails to be auto filtered for spam without you having any spam folder?
My emails *are already* autofiltered for spam. I don't know what having a spam folder or not has to do with it. Anyway what's that got to do with anything? Your assertion's too vague
I'm speaking of the moderators acting on behalf of specific communities. But w.e. I don't care about reddit's spam. Dash's anti-spam feature works great! Its weird that you're so
What other ways do you know to avoid spam? BTC also uses fees to avoid 'spam'. Charging #Dash let's ppl prove they value the time of the MNs. Its too much reviewing all proposals.
Dude, I'm sorry for all the Dash hate your getting. But you don't get to claim BCH is centralized while saying Dash isn't. Dash is pretty centralized. Not saying that's bad.
And I don't mind the hate. Compared to these last two years battling XMR trolls this is a warm embrace! BCH and Dash really share a lot, so this is more like sibling rivalry :P
Yeah, I can get behind Dash a bit, I just wish bitcoin had stayed true to form instead of becoming the monster it currently is.
Imagine if all this innovation and all these good ideas had to pushed through btc core devs *UGH* it took four years to get a freakin' constant updated! No way they'd keep up with Dash
I understand. I look at the bright side of it; without it we wouldn't have all the great altcoins doing their own research. PIVX pushing the privacy game, ZCoin/Cash/Dash, etc.
In what ways is Dash centralized? 5k Masternodes vote to spend 10% of block rwd which goes to various different groups competing for funding. Sounds decentralized to me.....
#BCH leadership is always talking about future expectations, which did not materialize so far (where is the debit card???). #DASH has actually done it and educated people.
Dash has done what? They haven't done anything. All they have is Dash Core and then supposedly a bunch of Dev groups in other countries that nobody can name. Clearly a one group band <- Look by yourself & realize that #DASH has actually A LOT more adoption than #BCH ( or that's why it is going viral.
You can't go by that because it doesn't include the 1000's of merchants that accept Bitpay. BCH has more adoption in the first year, than dash has in 4 years.
Interestingly enough you have to buy BCH to shill your shitcoin.
You don't like Dash community?
looks like I should get some Dash when I'm going to travel soon.
I checked a example shop I can't find Dash adoption.
They use Coingate payments - that means they can accept all kinds of cryptocurrencies - incl. BTC, BCH and Dash
I will get this shop listed on and
What's your real name?
First with decen. privacy, decen. governance by blockchain, instant txs, decen. funding, core group owned by decen. MNs in legal trust, $1 mil / month going into ecosystem, etc. etc.
And only a 1.6 billion market cap to show for it after 4 years. Less trading volume too. Dash was clearly a knock off since it came out before Bitcoin had problems.
Mktcap is highly misleading. Use coinfairvalue, its better. But even then by mineable coins, we're 6th. That's a weak arg.
Coinfairvalue is crap. The fair value is the current price. Market cap is misleading? LOL. Explain how they arrive at fair value. Please.. I got to hear this.
*converge often, which means its a solid model with predictive power. If FV were 'crap' the number would be wildly off from the price and you'd only see convergence at random.
The fair val. and the price are unrelated. 'Price' is an avg of exchange spot prices which can be manip'ed. Fair value comes from intrinsic fair values. They converge which means its
There is no intrinsic value in Crypto. LOL. It's only what someone is willing to pay for it. Which is the current price. Warren Buffet thinks crypto should be worth 0. That's his IV.
valuable because they are immutable, censorship free means of exch. That doesn't change regardless of the price, so you're def. wrong about there being no intrinsic value in crypto.
Well you go ahead and believe there is intrinsic value. I guess you didn't see Roger Ver's video on intrinsic value. You are very ignorant to believe so.
No I didn't, but I would probably disagree with it if its similar to your philosophy. That is clearly wrong.
You're confusing price and value. Price is what you pay, value is what you get. You can pay $1k for a suit and throw it in the mud if you don't value it. Cryptos are intrinsically
False. Censorship free, instant, 24/7 irreversible txs have an intrinsic value. That can be determined by how the hodlers of coins use them. If they value it FV goes up, if not down.
No, soon your dev teams get lambos and big houses while the bag holders get value sucked out of their ecosystem. Great for devs, bad for users/holders.
Dash Core Group is legally bound to make the best ROI for the network, else they get canned and replaced. They put detailed funding plans and if MNs don't like it they don't get paid.
I doubt you will surpass #BCH as #DASH is too much of a business and is working too much with authorities, but it is a good start and alternative to these who like governments.
IDK. We work with everyone it seems, giving everyone a choice. If you want privacy bam privateSend. Transparency? regular tx. Everything is fair game after that imo.
where's the Dashboard, as in the place that lets people chat on chain?
There is a board isn't there?
Chat on chain? No not yet. I think that is being worked on with MyDashwallet though. Also Evolution was slated to have a chat mechanism. We just have to be patient I guess.
Or stupid,
to think more than one coin will survive.
I guess we'll see. Good luck.
you know luck is work,
energy invested in the likelihood of a desired outcome
a result of probabilities aligning, yes?
I mean, I thought the BCH community of all ppl would really like that one given what happened with blockstream. With Dash, no worry about 'where the money comes from'.
If the BCH community thought Dash was the way to go, they would have just jumped to Dash instead of creating BCH. Dash has been out since what? 2014?
That's actually what I'm saying. I mean, I used to be btc then went to dash years before BCH happened. You guys are like our little brothers lol. Same philosophy, but don't like us.
Dash has been out 4 years and dropped from 6 to 12. Bitcoin Cash has only been out a little over 1 year and is 4th. Give BCH 4 years and Dash will be crushed like a bug.
Actually, if you look at only mineable coins, Dash is 6th, and if you go by fair value Dash >>>
So if you go by as you say. Dash is $205 should be $283. BCH is $490 should be $1,171.
No matter how you slice it BItcoin Cash #BCH is better than Dash.
won't save you forever. Dash has been chugging along for 4 years, pushing innovations. There are 100+ forks of Dash using our tech and innovations. PIVX is one of them.
I didn't post that to mean that Dash was better than BCH price wise. Only that fairvalue is a better metric in general. BCH has firstmover advantage due to the btc chain. But that
🤖 1 BCH = 470.56$ 📉 -3.00%
Tips = fuel️
The thing is there only needs to be 1 or 2 coins that are money for the world period. Why does there need to be more? And the fair value website is a joke.It's not like crypto has a PE
The ones that grow faster will be the winners. PE is not required. It arrives a value independent of exchange prices. FV and price often converge, which means its an accurate model.
OK, and BCH already has more use cases, Meetups, and faster growing adoption in one year.
IDK about that, Dash is growoing exp. in Venezuela. already 3k stores accept it IRL. Meetups in Haiti, Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya, Thailand, etc. all over. I guess we'll see.
I do know that, and that is why I am in BCH. Why are companies like Dish Network taking BCH and no Dash especially since Dash was out first? Hmm
Because a lot of the cryptosphere believed FUD and lies from the XMR community, so Dash is not given the respect it deserves. But it has outinnovated BTC for 4 years now...BCH too...
Oh give me a break. Nobody has more fud going around than on BCH. EF Hutton just gave BCH a 5 star rating. despite all the fud. They didn't even look at dash. LOL. Give it up already
What's EF H.? Dash has been fighting FUD from the xmr, ltc and btc core camps for 4 years, you have no idea what you're talking about. Since before you were a community, son.
I have no idea what I am talking about and you don't even know who EF Hutton is? LOL.
Oh, I don't care about legacy. I made my money in crypto. Crypto's all I know so make fun if you will *shrug*
When EF Hutton speaks, people listen.
Fair value either represents assets and Liabilities of a company or the price between buyer and seller. So the fair value has to be the current price. Nothing more.
Right, except when there is speculation. Therefore when you see price and fair value not converging, you know price discovery is occurring. If too long, its manipulation.
But its a 'knockoff' that has improved on the orig. immensely. First private txs, first governance layer, first/only instantTxs, first censorship free source of funding for development
#DASH is investing a lot of money in promoting and educating on #bitcoin. We all benefit from that! Thanks to the DASH community & their proposal system! Check:
Thank you!
Bitcoin Cash doesn’t need Dash to “pave the way”! Bitcoin Cash can stand on its own because it’s great on its own. F*ck Dash!
Ugh, this is the Apple/Android debate all over again... (Circa 2010) "Apple doesn't need Android, in a few years nobody will be using Android phones!"
Dash is fine, but the fact that it is anonymous is a problem not a solution. The whole point of bitcoin is to be able to watch governments spend our money while they can't watch us.
Dash's anonymity is opt-in, so govts and corps would be held to public addrs while avg. joe has privacy in his wallet. You may be thinking of monero with that flaw.
Privacy features will be here soon for BCH. There is just nothing dash does that BCH doesn't do. There is also one major thing your missing. Satoshi owns BCH, but not any Dash.
You state they'll be there soon, but then state Dash doesn't do anything bch doesn't? Dash has privacy working NOW for 4 years. Dash has governance. Dash has decentralized funding, now
Complete anonymity is a problem not a solution. I want to be able to watch my government but use privacy to not let them watch me. BCH allows citizens to be private while govs open
Dash does not have 'complete anon' it is optional. Governments and corps will use the traceable form while reg ppl keep fin. privacy. BCH does not allow people to be private, its open.
Dash will always be a secondary or lower tier coin to BCH. That's if it even makes it.
What's the point of the non-standard hash function in Dash? Doesn't that just make it harder for miners to switch? Master nodes sounds sort of centralized.
chance of hostile takeover like btc core. And if there were, MNs could fire core and hire new team. Totally decentralized. Funding multiple teams in Ven. Africa, Columbia, US, etc.
"Master" implies the other nodes are slaves, i.e. without power. What happens if the masternodes are attacked (ddos, police raids etc)?
And masternodes run on paid haidware, paid bandwith. No RbyPIs here. Which means the Dash network syncs the fastest out of pow chains. Downtime? please. Hard to attack. No central area
I disagree with that visual, they make decisions for the network like the master of a house. 5k globally-distributed nodes? Good luck. Monero only has ~1.7k nodes.
5000 master nodes?
Correct. According to, the current count is 5002. Fully incentivized nodes running on expensive hardware. Not like btc or bch or xmr
You mean X11? Originally it was intended to slow ASIC development. It worked, took 2 years to get em. Now its just a more energy efficient algo. As for Masternodes, completely opposite
Why slow ASIC development? And energy efficiency? Like hashes per joule? Does that really matter? If mining is profitable miners are just going to buy more hardware and electricity.
It was to give Dash a chance to decentralize before big mining powers came just like btc had. Evan wanted a similar growth. Idk but i remember reading it used like 30% less energy
I don't think it works like that. Miners will just throw more energy at the problem. It might slow down centralization for a while but eventually this will settle at the same level.
Its already been proven to work like that. An algorithms efficiency is not the same as its utlization. Just like electric cars are more efficient but you can drive them wrong.
I'm a little out of my depth here, but would like input from real #mining and #blockchain experts. Is it possible to lower #energy consumption just by using a different algorithm?
Well it certainly is. Mining algos are written to be a certain difficulty. You could change that if you wanted. The question is would it be economic...
Isn't the difficulty level adjusted dynamically based on network performance? Doesn't that make the energy efficiency of the algorithm irrelevant?
Dash's diff is adjusted per block yes. For your question to be a yes you have to make certain assumptions. I'm sure a quick google will clear everything up for ya.
Are you only here to push Dash? You getting paid by the Dash post? Lmao 🤣 Every time I read your posts your giving a Dash sales pitch.
Cut the guy some slack everyone. Dash is a solid project that I very much compare to BCH. Both are fast as hell and have adoption growing day by day. No issues on my end.
The thing is BCH does what dash does, better. Without the masternode nonsense and not nearly all premined..
Bch fees are incredibly high compared to dash ones
To be fair, median looks more dash friendly
To be fair, not really.
Apologies, it looks like my comment went up 3X
Oh well
More transactions for BCH 😉
The issue is that he literally flooded memo with his Dash sales pitch. There is a time and place. Comment here&there is fine. The Dash subreddit community is that place for more.
The issue is that he literally flooded memo with his Dash sales pitch. There is a time and place. Comment here&there is fine. The Dash subreddit community is that place for more.
The issue is that he literally flooded memo with his Dash sales pitch. There is a time and place. Comment here&there is fine. The Dash subreddit community is that place for more.
Nope. I'm here because I'm excited by the prospect of a free, open community without undue censorship. I mostly care about Dash, but this place is kinda dead right now so give me a brk
I'm glad that the Bitcoin Cash network can provide all of us with this free (as in speech) and open community. I haven't followed your posts, but don't mind posts about Dash at all.
I would encourage supporters of any other blockchains to do so the same.
If Memo becomes a forum we can all meet on to argue & debate, that's something incredibly useful to crypto.
Thanks. I'm not here to shill either. I know that this is a BCH project and I'm just glad for the censorship free posting zone!
I like the fact that this let's us put our money where our mouth is literally. I don't mind paying a (micro) price to post with these guarantees.
Why don't you make a memo.dash site that runs on that?
I wanted to, but was told because Dash uses an 80 byte op code instead of the same 200 byte one you guys use, it wouldn't work very well. Evo should bring services like this though.
Ok, Well I’m pretty sure everyone has heard your Dash sales pitch now so please give us a break.
Created with BCH and not Dash. LOL. Bummer
Tell them about the app.
Well, it's in his name so I guess that explains that.
Time to #StackMyBCHup.
I know I have to now try to find actual BCH news through all the Dash Trash. Definitely a Troll. I get it if someone wants to post some dash news. But he goes on and on.
Hahaha so true!! 😂😂😂
I'll look into that, thanks. Dash tx fees look about the same as BCH over the last year or so.
Yeah, Dash has a commitment to low fees, Point of Sale wouldn't work otw. Whenever the price rises Dash commits to lower fees, we don't want what happened to btc to happen to us.
I agree, low fees are very important. But they don't look much lower than #BCH so the cheap algorithm either isn't working or something else is eating those savings.
Up until late Aug BCH was on avg 3-7x more exp. fee wise than Dash. So its good you guys were able to get those fees lower.
This is a protocol measure however and will be lowered soon. Dash's rapid price increase wasn't factored into fee calc.
That's using the avg. You have to use the median because privateSend txs skew the avg. They're about 1-5% of daily txs, and currently have a much higher fee of .01 Dash.
Actually, if you look, Dash's fees have been many times lower than bch's all year, 14x (!!) lower Jun 21 its only since Sept that BCH lowered its fees to Dash's level. Congrats!
The area under the curve since BCH was created looks about the same to me. I guess you'd have to do a more detailed analysis as to why they differ at various times.
Dash Block size is only 2 MB's. But they will never have the amount of transactions to ever have to worry about increasing the block size
Why is this? Have you found any technical or perhaps philosophical problems with Dash?
Those are some small blocks. Lol.
Dash was pre-mined though.
False, dash had no premine. That is a fud from the monero community whose original devs released a crippled miner so they could get the supply in secret. They then accused Dash of that
Oh my wasnt a premine..its known as an Instamine..(worse than premine)
Dash has one of if not the best coin distributions of all major coins. Again you need to do your homework, you were brainwashed along with thous others by xmr community FD machine.
Don't need to do any homework. Nothing Dash can do that BCH can't. Not as good apps, Not as many Use Cases and didn't even get a rating from EH Hutton. BCH was given 5 stars.
Plus already have 2 use cases with BCH. Bovada and Dish network. I didn't choose these because of BCH. BCH found me. I do nothing that uses Dash. Zero Zilch.
sorry i dont do xmr and the things i kno0w are directly from my drk community days.
But you get simple things like 'no premine' wrong. There was no premine in Dash. Ryan Taylor proved this with his blockchain analysis. You're just repeating fud
Here's xmr dev smooth talking about the cripplemine for xmr: and how one guy got 50% of the supply for 2 months
Chaplin,anonmint,evan,brcanadaalexg,crazy camosoul ,myself @ the start
DRK did have a huge premine-instamine,100%
idgaf about monero tbh,
Truth be told...hell the reason the masternodes in the first place was to coinshuffle the premined coins lols
Talk about all the things its doing right. Enjoy yourself.
Yeah no evidence of that. Masternodes didn't come along for 6 months. Certainly was no premine. Blockchain analysis did that. I guess you'd rather distract from dash innovation than
Here read about it:

"It's getting tiring seeing nothing but Monero bullshit here on page 1 ..right at the top 24/7"
Actually no, premines are worse. Instamine was a bug from ltc that caused all who were mining (this is imptnt) to get coins faster than expected. Premine all coins go to one group
Sorry you are wrong.
Dash aka Darkcoin had a secret premine. Evan later discussed airdropping the drk to community but never did.
Instead they re-branded and to erase drk premine.
I've been there since the beginning, there was no premine. Evan asked the comm. to either restart the coin or airdrop and they refused both options. Premine is Fud from xmr community.
ok hold on a sec...if there was no premine then why would evan ask to restart or airdrop???????????
Look at early blocks and one can actually see how many were created in the beginning.
Pay attention, there was no premine. There was a bug that allowed coins to be issued faster than expected AFTER mining started. He asked if they should restart comm. said no. That's it
Dasher: "Hey let me tell you how great Dash is."

Curious: "Sure I have a question."

Dasher: "Well, why don't you google it then?"
MNs allow decentralized funding voted on by stakeholders with 1k dash. They have skin in the game, so their decisions gotta be good. Dash core is funded from the blockchain, so no
A built-in development funding system might be a good idea (though I'm not sure if it's actually necessary), but why do you need masternodes for this? Why not just let everyone vote?